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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Time Inc.'s People and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) will come together to co-host the official SAG Awards® Post-Awards Gala, held immediately following the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, January 29,...

News Article | November 1, 2016
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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AMERICAN DOERS, a new 12-part video series on Time Inc.’s People.com sponsored by Advil, premieres Tuesday, November 1 at 10 am ET featuring original thinkers, innovators, craftspeople, risk-takers and artisans across the United States. AMERICAN DOERS sets out to prove that despite all the negative news, America is still the land of opportunity for anyone with an idea and a dream. These gutsy, resourceful, and tenacious individuals are today’s true pioneers who risk everything in their pursuit of success and the American dream. Their stories unfold as the host, James Marshall of Happy Marshall Productions, spends days completely immersed in their lives. Marshall lives their American Dream – working in their businesses, walking in their shoes, following their journeys – along the unpredictable path to success or setback. Episode 1 features 30-year-old Shareena Casterline of Harlem, NY, who overcame a traumatic childhood, quit her day job bartending, attended the Art Institute of Colorado’s culinary school, and in 2015 launched her own boutique e-commerce cookie-selling business, MadisonStreetBakeHouse.com. Shareena was told early on in life to “dial down” her dreams and to “lower your expectations.” She explains that these early hardships “made me a better entrepreneur. I can take a few knocks.” Given up by her parents at age 3 and later abandoned by her grandmother and aunt, the Colorado native was shuffled to different group homes and foster care placements for seven years. "As a toddler I saw myself owning a bakery in Paris or New York," says Shareena. "Never in my wildest fantasy did I think it would happen.” Adopted by Denver parents Larry and Nancy Casterline, Shareena discovered a passion for her craft early on when her loving adoptive father Larry encouraged her to cook. "Baking became an escape from my past and I was able to accept my adoptive family," she says. "The first time I realized I loved myself was when I baked a chocolate chip cookie; I knew this was my calling." AMERICAN DOERS was created by Executive Producers James Marshall and Melanie Reardon as a positive and uplifting antidote to the current negativity and divisiveness in the United States. The series strives to shine a light on everyday Americans, like Shareena, who are turning obstacles into opportunities; striving to do whatever it takes to fulfill their dreams. "James is the ultimate people-person. He's curious about everyone,” says Reardon. “I'll order a coffee and maybe catch the barista's name. James will order a coffee and ten minutes later he knows their life story and gets invited over for family dinner." Marshall travels with Shareena on her quest to get her confectionary creation, “the Maddy” – a delicate, Florentine-inspired wafer – into coffee shops and bakeries around New York City. Viewers can watch Episode 1 at 10 am ET on Tuesday, November 1 by visiting AmericanDoers.People.com. Other AMERICAN DOERS episodes slated to run on People.com in 2016 include: Eight more episodes of AMERICAN DOERS will run on People.com in 2017. Time Inc.’s People revolutionized personality journalism when it launched as a weekly in 1974 with a mission to celebrate extraordinary people doing ordinary things and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Ubiquitous and still at the center of pop culture more than 40 years later, the People brand is accessible across all media and platforms (print, digital, video, OTT, mobile, social) bringing more than 80 million consumers a unique mix of breaking entertainment news, exclusive photos, video, unparalleled access to the red carpet, celebrities, and in-depth reporting on the most compelling newsmakers of our time. An essential component of People’s editorial vision remains human interest stories, which touch and often mirror the lives of our passionate audience. ComScore ranks the People and Entertainment Weekly Digital Network No. 1 in the entertainment news category. And now, the People/Entertainment Weekly Network app offers a free, advertiser-supported OTT streaming video service. People is an award-winning 24/7 news organization headquartered in NYC with reporters worldwide. For more information visit People.com and Timeinc.com, and follow @people on Twitter and Instagram, @peoplemag on Facebook, and the People channel on YouTube and on Snapchat’s Discover. Happy Marshall Productions is a one-stop shop for evocative, mindful content, with an edge. Since 2012, we have combined our love for telling passionate, raw, engaging stories with a production model that disrupts the industry norm. With a unique emphasis on creating uplifting and positive programming, our mission is to effect the change we’d like to see in the world. At Happy Marshall Productions, our strength originates from the sum of our parts. From our ground-breaking development and production teams to our back-breaking crews, the Happy Marshall team consists of hand-selected collaborators who exude creativity and quick-wit. In addition to our creative partners, we are proud to team up with like-minded brands, networks and distribution partners. Our clients value our ability to combine our business acumen with our art, as we deliver beautiful, high-quality cinematic content that keep costs low, but simultaneously sets the bar very high. Advil® is the number-one selling over-the-counter pain reliever in the United States. Advil® provides relief from multiple aches and pains – including headaches, backaches, muscle aches and minor arthritis pains. The Advil® line of products also includes fast, acting Advil® Film Coated, Children’s Advil®, Advil® PM, Advil® Cold & Sinus, Advil® Allergy Sinus, and Advil® Congestion Relief. Use as directed. Advil® – built to be as fast as it is strong.

When Ann Khoo, a senior campaign manager at ecommerce retailer Lazada, worked at her previous company, her former boss said he hired her out of pity due to a handicap. Her boss even told her that she had to work thrice as hard for people to believe in her. “Also, while others were invited to attend functions, I was warned not to attend […] because they did not want guests to shy away.” This is the story of Khoo’s life. Diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome since she was nine, she faced challenges as a result of her disability be it at school or in the office. Tourette’s syndrome is characterized by repetitive, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Despite the challenges brought about by her handicap, Khoo has managed to adapt and find a measure of success. The journey, however, was by no means easy. “It was especially difficult for me when I was younger,” she says. “It was a huge shock to me as to why my body was not reacting the way a normal kid would be. Then there was the issue of self-acceptance and self-confidence, especially during my teenage years.” Khoo’s physical and vocal tics were extremely severe right from the start. On a scale of 1 to 10 for severity, she rates them at 11. Worse still, she had a hard time dealing with the side effects of medicine given to her: Still, she was driven to excel in spite of the difficulties, and excelled academically through her schooling years, earning her passage to higher education abroad. Her university taught her that society can be accepting of people with disabilities. “I learned that society can be accepting if they were educated enough to understand – such is the difference between the West and the East,” she explains. “People were kinder abroad, and the more I was treated less indifferently, the more I embraced Tourette’s as an integral part of me.” Physical problems continued to ail her during this period, but the university was extremely supportive. “During exams, my stress level would go up three notches and I always sported massive bruises on parts of my body that I would hit repetitively,” Khoo recalls. “However, my alma mater provided me with proper student support, facilities and organized for me to take my exams separately with a private invigilator.” The support of the school and her good results pushed her to go further in her studies, and she went on to get her Master’s Degree. It seemed like all was right in the world. “I managed to lead a very well-balanced university life, both pursuing academia and having the time of my life,” she says. Khoo even managed to get a driver’s license at this point, baffling those around her since Tourette’s could affect a person’s ability to drive. Back in Malaysia, her ex-company proved to be not as nurturing. Fear of scaring customers away drove her previous bosses to confine her in a room at all times, she shares: There were several instances where Khoo was told off for her vocal tics, even though they are involuntary and beyond her control. The situation came to a head when she was told to resign her job purely because of her condition: Khoo was told that she had performed her job well as an employee, but beyond that they failed to provide any further valid reasons for letting her go. When pressed, the bosses used the excuse that she was still under probation, and hence they had the right to dismiss her. The company in question was in the fashion industry, and carried many renowned brands. Given this, Khoo believes that one of the main reasons for her dismissal was that the execs felt that her nature was not a good fit for their supposedly glamorous line of work. While she fought hard against the opposition at first, eventually Khoo realized that she was stuck in a vicious cycle. “I could not change the perceptions of these narrow-minded people, and that was when I made the conscious decision to leave for the better,” she says. With this saga behind her, Khoo dabbled in freelance writing for a spell while recovering from a detached eye retinal surgery. Eventually, Lazada Malaysia came knocking on her door. This time, Khoo knew what to do: She also made it a point to ask them what the company’s policy with regards to Equal Employment Opportunity was. “Usually, the reply will then justify whether the opportunity is worth pursuing or not,” she explains, and adds: With that on the table, Lazada Malaysia decided to hire her. When Tech in Asia asked her why she didn’t choose to continue pursuing her freelance career, Khoo emphasizes that she has much more to learn before she can be her own boss. “The process of getting there is a huge learning curve, with many things that I would need to learn from working in a multi-faceted environment. A steeper learning curve allows oneself improve in terms of knowledge and personal development,” she elaborates. “However, I definitely believe that I am a game-changer and a risk-taker […] with a bit of luck and grit, I shall establish what I can call my own in the near future.” Today, not only is Khoo gainfully employed at Lazada Malaysia, she is also a vocal opponent of discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace. On August 9, she will be taking the stage at the TEDxKL event to share her experience with the world and advocate for a fair workplace. According to Khoo, the first step in combating discrimination is to acknowledge that it is present everywhere – be it against certain genders, races, disabilities, or even when one is able. “We cannot eradicate it, but we can work around it,” she says. See: Are you sexist and you don’t know it? Why you should ask yourself that if you’re in tech Khoo also points out that everyone has a right to earn a living, and therefore should know that they cannot be denied employment. “Know your rights, no matter which country you are from,” she adds. “One always needs to be well-versed on the legal do’s and don’ts – do your research and read up on your local labor law practices.” At the end of the day, Khoo hopes that more people can be educated on such disabilities and mindsets can be changed in the workplace: She admits that eliminating this mindset is a slow process. However, many places in the West – with strict anti-discrimination practices in place to prevent bias on account of disability, gender, and race – have shown that it is certainly possible to achieve. “Employers should know that disability did not stop Stephen Hawkins and Howard Hughes from being successful,” she says. “We have a long way to go in Malaysia, but we need to start somewhere.” On August 9, Ann Khoo will be taking the stage at the TEDxKL event to share her experience with the world and advocate for a fair workplace.

Our colleagues at CrunchBase found themselves in the spotlight this morning when Wired published a story about their legal dispute with a startup called Pro Populi over its app People+. Now the CrunchBase team has responded in a post of its own, making the case for why it was going after People+ and also acknowledging that it may have more to learn about how it can and can’t control CrunchBase content. The problem, it seems, is that People+ (described as “LinkedIn meets Wikipedia“) was using CrunchBase to build its own crowdsourced database of information about people and companies. Apparently CrunchBase President Matt Kaufman asked Pro Populi to stop using CrunchBase data, and the AOL legal team sent a letter making the same point more forcefully. However, a reply from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Mitchell Stoltz suggests that AOL and CrunchBase may be legally in the wrong. Basically, the EFF argues that CrunchBase does have the right to control the use of its API, but it doesn’t have the right to ask Pro Populi to delete the data already in its app, because that data was released under a Creative Commons Attributions License: I tried to get in touch with the EFF, but a spokesperson said that since the organization is representing People+, it can’t comment on the case. I also emailed People+ but haven’t heard back. Judging from the CrunchBase post, it does sound like the team is trying to resolve the situation and isn’t denying that it may have overreached: When I asked Kaufman if CrunchBase’s position on who can use its data has changed, he denied it: “I think we’ve always believed — perhaps incorrectly, per the EFF — that we have the right to ask people not to use our data. Our licensing has always been very liberal.” He noted that there are a number of third-party apps that are basically mobile repackaging of CrunchBase data, such as Technopedia and CrunchMap. The difference here, he said, is that People+ isn’t just trying to provide a window onto CrunchBase data, but also collecting crowdsourced data of its own. In other words, it’s not trying to extend CrunchBase or use the data in interesting ways, but instead to build a direct competitor. Is People+ really just a CrunchBase copycat? I haven’t used the app enough to say for certain, but I will note that when I first opened it, the intro pages pointed me to the profiles for startup HotelTonight and its CEO Sam Shank. As far as I could tell, the data on those pages (you can see the main page of the HotelTonight profile above) all came from CrunchBase, though you have to swipe left on individual items to see attribution — which makes it, um, interesting that CrunchBase was never mentioned in the People+ pitch. Beyond the legal questions, there’s also the issue of whether CrunchBase and TechCrunch really want to get into legal disputes with startups. When I suggested that this is pretty awkward, Kaufman replied, “Perhaps that’s how other people view the situation.” He argued, however, that CrunchBase’s value lies in the fact that it’s “definitive,” so it’s also harmful for users if “we were to support or encourage a lot of CrunchBase replicas.”

News Article | December 12, 2013
Site: techcrunch.com

Following a legal dispute with Pro Populi, the company behind startup database People+, CrunchBase is announcing new terms of service. CrunchBase data will now be available through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license. CrunchBase President Matt Kaufman also told me, “People+ has agreed to operate under our revised Terms of Service,” which presumably ends the legal fight. The dispute arose when CrunchBase tried to stop the startup from using its data, suggesting that People+ was just creating a copycat competitor. The position taken by People+, and then by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, was that CrunchBase had the right to decide who accesses its data through its API, but People+ had the right to continue using the data it had already collected, because it was licensed under Creative Commons. Put another way: The CrunchBase team ended up looking like it didn’t really understand how Creative Commons worked, or at least that’s what the vast majority of online commentary suggested. But like I said, it seems like the legal situation is resolved, and the new terms will hopefully prevent similar conflicts in the future. As I understand it, the big change is that the data is only available under Creative Commons for non-commercial use. If the use is commercial, you’ll need to get a license from CrunchBase. This is how Kaufman explained the change in an email: Our position is that the old terms made that clear, but EFF and People+ argued that you cannot leverage Creative Commons while attaching additional terms (found in the TOS and license) to Creative Commons. It’s a “spirit” vs. “letter of the law” debate with no resolution. The new terms make our position unambiguous. Meanwhile, People+ co-founder and director of product Kate Scisel told me: We have been overwhelmed and thankful for the support of EFF and the tech community particularly Hacker News and some of the original team who created CrunchBase. We are thrilled with the outcome and are looking forward to continue growing our product and the company far beyond this controversy.

News Article | July 16, 2013
Site: venturebeat.com

Internet entrepreneurs may have their pick of millions of new domains by summer’s end. That’s because the Internet will soon include dozens — or even hundreds — of new top-level domains, the “extensions” that appear at the end of a domain name, like .com or .edu. For new businesses, the expansion offers a spate of exciting new possibilities to choose from, including “.music” or “.store.” Hundreds of top-level domains may also be available in a variety of languages, including Chinese and Arabic, as well as brand names like “.apple.” The plan has received a green light from Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit organization that regulates and manages domains. ICANN has received over a thousand proposals for new top-level domains. The organization approved the first four new top-level domains Sunday at an international conference for industry officials in Durban, South Africa. But security experts say the plan has unforeseen — and potentially disastrous — consequences for consumers and brands.  VentureBeat has called on some experts to find out what you need to know. We cannot stress this enough: Do you not hand over your credit card information just because the website has a legitimate-looking domain name, like www.mac.apple or www.harvard.law. These new domains will be open for the taking — and for possible hijacking. Cyber-squatters may be looking to exploit a company’s brand or trademark. As David Mitnick, the founder of Domain Skate, put it in a recent article, “Cyber-squatters do a lot more than just confuse Internet users and hold your brand name hostage – they can send malware and dupe loyal customers into divulging personal information.” Unsuspecting consumers will be hit with a new slew of websites with brands or trademarks they recognize and trust, whether it’s a “.ibm” or a “.law.” But these sites might be orchestrated by criminals attempting to capture data or payment information. “These new domain names will make it easier for scammers and provide many more avenues to get payment information,” said Pieter Gunst, an Internet policy expert and lawyer. It’s not just consumers who will pay the price. “Online payment businesses will pay a high cost for fraud,” said Gunst, who is also the founder of LawGives, a startup that provides online legal services. For this reason, payments giant PayPal has sharply rebuked ICANN for the expansion — and issued a stern warning to consumers. After all, increased incidences of fraud would drive up the cost of payment processing. PayPal’s Information Risk Management officials Brad Hill and Bill Smith wrote a letter to ICANN in March: “The potential for malicious abuse is extraordinary, the incidental damage will be large even in the absence of malicious intent, and such services will become immediate targets of attack as they inadvertently collect high-value credentials and private data from potentially millions of systems.” With ICANN downplaying these fears, Gunst recommends some best practices and steps that consumers can take to protect themselves: On a more positive note, Gunst believes that we are more aware of threats to security than we used to be. The domain expansion may be another “tool in the toolbox” of cyber-criminals, he said, but consumers can take effective measures against phishing. The first step is to register a top-level domain (gTLD) now — and potentially avoid expensive lawsuits later. Some brands are setting aside thousands of dollars to win control of new domains. Amazon is already in hot water for its ongoing attempts to register .read, .author, and, of course, .book. Companies should also make sure their network engineers and IT teams are aware of the security risks and have protocols in place. Rumors have been spreading for months that hackers will have an easier time overriding encryption protections that safeguard corporate email servers and company intranets. Ars Technica fears that the introduction of domains such as “.domain,” “.localhost,” or “.belkin” could cause significant disruption for a number of networks. If that were not enough, the Washington Post reports that if domains like “.med” come under attack, this could potentially slow down emergency responders or put lives at risk. Finally, “Merchants need to be very active in informing their customers if they expand to any of these new domains,” Kate Scisel, an online payments expert and the COO of People+, told us. “And consumers must be vigilant when receiving solicitations or connecting with domains they are not familiar with,” All these new domains pose new opportunities for startups, and like major brands, many are beginning the preregistration process. But Altay Guvenich, who runs a talent management agency for startup developers, is advising tech entrepreneurs to focus their energies elsewhere. Do not spend weeks contemplating a new domain. “Founders should keep things simple. Do what you need to defend your brand, but don’t spend too many cycles on it,” Guvenich told me. “Your product or service will make or break your company. Not your domain name.” After all, what’s in a name? Facebook was thefacebook.com for years; Dropbox was getdropbox.com. Jeff Moss, the chief security officer for ICANN, told the Washington Post that fears have been overblown. He argues that the expansion will occur gradually — and the organization will be in a position to deal with issues as they arise. “It’s not like it’s a runaway train without recourse,” Moss said. “We’re not going to do anything that harms the security or stability of the Internet.” ICANN has also stressed that only a small number of domains are likely to cause problems. Note that ICANN stands to profit from the virgin Internet real estate — whoever gains control will sell licensing rights for the resulting new web addresses, with a portion of the revenues going to ICANN. Security issues aside, Gunst believes that the “opening up” of the Internet is a good thing and in the long-run will help new Internet businesses succeed. What are your thoughts on the domain name expansion plan? Let us know in the comment section below.

News Article | December 16, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

Showing its appreciation for the dedication and bravery of firefighters who work right next door, People’s Trust Insurance today hosted a holiday lunch to applaud the heroic first responders of Deerfield Beach Fire Rescue Station 102. This marks the third straight year the insurance company has celebrated its neighboring first responders in this way. “Because People’s Trust Insurance prides itself on preparation and rapid response, we truly admire what these incredible first responders demonstrate every day of their lives,” said George Schaeffer, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “We can’t thank them enough for their dedication and extraordinary service.” People’s Trust Insurance marks the holiday season by thanking these dedicated professionals for their endless contributions to the community. Vice Mayor Richard Rosenzweig, Commissioner Bill Ganz, Fire Chief Richard Sievers and all of Station 102 responders, along with Broward Sheriff’s Office Captain Robert Schnakenberg and Lieutenant Darryl Stallings in conjunction with City Manager Burgess Hanson and many of the City of Deerfield Team joined Schaeffer and the People’s Trust team at the event to show their support. Founded in 2008, People's Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida's top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable (Keyword Florida homeowner’s insurance) rates and benefits not available anywhere else. Honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor's Innovators in Business Award, People's Trust provides a "Better Way" for nearly 150,000 Floridians to insure their homes. With more than 600 employees in its family of companies and an affiliation with Florida's largest residential insurance restoration general contractor, People's Trust is Florida's best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in policyholders' recovery after loss.

News Article | October 29, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

People’s General Insurance‚ the premier insurance company from Philippines, has earned the distinction of becoming the first insurance company of the country to offer policies online to customers through its exclusive Auto Cars Direct online site at insurancedirect.com.ph. The company is offering quote-to-issue car insurance as their first initiative in this direction. “We have been providing individuals‚ SMEs, and local and international private corporate entities‚ the best quality insurance products that guarantee safety of life and property‚” says the spokesperson for People’s General Insurance Company. “Our decision to provide insurance policies online to Filipinos is a part of our initiative to make buying insurance policies simple, hassle-free, and quick. We are proud to become the first insurance company in the country to offer quote-to-issue car insurance 100% online.” People’s General Insurance is committed to providing peace of mind to customers who want a comprehensive car insurance policy at the lowest rates and backed by the best coverage. They can now order car insurance policy online and save time, money, and effort. In the Philippines, the average trip time for a car owner is as high as two hours, thanks to the trying traffic conditions. The chances of cars getting damaged are extremely high in these exceptionally unfavorable road and traffic conditions. Not having a good car insurance policy can have disastrous financial consequences for car owners. The convenience of buying car insurance online is something Filipinos would welcome heartily because it can make life easier for them. They will be able to choose the kind of policy they want for their cars‚ look at the salient features, and buy a car insurance policy that best fits their needs and budgets from the convenience of their home. Payment options include by three or six month installment by Post Date Checks or Visa and MasterCard. Clients can also choose BancNet or paying at 711 nationwide stores using the convenient 7-Connect payment service. People’s General Insurance is a company that’s known for upping the stakes regularly to achieve excellence in the area of total customer satisfaction. The company has customer service and satisfaction at the core of their policy. There are systems in place to make sure that the demands and requirements of clients are incorporated within the policy structure to provide them with maximum satisfaction. At the same time‚ the company also makes sure that they strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Insurance Commission of the country. The steady and growing success that People’s Insurance Company enjoys can be attributed to the wealth of talent gracing the company’s Board and its exclusive partnership with Auto Cars Direct. The officers and staff members or both companies are also extremely motivated and driven by the single-minded dedication of providing world-class service to their customers. The decision to offer quote-to-issue car insurance 100% online is expected to be a major game-changer, not only for the company but for the insurance sector of Philippines as a whole. Founded in 1950 by a prominent group of Filipino enterprising businessmen, headed by Ambassador Tomas C. Benitez, People’s General Insurance Corporation is one of the leading insurance service providers in Philippines. The company has over six decades of experience in providing Filipinos the best products and services in the non-life insurance segment. The trusted insurance company has been catering to the various insurance needs of individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises, and local and international private corporate entities.

News Article | December 10, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

People’s Trust Insurance surpassed last year’s record-breaking number of toy donations for area children when it completes its month-long Toys for Tots drive today. Last year the company’s collection efforts gathered more than 300 toys, the most it has ever collected, and this year’s drive has topped that figure. “Though we are a statewide company, Broward County is our home, and we’re so proud of the way this community pitches in to help less privileged children feel the spirit of the season,” said George Schaeffer, the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Bringing people together for a larger purpose is what the holidays are really all about.” The Toys for Tots program, conducted by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, collects toys for less-fortunate children. This was People’s Trust Insurance’s sixth annual Toys for Tots drive. While final donations have not yet been fully counted, Schaeffer said the total has already bettered last year. Toys collected within Broward County will be donated to less-fortunate children within the local community. Across America between October and mid-December, Toys for Tots drives collect new, unwrapped toys. Local community and philanthropic organizations distribute the toys to children in need throughout their area. Toys for Tots brings members of the community together for a common cause, while helping countless youngsters become responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Founded in 2008, People's Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida's top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else. Honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor's Innovators in Business Award, People's Trust provides a "Better Way" for nearly 150,000 Floridians to insure their homes. With more than 600 employees in its family of companies and an affiliation with Florida's largest residential insurance restoration general contractor, People's Trust is Florida's best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in policyholders' recovery after loss. The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less-fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted. Local Toys for Tots campaign coordinators conduct an array of activities throughout the year, including golf tournaments, foot races, bicycle races and other voluntary events designed to increase interest in Toys for Tots, and concurrently generate toys and monetary donations.

News Article | February 15, 2017
Site: www.prweb.com

People’s Trust Insurance Company today announced that former longtime Florida Insurance Commissioner Tom Gallagher will join the company as Chief Operating Officer. In this role, which begins February 1, Gallagher will provide day-to-day leadership of the People’s Trust executive team to continue advancing the company’s success. The announcement pairs one of Florida’s foremost industry leaders with one of the most successful Florida-grown homeowners insurance companies. Gallagher was Florida’s Chief Insurance Regulator from 1989-95 and 2001-02 and served as the state’s first Chief Financial Officer from 2003 to 2007. For the past five years he has been a government and insurance consultant for the Colodny Fass law firm, which specializes in insurance regulation and associated work. “Tom is exactly the right man for the job, and all of us at People’s Trust Insurance are delighted to have him on our team,” said George Schaeffer, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Tom’s credentials in our industry and our state are second to none, and I know he will help lead us to even greater achievements as we meet the needs of our policyholders.” People's Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida's top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else. The company pioneered a direct repair program with the promise that the company would fix damage to policyholders’ homes through its affiliated company, the Rapid Response Team, rather than just writing a check and leaving the burden of repairs to the homeowner. The company was honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor's Innovators in Business Award, and its exceptional business model was proven during last year’s active hurricane season. Rapid Response Team crews performed emergency mitigation on more than 1,250 homes following Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew, and Tropical Storm Colin – removing downed trees, boarding up shattered windows, extracting water and installing tarps on damaged roofs. “People’s Trust Insurance caught the eye of everyone familiar with Florida’s insurance industry when it launched its innovative direct repair model, and I’ve watched it with respect and admiration ever since,” said Gallagher. “I welcome the opportunity to help guide this outstanding company and look forward to continued success.” All People’s Trust Insurance executives will report to Gallagher in his role as Chief Operating Officer. He will also serve as a member of the company’s Executive Committee. Founded in 2008, People's Trust Insurance has emerged as one of Florida's top 10 home insurance companies, providing homeowners with affordable rates and benefits not available anywhere else. Honored with the 2013 Enterprise Florida Governor's Innovators in Business Award, People's Trust provides a "Better Way" for over 145,000 Floridians to insure their homes. With more than 600 employees in its family of companies and an affiliation with Florida's largest residential insurance restoration general contractor, People's Trust is Florida's best-prepared home insurance company and a full partner in policyholders' recovery after loss.

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