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The University of Nusa Cendana is a public university in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It was established on September 1, 1962. Its rector is Prof. Ir. Fredrik L. Benu, M.Si., Ph.D. Wikipedia.

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Tjahjono G.,Nusa Cendana University | Setiawaty T.,Nusa Cendana University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

The research objective are: (1) Analyse the capacity needs of the wind energy system based on the parameters of energy requirements, the ability of the inverter, generator capability and the ability of the local wind. (2) Generate a simulate diesel-wind hybrid power plants for Kupang city and every district in Timor island; (3) Generate an optimization of wind-diesel hybrid power plant for Kupang city and districts in Timor island; (4) Generate a scheme wind-diesel hybrid power plant for Kupang city and every district in Timor island. The method used in this research is quantitative method with the approach of simulation, optimization and sensitivity analysis used HOMER application program, i.e.: (1) simulation system of diesel-wind hybrid power plant; (2) optimization system of diesel-win hybrid generator, and (3) the sensitivity analysis system diesel-wind hybrid power plant. Conclusion of this research are: (1) Simulation in Kupang city and districts of Kupang are wind turbines 20 KW with generator capacity of 71.7 KW. Optimization result of wind-energy contribution of only 7% and ideal price of US $ 0.47 to produce wind turbines of 20,000 KWH/yr; (2) Simulation in South Central Timor (TTS) district is wind turbines 3 KW with generator capacity of 11.4 KW. The result of optimization of wind-energy contribution of only 9% and ideal price of US $ 0.525 to produce wind turbines of 1.165 KWH/yr; (3) Simulation in North Central Timor (TTU) district is wind turbines 1 KW with generator capacity of 7.62 KW. Optimization result of wind-energy contribution of only 4% and ideal price of US $ 0.53 to produce wind turbines of 1.150 KWH/yr;(4) Simulation in Belu districts is wind turbines 10 KW with generator capacity of 12.1 KW. Optimization result of wind-energy contribution of only 22% and ideal price of US $ 0.48 to produce wind turbines of 1.210 KWH/yr. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Nayoan C.R.,Nusa Cendana University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2017

Background: Short Message service is one of the information technologies used to deliver health program. It is believed that children develop their healthy behavior through learning from their parents. The aim of the study was to analyze the effect of SMS Campaign over a 12 weeks-period and analyze its effectiveness in raising the awareness and improving the knowledge of the society regarding child health specifically about oral health, personal hygiene/sanitation, and nutrition. Method: This study was a non-randomized experimental study and conducted in four villages along the coastline of Kupang regency. Subjects on pretest were 111 parents of students from Kupang Barat Sub-district, while at posttest only 104 parents came. At first, parents took pretest to measure their knowledge in children health topics. Then, the parents received SMS contained information about the healthy behavior of children and household for three months then the took the posttest. Focus group discussions were conducted to explore the acceptability of SMS. Results: Among the subjects, 62.2% were female, aged of 25–54 years old, 6.3% did not finish elementary school and 58.1% worked as farmers. There was a significant increase in knowledge scores from 17.88 to 19.47. The focus group discussion showed that SMS was highly acceptable by the parents in giving health information and increasing parents’ knowledge about the healthy behavior of children. Parents gave positive feedback to SMS. Conclusion: SMS demonstrated a feasible and effective health promotion method in reaching and informing parents about child health. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Tokan M.K.,Nusa Cendana University
Ecology, Environment and Conservation | Year: 2016

A key factor in controlling ice-ice disease is seaweed farmer. This is because seaweed farmers are the cultivating perpetrators. Seaweed farmers have a sense that is very useful in human life, especially behavior in effort of healthy farming (BEHF). BEHF relating to the six cases, the behavior of the aquaculture location selection, seed selection, planting and behavior in the maintenance, behavior in applying the appropriate cultivation techniques and behaviors in maintaining the quality of the environment so as to reduce the invasion of ice-ice disease. The purpose of this study was to describe BEHF of seaweed farmers in Kupang district and determine the direct and indirect effect of knowledge about ice-ice disease, knowledge of cultivation, motivation of cultivation and negative attitude towards BEHF of seaweed farmers in Kupang district. The study is correlational consist of five variables, namely knowledge of ice-ice disease, knowledge of cultivation, cultivation motivation, attitude and BEHF. This study used 150 seaweed farmers as respondents who determined randomly. The collection of data on farmers' knowledge seaweed using test instruments, observation sheet, FGD and questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Direct and indirect effect and jointly effect of the exogenous variables toward the endogenous variables were analyzed by path analysis. The results showed that the knowledge of ice-ice disease give a positive direct effect to the motivation and negative attitude with contributions of 67.57% and 16.56% respectively. Positive direct effect of the cultivation motivation toward the negative attitude and BEHF with the contribution of 26.94% and 16.73% respectively and positive direct effect of the negative attitudes towards BEHF with a contribution of 33.41%. The indirect effect of the ice-ice disease knowledge toward the negative attitude through the cultivation motivation with a contribution of 18.2%. The indirect effect of the ice-ice disease knowledge toward BEHF through the cultivation motivation with a contribution of 11.3% and an indirect influence of the ice-ice disease knowledge toward BEHF through the motivation cultivation and negative attitude toward the ice-ice disease with a contribution of 6.08%. Copyright © EM International.

Refli,Nusa Cendana University | Purwestri Y.A.,Gadjah Mada University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2016

The development of self-oxidative defense is a crucial mechanism of crops to survive in an unfavorable condition such as drought and salinity. The possible involvement of the antioxidant gene(s) in such defense under drought and salinity stresses was studied in leaves of rice (Oryza sativa L.) Cv Cempo Ireng seedling. Fifteen days old seedlings were subjected to 0.2 (extreme), 0.5 (mild) and 1.0 (control) FTSW (fraction of transpirable soil water as representative to drought stress) levels, and 0 mM (control) 125 mM (mild) and 250 mM (extreme) NaCl as representative to salinity stress levels for 6 d. The transcription levels of cCuZnSod1, cCuZnSod2, MnSod1, cApx1, cApx2, chl-tApx, Cat1, Cat2, Cat3, Gr1, Gr2 and Gr3 were analyzed using semi-quantitative RT-PCR technique. The antioxidant genes in seedling treated to drought showed a difference of transcription levels to seedling treated to salinity. The number of antioxidant genes increasing in transcription was lower in rice seedling under drought (cCuZnSod1, cCuZnSod2, cApx2, cApx3, Cat1, Cat2, Gr2 and Gr3) as compared to that in seedling under salinity (cCuZnSod1, cCuZnSod2, MnSod1, cApx2, cApx3, Cat2, Cat3, Gr1, Gr2 and Gr3). The present concluded that dismutation of superdioxide radical and biosynthesis of reduced ascorbic acid in gluthationine-ascorbate cycle within cells were less in seedling under drought stress so that the oxidative damage of seedling under drought was higher than that under salinity © 2016 Author(s).

Hikmah,Nusa Cendana University
Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2017

This study aims to determine the perception of urban and rural communities as well as to analyze differences in perceptions of the healthy home. The study population was Head of family who lives in urban and rural areas, research sample was obtained by cluster sampling and random sampling are calculated by nomogram Harry King at the alpha of 10%, with the number of respondents of each 60 people who live in the Liliba Village sub district of Oebobo Kupang and 60 people who live in the village Oekabiti Amarasi District of Kupang district. The data collection is done by the engineering documentation, observation, and questionnaires. The data analysis was descriptive and different test of t-test of Separated Variance. The results showed that the general perception of rural and urban communities are positive/high which indicated a mean of 122.29 or 70%. If the terms of the location of the domicile of each of the respondents indicate that rural communities with a mean of 119.64 (68%) have a lower level of understanding compared with urban communities with a mean of 124.21 (71%). The more real differences in perception proved to test the hypothesis at level of 95% indicates that Ho was rejected and Ha accepted. The result gave the meaning that the difference lies in domicile communities has a different effect on the level of his perception of a healthy home. © Global Science Publications.

Guntur R.D.,Nusa Cendana University | Lobo M.,Nusa Cendana University
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

A research has been carried out to investigate the characteristics of reasons for DOSC and to determine the statistical model explaining factors which influence on the DOSC in the age group 7 - 18 years in East Nusa Tenggara (ENT) Province. Primary data of out of school children had been collected throughout interviews using prepared questionnaires in three selected districts. Data was then analysed using descriptive and logistic regression method. The analysis shows that from the 341 samples, there were 194DOSC. The majority of them were males, lived in the countryside, had farmer parents, had family size of 5, and had mothers with only primary education level. The main reasons of children to drop out from the primary and junior education levels were the inabilities of paying the school fees and the willingness to work in the farms to help their parents. For senior education level, it was because of the unaffordable school tuitions and no desire of children in having good education. Both partial and simultaneous parameter tests in the logistic regression model show that children who lived in countryside, from poor families, males were the three factors that significantly affected the number of DOSC in the group age with odds ratio values 2.48; 2.37; 1.97 respectively. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Clements D.L.,University of Adelaide | Lobo M.,Nusa Cendana University
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements | Year: 2010

In this paper some two dimensional time dependent infiltration problems are considered. The problems involve infiltration from an irrigation channel into a homogenous soil and a soil which contains an impermeable finite inclusion. The problems are reduced to boundary integral equations which may be solved numerically using established procedures. Numerical results are obtained to provide the distribution of the matric flux potential for some particular impermeable inclusions and a particular channel shape. The results indicate how the distance from the channel influences the speed with which the matric flux potential reaches its steady state value. They also illustrate how the presence of an impermeable inclusion can increase the matric flux potential at points below the surface. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Siburian R.,University of Tsukuba | Siburian R.,Nusa Cendana University | Kondo T.,University of Tsukuba | Nakamura J.,University of Tsukuba
Journal of Physical Chemistry C | Year: 2013

Size controlled Pt catalysts supported by graphene nanosheets (GNS) are successfully prepared by changing the loading of Pt at 10-70 wt % using an impregnation method. It is found that Pt sub-nanoclusters (0.8 nm) with an extremely large surface area (170 m2 g-1) are formed on the GNS support in a 10 wt % Pt/GNS catalyst. An increase in loading of Pt leads to an increase in the particle sizes of Pt, which results in lower activities for electro-oxidation of adsorbed CO. A core level shift of Pt 4f in XPS indicates that Pt is chemically interacted with graphene. The modification of catalytic properties and the electronic structure is ascribed to the interface interaction between Pt and graphene via π-d hybridization. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Tokan M.K.,Nusa Cendana University
International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography | Year: 2015

Inventory and identification of conditions and the potential for small islands outer / leading residing in East Nusa Tenggara (Batek Island, Ndana Island, Dana Island, Mangudu Island and Alor Island) is seen from the positive side illustrates the great potential and opportunity in the future development, and prone to conflict than the negative side where the islands are located in strategic areas immediately adjacent to the two countries, the Batek Island and Alor Island directly adjacent to the island nation of the Repulic Democtaric Timor Leste (RDTL) while Mangudu, Ndana (Rote) and Dana (Savu) is immediately adjacent with the Australian state. Potential of the outer islands are located in East Nusa Tenggara almost all have high economic value, especially in the development of tourism, marine and fisheries where natural resources and beautiful of marine panoramic and the potential economic value of fish catches are able to contribute adequate for each area in particular and East Nusa Tenggara generally. It also indirectly an increase in activity through the utilization of available natural resources and various minimal infrastructure on the outer / forefront islands of the sovereignty of the Unitary Repbublic of Indonesia in the field of defense and security would indicate a fairly safe direction. Alor and Ndana Island can be developed as a maritime attraction, Batek and Dana Island can be developed as a marine conservation area and nature laboratory, whereas Mangudu Island can be developed as a tourism area. The data base is quite good provided may be used in future development plans for the outermost small islands in East Nusa Tenggara will be the guideline for future development planning, in policy making, the determination of the priority programs of development and in the preparation of the Spatial Plan of the area (Spatial) minor outlying islands / Leader so as to realize the welfare of society. © Research India Publications.

Buang Y.,Nusa Cendana University
Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science | Year: 2011

The present study was conducted to elucidate the metabolic pathways by which enlarged liver size of patients undergoing disorders of orotic acid de novo metabolism and those patients of enlarged liver size induced by di(2-ethyl hexyl) phthalate in rats as animal model. The results showed that rats-treated with orotic acid generated liver triglyceride content 400% higher than that of the control accompaniedwith a significant decrease of phospholipid levels (P<0.05). The rates of lipogenic enzymes, both fatty acid synthase (FAS) and phosphatidate phosphohydrolase (PAP), increase accompanying promotions of livertriglyceride content without any changes in fatty acid degradation pathway. However, those rats-treated with di(2- ethyl hexyl) phthalate generated liver phospholipid level significantly higher than of thecontrol accompanied with a markedly decreased the liver triglyceride levels. Both FAS and PAP activities were almost similar with those controls but the rates of fatty acid degradation were increased approximately by 2.5-fold of control. In conclusion: The enlargement of liver size induced by orotic acid is associated with largely retains triglyceride molecules in liver tissues, whereas those induced by di(2-ethyl hexyl) is associated with the induction of phosphorylation generating an increase of liver phospholipid levels.

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