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Penfui, Indonesia

The University of Nusa Cendana is a public university in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It was established on September 1, 1962. Its rector is Prof. Ir. Fredrik L. Benu, M.Si., Ph.D. Wikipedia.

Pau O.N.,Nusa Cendana University | Kasim M.J.,Tadulako University
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2015

This study aims to prove that if there has been an increase in the value of assets, leverage and corporate social responsibility influence on increasing the value of shares in the Indonesian capital market as a result of the implementation of good corporate governance in Indonesia. This study is a survey of a sample of 19 corporations that have implemented good governance and implement corporate social responsibility. We used fixed effect multivariate regression analysis to examine the dependent variables influences the independent variables. The result of the study show that by implementing good corporate governance can increase the value of corporate assets as well as the impact on the increase in value of the corporate stock market value. This is consistent with Dowling’s research that the implementation of good corporate governance is associated with increased long term corporate image that will have implications on the value of the corporation. Good governance can explain the relationship between the various parties participating in the corporation that determines the direction of the value of corporate stocks. The model as a whole is significant explaining variation in dependent variable. Which is explaining by R-square 0.68 means that 0.32 explaining by external variables out of the model. Corporate governance influence to corporate size, leverage, agency cost and corporate social responsibility is up to 0.5275 it means moderate strong. Corporate governance influence to corporate stock value is only 0.0084 it means less significant. While corporate size, leverage, agency cost and corporate social responsibility influence to corporate stock value is 0.1477 means less significant. © 2015 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

NDII M.Z.,University of Newcastle | NDII M.Z.,Nusa Cendana University | ALLINGHAM D.,University of Newcastle | HICKSON R.I.,University of Newcastle | And 2 more authors.
Epidemiology and Infection | Year: 2016

An innovative strategy to reduce dengue transmission uses the bacterium Wolbachia. We analysed the effects of Wolbachia on dengue transmission dynamics in the presence of two serotypes of dengue using a mathematical model, allowing for differences in the epidemiological characteristics of the serotypes. We found that Wolbachia has a greater effect on secondary infections than on primary infections across a range of epidemiological characteristics. If one serotype is more transmissible than the other, it will dominate primary infections and Wolbachia will be less effective at reducing secondary infections of either serotype. Differences in the antibody-dependent enhancement of the two serotypes have considerably less effect on the benefits of Wolbachia than differences in transmission probability. Even if the antibody-dependent enhancement rate is high, Wolbachia is still effective in reducing dengue. Our findings suggest that Wolbachia will be effective in the presence of more than one serotype of dengue; however, a better understanding of serotype-specific differences in transmission probability may be needed to optimize delivery of a Wolbachia intervention. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2016

Clements D.L.,University of Adelaide | Lobo M.,Nusa Cendana University
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements | Year: 2010

In this paper some two dimensional time dependent infiltration problems are considered. The problems involve infiltration from an irrigation channel into a homogenous soil and a soil which contains an impermeable finite inclusion. The problems are reduced to boundary integral equations which may be solved numerically using established procedures. Numerical results are obtained to provide the distribution of the matric flux potential for some particular impermeable inclusions and a particular channel shape. The results indicate how the distance from the channel influences the speed with which the matric flux potential reaches its steady state value. They also illustrate how the presence of an impermeable inclusion can increase the matric flux potential at points below the surface. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Rambu Ngana F.,Nusa Cendana University | Myers B.A.,Charles Darwin University
Midwifery | Year: 2012

Objective: to describe the system of health reporting by village midwives and two rural clinics in eastern Indonesia and solve some of the problems in this system through consultation. Design: participatory action research model where problems are identified by those most affected and solutions sought. Clinic staff were observed and interviewed regarding their work roles and reporting duties. Allocation of work time to various tasks was recorded by all clinic staff before and after the implementation of a new health recording system. Several information sessions and focus group discussions were held with village midwives and other health staff to identify and address problems. Setting: Indonesia initiated a programme in 1989, aiming to place a midwife in every village, in response to high maternal mortality rates and low rates of births attended by trained birth assistants. Remote rural villages in eastern Indonesia have difficulty recruiting and retaining village midwives. These midwives play a crucial role in health reporting. During 2010 a new system of recording and reporting by clinics was implemented. Participants: village and clinic health staff in two rural subdistricts in eastern Indonesia. Findings: there was incomplete coverage by village midwives in the two subdistricts studied; 28% of villages had a resident midwife, 48% had a visiting midwife and 24% had only monthly visits by a mobile clinic. Village midwives performed duties additional to their official duties and training. Village midwives had problems associated with the reporting system including inconsistency in reporting, poor access to individual patient histories and poor access to clinics. These problems resulted in incompleteness and poor timeliness of data transfer. Key conclusions: midwives in remote villages felt compelled to provide services for which they were not trained. Poor quality of data reporting resulted from inconsistent reporting methods. Local staff can successfully change and manage reporting systems if given appropriate support and training. Implications for practice: socialisation of health reporting systems among all staff involved can lead to improved data consistency and completeness. Effective systems for data transfer and reporting may reduce time spent on these tasks by some staff. Improvements to accuracy of data and availability of individual patient histories have the potential to contribute to improved health care. Quality of health care by village midwives should be addressed by adequate training and improved transport. © 2011.

Kelderman P.,UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education | Ang'weya R.O.,UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education | de Rozari P.,UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education | de Rozari P.,Nusa Cendana University | And 2 more authors.
Aquatic Sciences | Year: 2012

In 2007/08, a study was undertaken on the sediment dynamics in shallow Lake Markermeer (the Netherlands). Firstly, sediment characteristics were determined at 49 sites in the lake. Parameters such as median grain size and loss on ignition showed a spatial as well as water depth related pattern, indicating wind-induced sediment transport. Highly significant correlations were found between all sediment parameters. Lake Markermeer sediment dynamics were investigated in a sediment trap field survey at two permanent stations in the lake. Sediment yields, virtually all coming from sediment resuspension, were significantly correlated with average wind speeds, though periods of extreme winds also played a role. Sediment resuspension rates for Lake Markermeer were high, viz. on average ca. 1,000 g m-2 day-1. The highly dynamic nature of Lake Markermeer sediments must be due to the overall shallowness of the lake, together with its large surface area (dynamic ratio = [√(area)]/[average depth] = 7.5); wind-induced waves and currents will impact most of the lake's sediment bed. Indeed, near-bed currents can easily reach values >10 cm/s. Measurements of the thickness of the settled "mud" layer, as well as 137Cs dating, showed that long-term deposition only takes place in the deeper SE area of the lake. Finally, lake sediment dynamics were investigated in preliminary laboratory experiments in a small "micro-flume", applying increasing water currents onto five Lake Markermeer sediments. Sediment resuspension started off at 0.5-0.7 cm/s and showed a strongly exponential behaviour with respect to these currents. © 2011 Springer Basel AG.

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