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Fall River, MA, United States

A method and apparatus for operatively connecting a bipolar electrosurgical hand piece to a monopolar output of an electrosurgical unit wherein active components simulate expected impedance characteristics of monopolar return electrodes connected to a patient.

Removal of damaged tissue itself can enable biosynthetic activity in vivo as an unburdened homeostatic or repair response. By removing a biologic and mechanical irritant, the lesion site can be altered to a more favorable perturbation-specific mechanotransductive environment supportive of differentiated gene expression. One aspect of one embodiment of the present invention provides an engineered irrigant that produces ion exchanges in tissues for example deliver of protons which interact with biology tissues.

NuOrtho Surgical | Date: 2014-01-07

An electrosurgical probe having a plenum which prevents contact of the active electrode with tissue, while simultaneously allowing a fluid/interfacing agents to contact the active electrode.

NuOrtho Surgical | Date: 2012-09-18

Electrosurgery medical device system comprised primarily of probes for medical purposes, catheters, medical electrodes, containers containing solutions in liquid form for medical use, interfaces for medical devices, and power supplies for the medical electrodes.

The effects produced by surgical devices that deploy an electrical circuit between electrodes are dependent on the nature of electrical work perform upon the conductive media in an around biologic tissues. Non-ablation radiofrequency surgical devices utilize a protective housing that provides, based upon procedure-specific needs, the ability to 1. move, manipulate, and segregate near-field effects both tangentially and perpendicularly to the tissue surface, 2. deliver far-field electromagnetic effects to tissue unencumbered by current deposition, and 3. serve as a 20 mechanical adjunct to and a selective throttling vent/plenum for energy delivery. Because the electrodes are non-tissue-contacting, this study characterizes the effects that non-ablation radiofrequency energy exerts upon interfacing media typically encountered during surgical applications. These devices create a Repetitive Molecular Energy Conversion Loop for surgical work; and, non-ionizing electromagnetic forces are deployed in strength levels that can produce thermal and non-thermal biologic tissue effects. A differential between current density dispersion and electromagnetic field strength is exploited to allow normal tissue healing responses to the near-field effects of tissue modification and preconditioning while permitting far-field effects, which are useful for inducing therapeutic biologic responses, to manifest in treated tissues that have been protected from electrical current generated collateral damage.

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