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San Carlos, CA, United States

The present invention provides methods, compositions and kits for the generation of next generation sequencing (NGS) libraries in which non-desired nucleic acid sequences have been depleted or substantially reduced. The methods, compositions and kits provided herein are useful, for example, for the production of libraries from total RNA with reduced ribosomal RNA and for the reduction of common mRNA species in expression profiling from mixed samples where the mRNAs of interest are present at low levels. The methods of the invention can be employed for the elimination of non-desired nucleic acid sequences in a sequence-specific manner, and consequently, for the enrichment of nucleic acid sequences of interest in a nucleic acid library.

NuGEN Technologies | Date: 2012-03-02

The invention provides methods, compositions, and kits for fragmentation and labeling of nucleic acids. More particularly, the invention relates to methods for fragmentation of nucleic acids to produce fragments with 3 end hydroxyl groups within a desired size range. In methods of the invention, nucleic acids are fragmented at abasic sites to produce fragments with blocked 3 ends. The 3 ends are unblocked to produce polynucleotide fragments with hydroxyl groups at their 3 ends. Methods, kits, and compositions for carrying out fragmentation of a polynucleotide template in a single reaction mixture to yield fragments with 3-hydroxyl ends within the desired size range are disclosed.

The invention provides methods and compositions, including kits, for directional nucleic acid amplification and sequencing. The invention further provides methods and compositions for the construction of directional cDNA libraries.

The present invention provides methods, compositions and kits for detecting duplicate sequencing reads. In some embodiments, the duplicate sequencing reads are removed.

NuGEN Technologies | Date: 2012-01-13

The invention relates to the field of polynucleotide amplification. More particularly, the invention provides methods, compositions and kits for amplification of (i.e., making multiple copies of) a multiplicity of different polynucleotide template sequences using a randomly primed RNA/DNA composite primer.

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