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Rahman A.,Chittagong University | Islam M.M.,Chittagong University | Chakraborty A.,NSTU
Journal of Next Generation Information Technology | Year: 2015

SQL injection attacks are one of the major security threats for web applications. In fact, the open web application security project (OWASP), an international organization of web developers, has placed SQLIAs (SQL Injection Attacks) among the top ten attacks that a web application can have. Nevertheless, the awareness of SQL injection is rising and still there are many common types of vulnerabilities exist. Solutions to avoid these attacks are placing powerful Network SQL Injection Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) but subordinate or internal employee of the organizations can easily bypass the security. Hence, Network Intrusion Detection Systems cannot fully protect the databases from the attacks. This paper is going to analyze the latest techniques in SQL injection attacks and its prevention methods. Using SQLIAs (SQL Injection Attacks), an attacker may be able to read, modify, or even delete database information. The Proposed System can detect the attacks that are from Internet and Insider attacks remove the vulnerability of Web Application by Implementing SQL Injection Prevention Techniques. Therefore, for the accomplishment of the SQL Injection Prevention Techniques, a PHP-based web application named "My online store" has been developed enabling to detect all possible SQL injection attacks. Source

Novitskiy S.P.,NSTU | Pechnikov A.L.,KB Automatika
2014 12th International Conference on Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering, APEIE 2014 - Proceedings | Year: 2014

A corrected method of numerical determination of amplitude- and phase-frequency characteristics of electrochemical systems gotten by discrete electrical signals of impact and response and using Fourier transform is considered. It is proposed to restore first a continuous form of discrete signals using Lagrange polynomial spline before applying Fourier transform. © 2014 IEEE. Source

Timofeev V.S.,NSTU | Timofeeva A.Y.,NSTU | Kolesnikov M.Y.,AEX Soft
2014 12th International Conference on Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering, APEIE 2014 - Proceedings | Year: 2014

A new approach to construct of spatial econometric models is proposed. It involves the partitioning of objects into groups based on the spatial concentration by k-means clustering. The developed algorithm was compared with known algorithms of k-nearest neighbors and kernel smoothing with a rectangular weight function (kernel). Its significant advantage in running time was shown. The obtained results of computational experiments revealed that the prediction accuracy using the new algorithm yields k-nearest neighbors algorithm but it is about the same as kernel smoothing. © 2014 IEEE. Source

Armeev D.V.,Skoltech Center for Energy Systems | Chekhonadskikh A.V.,NSTU | Voevoda A.A.,NSTU
2015 International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications, SIBCON 2015 - Proceedings | Year: 2015

Traditional power systems consist of few centralized power plants, passive grid and uncontrollable passive loads. It is expected that deep penetration of modern trends like distributed generation, SmartGrids and microgrids will lead to a plenty highly automated power units. Each of them should be equipped with effective controllers. Like many years before PID controllers remain relevant and popular despite many others technologies, because they are based on well proven, reliable and clear practice. But PID controllers should be well tuned in order to keep stability of the unit and the entire grid. Existing methods usually assume that the control parameters are chosen at first, then the controlled unit is tested on applicability and stability. Classical methods (D-decomposition et al.) are quite effective for only one or two tunable parameters. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Kasianenko P.V.,NSTU
2012 11th International Conference on Actual Problems of Electronic Instrument Engineering, APEIE 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

Electric power supply system (up to 3-4 GW in pulse) for electromagnetic mass accelerator is considered. Unique switch units for high current (up to 1.2 MA for voltage of up to 5 kV) are described. Paper describes various designs of mass accelerators and their power supply. Considered power supply source circuit variants include: unipolar DC current generator, and multiphase synchronous generator with controlled rectifier. © 2012 IEEE. Source

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