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Smirnov A.N.,Donetsk National Technical University | Tsuprun A.Y.,NPO DONIKS | Shtepan E.V.,Donetsk National Technical University | Kislitsa V.V.,OAO MK Azovstal | Pil'gaev V.M.,AO NKMZ
Steel in Translation | Year: 2011

The factors affecting the thermal state of mold walls in continuous slab-casting machines are analyzed. On the basis of the proposed method and model, the design parameters of a radial mold with slot channels and the parameters of the coolant (water) flow may be calculated. © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Konovalov Y.V.,NPO Doniks | Rudenko E.A.,Donetsk National Technical University | Frolova M.O.,Mariupol State University
Steel in Translation | Year: 2014

Systems for reducing the width of continuous-cast slab supplied to broad-strip hot-rolling mills are reviewed. It is found that the use of vertical scale removers with smooth rollers, without smoothing in horizontal rollers, is laborious and ineffective. The use of smooth vertical rollers and a series of horizontal rollers, which is a configuration often used outside Ukraine, permits reduction in slab width by no more than 150–200 mm. Systems with vertical grooved rollers and horizontal smoothing rollers prove the best. Optimal conditions for reducing slab width are proposed, and parameter values of the corresponding equipment are recommended for the 2000 mill. © 2014, Allerton Press, Inc.

Eron'ko S.P.,NPO DONIKS | Eron'ko S.P.,Donetsk National Technical University | Tsuprun A.Y.,NPO DONIKS | Tsuprun A.Y.,Donetsk National Technical University | And 6 more authors.
Russian Metallurgy (Metally) | Year: 2010

Systems for rapid replacement of tundish and protective submerged nozzles in continuous caster tundishes are designed to unify the elements of casting equipment and to substitute for import elements. These systems can simplify the service and operation of controlled steel pouring units and increase their reliability. The designs of these systems are described. © 2010 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Konovalov Y.V.,Donetsk National Technical University | Budakva A.A.,NPO Doniks | Petrenko A.S.,PAO Mariupolskii Metkombinat im. Ilicha
Steel in Translation | Year: 2013

Increase in barrel length of the working rollers from 3100 to 3400 mm is proposed in the 3000 mill, without change in barrel length of the supporting rollers (2980 mm) or in the structure of the cell. Calculations of the pressure between the rollers and the transverse thickness variation of the rolled metal when the barrel length of the working rollers is 3100 and 3400 mm shows that the maximum pressure between the rollers is increased by 6-8% for 3400-mm working rollers with rolled sheet of maximum width 3200 mm; the rolled material is concave. To obtain a convex cross section, the depth of the bevel of the edges of the supportingroller barrel is doubled. Increasing the length of the working rollers in the 3000 mill at PAO Mariupol'skii Metkombinat im. Il'icha permits the production of commercial sheet with a width up to 3000 mm. © 2013 Allerton Press, Inc.

Ostapenko A.L.,NPO Doniks | Beygelzimer E.E.,NPO Doniks | Kozlenko D.A.,NPO Doniks | Gritsenko S.A.,PAO NKMZ | Goncharov N.V.,NPO Doniks
Steel in Translation | Year: 2016

The temperature over the thickness and width of the quenched sheet is studied experimentally in the roller quenching machine at OAO Severstal’. The result permits industrial assessment of the efficiency of the first header with slotted nozzle and subsequent sections with flat spray nozzles. In addition, the length of the active water layer at the lower sheet surface may be estimated, and the optimal ratio of the flow rates in upper and lower cooling may be analyzed. The conclusions may be employed in developing the design, technology and software for automated control systems used in the heat treatment of steel sheet. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.

Pashinskaya E.G.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Tolpa A.A.,NPO DONIKS | Myshlyaev M.M.,RAS Institute of Metallurgy | Grishaev V.V.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Zavdoveev A.V.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Russian Metallurgy (Metally) | Year: 2011

The hereditary effect of the structure of a wire rod on the structure and physicomechanical properties of the steel 08G2S wire produced by rolling with shear is studied in comparison with the wire produced according to the standard technology in OAO Metal Steel Krivoi Rog. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Monyakov V.I.,UBiVT Plant | Kobolev E.A.,UBiVT Plant | Shablovskii V.A.,OAO NPP Tekhmet | Klyuchkin A.V.,OAO NPP Tekhmet | Tsuprun A.Y.,NPO Doniks
Steel in Translation | Year: 2011

TSK-K-25 slag-forming mixture is chosen for the production of 500 × 500 mm square billet on a vertical continuous-casting machine. This mixture permits the casting of 45XΓMA steel at reduced speed (0.07-0.14 m/min). © 2011 Allerton Press, Inc.

Tiunov V.N.,PAO NKMZ | Gritsenko S.A.,PAO NKMZ | Ostapenko A.L.,NPO Doniks | Beigel'zimer E.E.,NPO Doniks | Kozlenko D.A.,NPO Doniks
Steel in Translation | Year: 2014

The roller quenching machines developed by PAO NKMZ offer high performance in terms of the cooling speed, the microstructure, and the planarity of the quenched sheet, as confirmed by experiments and industrial experience at the HSW-Huta Stali plant (Poland) and Severstal’ metallurgical works (Russia). The quenching process is automatically controlled on the basis of simulation software provided by NPO Doniks. © 2014, Allerton Press, Inc.

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