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Sobenin I.A.,Russian Academy of Medical Sciences | Korneev N.V.,N.N. Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital | Romanov I.V.,25Th Central Military Clinical Hospital of Strategic Rocket Forces | Shutikhina I.V.,Russian Academy of Medical Sciences | And 5 more authors.
Experimental and Clinical Cardiology | Year: 2014

This study was designed to estimate the effect of time-released garlic powder tablets Allicor on the progression of carotid atherosclerosis in 211 asymptomatic men aged 40-74 in double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical trial. The primary outcome was the rate of atherosclerosis progression, measured by B-mode ultrasonography as the increase in carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT). In Allicor-treated group the decrease of cIMT by 0.028±0.008 mm was observed, whereas in placebo group there was a moderate progression at the rate of 0.014±0.009 mm per 12 months (P=0.002 for the difference). Serum atherogenicity (the ability of serum to induce cholesterol accumulation in cultured cells) was lowered in Allicor-treated patients by 45% from the baseline level, on an average. In the placebo group, serum atherogenic potential did not change significantly. These results demonstrate that long-term treatment with Allicor provides a direct antiatherosclerotic effect on subclinical carotid atherosclerosis, and this effect may be due to serum atherogenicity inhibition. © 2013 et al.; licensee Cardiology Academic Press.

Bol'shchikov F.A.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Zharikov E.V.,RAS A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute | Lis D.A.,RAS A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute | Zakharov N.G.,RAS Institute of Applied Physics | And 3 more authors.
Quantum Electronics | Year: 2010

Two-micron lasing is obtained for the érst time on the 3F4 →3H6 transition of Tm 3+ ions in diode-pumped crystals of mixed sodium - lanthanum - gadolinium tungstate Tm: NaLa1/2Gd1/2(WO4) 2 (CTm = 3:6 at %) (3.6Tm : NLGW) and molybdate Tm: NaLa1/3Gd2/3(MoO4)2 (CTm = 4:8 at %) (4.8Tm : NLGM). For the 3.6Tm :NLGW crystal, the quasi-cw laser output power exceeded 200 mW and the slope eféciency (with respect to absorbed pump power) for the π- and σ-polarisations at wavelengths of 1908 and 1918 nm was 34% and 30 %, respectively. The laser wavelength of this crystal was continuously tuned within the spectral range of 1860 - 1935 nm. For the 4.8Tm :NLGM crystal, the slope eféciency for the π- and r- polarisations at wavelengths of 1910 and 1918 nm was 27% and 23 %, respectively, and the laser wavelength was tunable within the spectral range of 1870 - 1950 nm. © 2010 Kvantovaya Elektronika and Turpion Ltd.

Ryabochkina P.A.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Sidorova N.V.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Ushakov S.N.,RAS A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute | Lomonova E.E.,RAS A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute
Quantum Electronics | Year: 2014

Yttria-stabilised zirconia crystals ZrO2-Y2O3 (6 mol %)-Er2O3 (5.85 mol %) are grown by directional crystallisation in a cold container using direct RF melting. The spectral and luminescent properties of these crystals are studied in order to use them as active media of solid state lasers emitting in the wavelength range 1.5-1.7 mm. © 2014 Kvantovaya Elektronika and Turpion Ltd.

Vasin V.A.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Masterova Yu.Yu.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Razin V.V.,Saint Petersburg State University | Somov N.V.,Novgorod State University
Canadian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2013

Methyl-, phenyl-, p-chlorophenyl-, and p-tolyl(phenylethynyl)sulfones under photochemical or thermal initiation add to the central bicyclobutane C1-C7 bond of 1-R(H, Me, Ph)-tricyclo[,7]heptanes anti-selectively, and form norpinic adducts containing a phenylethynyl group in a geminal to substituent R position, and an endo-oriented sulfonyl group in position 7. The corresponding ketones were prepared by the hydration of the anti-adducts by the method of Kucherov. The ketone with a methylsulfonyl substituent under reflux in toluene in the presence of KOH powder and the phase-transfer catalyst (TEBA-Cl) afforded the tricyclic sulfone. © 2013 Published by NRC Research Press.

Ryabochkina P.A.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Chabushkin A.N.,Np Ogarev Mordovian State University | Kosolapov A.F.,Fiber Optics Research Center | Kurkov A.S.,RAS A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute
Quantum Electronics | Year: 2015

We have obtained the spectral dependences of the absorption cross sections for the Ho3+ 5I8 → 5I6 and 5I8 → 5I7 transitions in Ho3+-doped aluminosilicate fibres and the spectral dependence of the stimulated emission cross section for the Ho3+ 5I7 → 5I8 laser transition in Ho3+-doped aluminosilicate fibre preforms. The lifetime of the Ho3+ 5I7 upper laser level in the preforms has been determined. © 2015 Kvantovaya Elektronika and Turpion Ltd.

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