Provo, UT, United States
Provo, UT, United States

Novell, Inc. is an American multinational software and services company headquartered in Provo, Utah. It has been instrumental in making the Utah Valley a focus for technology and software development. Novell technology contributed to the emergence of local area networks, which displaced the dominant mainframe computing model and changed computing worldwide. Today, a primary focus of the company is on developing software for enterprise clients. Novell was purchased by The Attachmate Group as a wholly owned subsidiary, but due to ongoing litigation with former shareholders, the company is still listed at the Delaware Division of Corporations as "Novell, Inc." pending resolution of a shareholders suit filed against the company. Wikipedia.

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Methods and apparatus teach a digital spectrum of a file. The digital spectrum is used to map a files position in a multi-dimensional space. This position relative to another files position reveals distances between the files. Closest files can be grouped together. When contemplating voluminous numbers of files for digital spectrums, various methods include: concatenating all such files together to get a single key useful for creating a files spectrum; or compressing files individually and combining their collective dictionaries into a single dictionary with or without the use of tree mechanisms that defines the digital spectrum. Each provides advantage over the other. The latter consumes considerably less run time because each compression event can be distributed to a separate processor. Method two provides better spectrums because it is more informationally valid than is method one.

Techniques for preventing information disclosure via dynamic secure cloud resources are provided. Data (information) remotely housed on a particular cloud resource of a particular cloud is periodically, randomly, and dynamically changed to a different cloud resource within the same cloud or to a different cloud resource within an entirely different cloud. A requesting principal for the data is dynamically authenticated and a current location for the data is dynamically resolved and the principal is securely and dynamically connected to the current cloud resource and current cloud hosting the data for access.

The system and method described herein may upgrade kernels in cloud images deployed in cloud computing environments without having to rebuild a machine image that contains a root file system for the cloud image. For example, the cloud image may include a ramdisk that compares the kernel booted in the cloud image to the root file system to verify whether the machine image contains a directory hierarchy matching an operating system release for the kernel. In response to the machine image containing the matching directory hierarchy, the root file system may be mounted for execution in the cloud computing environment. Alternatively, in response to the machine image lacking the matching directory hierarchy, the ramdisk may dynamically create the matching directory hierarchy and inject modules that support the kernel into the root file system prior to mounting and delivering control to the root file system.

Novell | Date: 2015-01-30

Techniques for identity and policy based routing are presented. A resource is initiated on a device with a resource identity and role assignments along with policies are obtained for the resource. A customized network is created for the resource using a device address for the device, the resource identity, the role assignments, and the policies.

Novell | Date: 2016-09-16

Mechanisms to secure data on a hard reset of a device are provided. A hard reset request is detected on a handheld device. Before the hard reset is permitted to process an additional security compliance check is made. Assuming, the additional security compliance check is successful and before the hard reset is processed, the data of the handheld device is backed up to a configurable location.

File mapping and converting for dynamic disk personalization for multiple platforms are provided. A volatile file operation is detected in a first platform. The file supported by the first platform. A determination is made that the file is sharable with a second platform. The volatile operation is performed on the file in the first platform and the modified file is converted to a second file supported by the second platform. The modified file and second file are stored in a personalized disk for a user. The personalized disk is used to modify base images for VMs of the user when the user accesses the first platform or second platform. The modified file is available within the first platform and the second file is available within the second platform.

Techniques for sharing virtual machine (VM) resources are provided. A relative location for a resource within a VM is created; the relative location dynamically resolves to a particular physical location when a principal requests access to the resource at runtime. The principal is located outside an environment associated with the VM. Authentication and access restrictions are dynamically enforced against the requests made by the principal before a connection is permitted between the principal and the resource (the resource located within the environment of the VM).

Novell | Date: 2016-06-13

Techniques for establishing a trusted cloud service are provided. Packages are created for services that include certificates, configuration information, trust information, and images for deploying instances of the services. The packages can be used to deploy the services in trusted environments and authenticated to deploy in sub environments of un-trusted environments. The sub environments are trusted by the trusted environments. Also, clouds are prospected for purposes of identifying desirable clouds and creating the packages for deployment.

Techniques for identity and policy enforced cloud communications are presented. Cloud channel managers monitor messages occurring within a cloud or between independent clouds. Policy actions are enforced when processing the messages. The policy actions can include identity-based restrictions and the policy actions are specific to the messages and/or clouds within which the messages are being processed.

Techniques for virtual Representational State Transfer (REST) interfaces are provided. A proxy is interposed between a client and a REST service over a network. The proxy performs independent authentication of the client and provides credentials to the client and for the client to authenticate to the REST service using a REST service authentication mechanism. The proxy inspects requests and responses and translates the requests and responses into formats expected by the client and the REST service. Moreover, the proxy enforces policy and audits the requests and responses occurring between the client and the REST service over the network.

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