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Provo, UT, United States

Novell, Inc. /noʊˈvɛl/ is an American multinational software and services company headquartered in Provo, Utah. It has been instrumental in making the Utah Valley a focus for technology and software development. Novell technology contributed to the emergence of local area networks, which displaced the dominant mainframe computing model and changed computing worldwide. Today, a primary focus of the company is on developing software for enterprise clients. Novell was purchased by The Attachmate Group as a wholly owned subsidiary, but due to ongoing litigation with former shareholders, the company is still listed at the Delaware Division of Corporations as "Novell, Inc." pending resolution of a shareholders suit filed against the company. Wikipedia.

Apparatus and methods are described for enabling distribution of user-tailored pieces of a larger software program in a way that facilitates compliance with organizational policies around security, access control, and the like. The pieces, representing new or missing functionality in an existing instance of pre-installed software, are supplied as supplemental software fragments (aspects) that provide new or missing logic to a target application with the target application having to know of the fragments existence. The number and quality of aspects provisioned to the user are tailored to the users identity and/or organizational role in accordance with explicit policy governing such provisioning. In this manner, the user of the software gains functionality appropriate to his security level, title, or other qualifications, and the events surrounding the provisioning become loggable, traceable, and verifiable.

Techniques for runtime patching of an OS without stopping execution of the OS are presented. When a patch function is needed, it is loaded into the OS code. Threads of the OS that are in kernel mode have a flag set and a jump is inserted at a location of an old function. When the old function is accessed, the jump uses a trampoline to check the flag, if the flag is set, processing returns to the old function; otherwise processing jumps to a given location of the patch. Flags are unset when exiting or entering the kernel mode.

Novell | Date: 2015-01-30

Techniques for cloud control and management are provided. The control, creation, and management of workloads in distributed infrastructures are coordinated via a master Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The master CMDB is also used to unify the multiple distributed infrastructures so that the workloads are rationalized. Moreover, data centers are coordinated with the distributed infrastructures so the configuration settings and policies included in the master CMDB are enforced and synchronized throughout the network.

Novell | Date: 2015-01-30

Techniques for identity and policy based routing are presented. A resource is initiated on a device with a resource identity and role assignments along with policies are obtained for the resource. A customized network is created for the resource using a device address for the device, the resource identity, the role assignments, and the policies.

Novell | Date: 2015-01-08

Techniques for toxic workload mapping are provided. A state of a target workload is recorded along with a configuration and state of an environment that is processing the workload. Micro valuations are taken, via statistical sampling, for metrics associated with the workload and for different combinations of resources within the environment. The sampling taken at micro second intervals. The valuations are aggregated to form an index representing a toxic mapping for the workload within the environment. The toxic mapping is mined, in view of policy, to provide conditions and scenarios that may be deemed problematic within the workload and/or environment.

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