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Northwest University for Nationalities is the first minority institution of higher learning founded in China after the establishment of the People's Republic of China, directly under the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of PRC. Its precedent was the third campus of Northwest People's Revolutionary University in Lanzhou. From February 1950, the school was planned on the basis of that campus. In August 1950, Northwest Nationalities College was founded, and a senior CPC leader, Wang Feng, became the first president. In April 2003, approved by Ministry of Education and State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the school adopted the current name, Northwest University for Nationalities.The University is located in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, and covers a land area of 474 acres . It has two campuses: Northwest Xincun and Yuzhong.The University created the first internet website in Tibetan in the world.The following 6 journals are edited and published by the University:Northwest Minorities Research, Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities , Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities Journal of Northwest University for Nationalities Northwest University for Nationalities Tabloid↑ Wikipedia.

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Wang D.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Proceedings of 2016 IEEE 15th International Conference on Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing, ICCI*CC 2016 | Year: 2016

Near Earth missions ranging from low-Earth orbit (LEO) to Earth-Sun Lagrangian points will continue to be a majority of future space missions. A few works have been done with delay/disruption tolerant networking (DTN) technology for LEO-satellite communications and provided feasibility for its adoption in LEO space missions. However, no much work has been done to fully evaluate the performance of DTN in such an environment, especially in the presence of long link disruption, data corruption and loss, and link asymmetry. In this paper, we present an experimental performance evaluation of DTN architecture and protocol stack, with Licklider transmission protocol (LTP) serving as a convergence layer adapter (CLA) underneath bundle protocol (BP), in a typical LEO-satellite communication infrastructure accompanied by a very long link outage, various packet corruption and loss rates, and channel rate symmetry and asymmetry. The experiment was conducted by performing realistic file transfers over a PC-based test-bed. © 2016 IEEE.

Jiao H.Y.,Northwest University for Nationalities | Wang Y.,Lanzhou University
Physica B: Condensed Matter | Year: 2012

A novel red-emitting phosphor CaSrAl 2SiO 7:Eu 3 was firstly synthesized through the high temperature solid state reaction at 1300°C. The structure, diffuse reflection spectra, photoluminescence spectra, color-coordinate parameters and quantum efficiencies (QE) of phosphors were investigated. The obtained CaSrAl 2SiO 7:Eu 3 phosphors have the same structure with that of the Ca 2Al 2SiO 7 and Sr 2Al 2SiO 7 phosphor, which have the melilite structure. Optical properties were studied as a function of Eu 3 concentration x, when x>0.14, the intensity of absorption of the f-f transitions of Eu 3 at 393 nm is stronger than that of the broad charge transfer transition band (CTB) around 254 nm, and which matches well with the output lights of NUV-LEDs, whereas, the concentration of Eu 3 x≤0.14, the absorption of 393 nm is weaker than that of CTB. The underlying reason of Eu 3 concentration on their luminescent properties was investigated and discussed in detail. As a result, comparing with the commercial red phosphor Y 2O 2S:Eu 3, the CaSrAl 2SiO 7:xEu 3 (x>0.14) phosphor exhibited excellent color purity and much higher brightness and could be considered as promising red phosphors for NUV-LEDs. © 2012 Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Sun W.,Northwest University for Nationalities | Mo Z.,Northwest Normal University
Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology | Year: 2013

Highly conductive PPy/graphene nanosheets/rare earth ions (PPy/GNS/RE 3+) composites were prepared via in situ polymerization with p-toluenesulfonic acid as a dopant and FeCl3 as an oxidant. The effects of GNS and RE3+ on the electrical conductivity of the composites were investigated. The results showed that the GNS as a filler had effect on the conductivity of PPy/GNS/RE3+ composites, which played an important role in forming a conducting network in PPy matrix. The microstructures of GNS and PPy/GNS/RE3+ were characterized by the SEM and TEM examinations. It was found that GNS and PPy nanospheres formed a uniform composite with the PPy nanospheres absorbed on the GNS surface and/or filled between the GNS. Such uniform structure together with the observed high conductivities afforded high specific capacitance when used as supercapacitor electrodes. A specific capacitance of as high as 238 F/g at a current density of 1 A/g was achieved over the PPy/GNS/Eu3+ composite. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Jinglian H.,Northwest University for Nationalities
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2016

In this paper, we discuss the effect of the cryptographic properties of translation transformation rotation symmetric Boolean functions. On construction of rotation symmetric Boolean functions with the optimal algebraic immunity, we construct correlation immunity Boolean functions with the optimal algebraic immunity by translation transformation and concatenation transformation. © 2016 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.

Huang S.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik | Year: 2016

This paper is concerned with the asymptotic behavior on ∂Ω of boundary blow-up solutions to semilinear elliptic equations (Formula Presentd), where b(x) is a nonnegative function on Ω and may vanish on ∂Ω at a very degenerate rate; f is nonnegative function on [0,∞) and normalized regularly varying or rapidly varying at infinity. The main feature of this paper is to establish a unified and explicit asymptotic formula when the function f is normalized regularly varying or grows faster than any power function at infinity. The effect of the mean curvature of the nearest point on the boundary in the second-order approximation of the boundary blow-up solution is also discussed. Our analysis relies on suitable upper and lower solutions and the Karamata regular variation theory. © 2016, Springer International Publishing.

Zhou P.-X.,Lanzhou University | Luo J.-Y.,Lanzhou University | Zhao L.-B.,Northwest University for Nationalities | Ye Y.-Y.,Lanzhou University | Liang Y.-M.,Lanzhou University
Chemical Communications | Year: 2013

Isoindolines are synthesized by palladium-catalyzed coupling reaction of N-(2-iodobenzyl) anilines with α,β-unsaturated N-tosylhydrazones. The reaction has several potential advantages: (1) toleration of a wide range of functional groups, (2) easy to handle and with mild conditions, (3) enriches the isoindoline family, (4) two new bonds form in one step. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Huang J.-L.,Northwest University for Nationalities | Wang Z.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Tongxin Xuebao/Journal on Communications | Year: 2012

The Boolean function derivative and e-derivative which together with the derivative so that the weight of Boolean functions can be directly clear characterized and defined as the tools for research and deep into the internal structure of Boolean function value, to discuss a large range in which the H-Boolean functions exist, the issue of whether all different weights of first-order and m-order H Boolean functions exist. For H Boolean functions with m-order correlation immunity, the relationship between its correlation immune order m and dimension n, and the maximum problem of m. Gives the m-order correlation immune H Boolean function exists only in the H Boolean function that with two kinds of weight. The maximum value of correlation immune m is n-2, and the rest of the weight of H Boolean function does not exist above the second-order (including the second-order) correlation immune fuction and a series of results.

Chen X.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

Systems as diverse as genetic networks or the World Wide Web are best described as networks with complex topology. A common property of many large networks is that the vertex connectivities follow a scale-free power-law distribution. This feature was found to be a consequence of three generic mechanisms: (i) networks expand continuously by the addition of new vertices, (ii) new vertex with different number edges of weighted selected that connected to different vertices in the system, and (iii) new vertices attach preferentially to sites that are already well connected. A model based on these three ingredients reproduces the observed stationary scalefree distributions, which indicates that the development of large networks is governed by robust self-organizing phenomena that go beyond the particulars of the individual systems. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wang X.L.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

Effects of atomic oxygen (AO) irradiation on the structural and tribological behaviors of MoS2 filled polyimide (PI) composites were studied by using ball-on-disc tribometer, infrared spectra, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. It was found that the irradiation of AO induced the destruction of polymer molecular structures and formation of volatile products which induced the change of the structure, morphology and tribological properties of samples. The addition of MoS2 filler significantly increased the AO resistance of PI composites due to the formation of MoO3-rich skin layers during AO process. The addition of MoS2 improved the tribological properties of PI before and after AO irradiation. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chen X.P.,Northwest University for Nationalities
Proceedings - 2011 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineering, CSAE 2011 | Year: 2011

In order to increase the flexibility of control for ADC, a new control method for ADC based on FPGA is proposed in this paper. A state transition diagram can be drawn according to the timing diagram of ADC, Which can be realized in FPGA using Very High-speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language (VHDL). The simulate results show that logic in FPGA is consistent with the requirements. The module based on FPGA can be modified just by modifying software, not the hardware. © 2011 IEEE.

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