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Wu X.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Mei Y.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Ma Y.,Northwest Industries Group Co. | Chen X.,China North Industries Crop.
Chinese Control Conference, CCC | Year: 2013

Strapdown inertial navigation system based on MEMS was applied more and more widely in engineering, and traditional processors have been increasingly unable to meet the accuracy, real-time requirements. Therefore, to improve the calculation accuracy of strapdown inertial navigation system based on MEMS is one of direction of the scholars research. A MEMS strapdown inertial navigation system based on TMS320C6748DSP, which is TI's latest developed products, was designed in this paper. Four modules were designed in this system: Power management module, the data receiving module, data solver module, data storage and transmission module. Design of the hardware and software about this system and the part of software program also were given. The performance comparative test between C6748 and C2812 were done. Simulation results show that this system based on C6748 has better high-precision, and real-time, and it can meet the performance demand. © 2013 TCCT, CAA.

He S.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Wang W.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Lin D.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Lei H.,Northwest Industries Group Co.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering | Year: 2016

This article documents a new output feedback guidance scheme for autonomous spacecraft rendezvous in the presence of actuator faults. The proposed approach is essentially a compound control methodology, which consists of higher order sliding mode observer and fast nonsingular terminal sliding mode technique. More specifically, the higher order sliding mode observer is used to estimate the relative velocity between two spacecraft while the fast nonsingular terminal sliding mode controller is used to regulate the relative position and the relative velocity to a small region around zero in finite time. The stability and performance of the closed-loop system are also analyzed using finite-time bounded function and Lyapunov function methods. Finally, numerical simulations are performed to demonstrate the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed method. © Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Zhang Z.,Shenyang University | Li P.,Shenyang University | Li S.,Shenyang University | Li Z.,Northwest Industries Group Co. | And 2 more authors.
Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment of Metals | Year: 2014

Failure cause of 60Si2MnA steel coil spring was analyzed by using chemical composition analysis, hardness measurement and macroscopic and microscopic fracture analysis. The results show that the fracture originates from the spring inner side, and the fracture morphology is intergranular brittle fracture. The microstructure is tempered troostite and its hardness is higher that penetrated by hydrogen during pickling process, which result in hydrogen induced brittle fracture.

Xu J.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Wang J.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Song T.,Beijing Institute of Technology | Hu K.-R.,Northwest Industries Group Co.
Binggong Xuebao/Acta Armamentarii | Year: 2014

The disturbance rejection rate (DRR) of seeker has the effect on the output accuracy of seeker and the guidance performance. An online inhibition method based on disturbance observer is proposed for the problems of the guidance precision of missile caused by DRR. The errors of seeker models, the output frequency of detector and the effect of measurement noise on DRR inhibition are presented. The result shows that the spring torque and the damping torque are the main factors of the DRR generation, and the missile guidance precision would be reduced. The online inhibition method based on disturbance observer can inhibit DRR effectively; but the errors of seeker models, the output frequency of the detector and the measurement noise reduce the inhibition effects to some extent. ©, 2014, China Ordnance Society. All right reserved.

Tao L.-Y.,Hangzhou Dianzi University | Wang Z.-F.,Hangzhou Dianzi University | Nie Q.,Hangzhou Dianzi University | Liang M.-T.,Northwest Industries Group Co.
Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS | Year: 2014

To integrate human factors into the process of unit facilities layout, Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) was introduced to quantitatively analyze the human Occupational Musculoskeletal Injury (OMI) risk in Manual Material Handling (MMH)work. An optimization model of unit facilities layout integrating human factors was proposed by combining the human factors with logistic factors. Furthermore, the simplified particle swarm optimization algorithm was adopted to solve the model and improve its optimization efficiency and accuracy. By taking the numerical control machining unit of a military enterprise as a case, the model was used to design and optimize the current unit facilities layout and the scheme was simulated with ergonomic modules of Delmia. The result showed that by taking human factors into account in the course of designing the facility layout could not only improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing system, but also reduce workers' OMI risk in MMH, which was conducive to achieve the interconnection between human and manufacturing resources and the humanization of manufacturing process. ©, 2014, CIMS. All right reserved.

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