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Circle Pines, MN, United States

Northern Technologies International Corporation | Date: 2012-09-13

Hydrogen is produced from methanol and water under supercritical temperature and pressure conditions desirably without any catalyst. The hydrogen can be produced in situ on an internal combustion engine using a heat source such as the exhaust system of the internal combustion engine to achieve the supercritical temperature.

Northern Technologies International Corporation | Date: 2014-12-02

A system for protecting storage tank soil side bottoms against corrosion includes a pipe system comprising non-perforated inlet pipes and perforated pipes connected thereto. A sleeve container having solid VCI compounds therein is inserted into the perforated pipes. The sleeves are permeable to vapors emitted by the solid VCI compounds and flow through the pipe to a perforation where they are admitted into an area beneath a storage tank so that they can contact the tank bottom (soil side) and protect the same from corrosion. Alternatively, solid SCI compounds can be used in combination with VCI compounds. The corrosion protection system is designed to be used with aboveground storage tanks. This includes, but is not limited to, single bottom tanks: newly installed or existing tanks undergoing bottom replacement or installation of double bottoms. These tanks are located on substrates such as the compacted soil/sand or hard substrates such as concrete, bitumen mixtures and asphalt where channels can be cut into the substrate for installation of the pipe system.

Northern Technologies International Corporation | Date: 2014-10-15

A method and apparatus for the corrosion protection of tank soil side bottoms is achieved by providing equipment to an existing storage tank as by installing a chime delivery system about the perimeter of the storage tank bottom plate, and introducing an appropriate amount of a corrosion inhibitor into the chime delivery system, whereby the corrosion inhibitor is readily admitted into the spaces between the substrate and the tank bottom plate. The system avoids any refurbishment of the tank and allows for easy introduction and replenishment of inhibitor without interruption of tank operations. The system also does not require any renovation of the tank, and does not require any replacement of the tank bottom plate panels.

Northern Technologies International Corporation | Date: 2012-09-28

A corrosive gas resistant laminate comprises an outer polymer layer desirably containing a volatile corrosion inhibitor therein, a corrosion gas resistant barrier layer that can be a hydrophilic polymer, and a tie layer located between said outer and said barrier layers. The various laminates have improved transmission resistance with regard to corrosive gases such as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and halogen gases such as chlorine. The laminates can be used to protect metal during storage and transit.

Northern Technologies International Corporation | Date: 2013-03-08

Corrosion management systems protecting against or managing corrosion of various components in generally vertically oriented structures, that can be located one or more of aboveground and underground. The corrosion management system includes a dispenser system that dispenses at least one corrosion inhibitor to the structure desired to be protected at a plurality of different vertical heights.

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