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Highland Heights, KY, United States

Northern Kentucky University is a public, co-educational university in northern Kentucky located in Highland Heights, seven miles southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio. The university is primarily an undergraduate, liberal arts institution, but it also features graduate programs. Total enrollment at the university currently exceeds 15,000 students, with over 13,000 undergraduate students and over 2,000 graduate students served by nearly 2600 faculty and staff. Northern Kentucky University is the third largest university, behind the University of Cincinnati and Miami University, but before Xavier University, of Greater Cincinnati's four large, four-year universities and the youngest of Kentucky's eight state universities, although it is not the last to join the state system, as the University of Louisville did not become a state university until 1970.Notable among the university's programs are the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and the College of Informatics, founded in 2006. The university has been cited for academic quality and value by such publications as CIO Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and Forbes. The University issues an annual report that recaps significant achievements by students, faculty, and staff. Wikipedia.

This paper applies both semiparametric and parametric approaches to explore the effect of population density, freeway road density, and congestion on household gasoline consumption in U.S. urban areas while controlling for household demographic and economic characteristics. Regression results indicate that households living in those urban areas with higher freeway densities, higher levels of congestion, or lower population densities consume more gasoline. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Fernando S.,Northern Kentucky University
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2012

In this paper, we investigate the null geodesics of the static-charged black hole in heterotic string theory. A detailed analysis of the geodesics are done in the Einstein frame as well as in the string frame. In the Einstein frame, the geodesics are solved exactly in terms of the Jacobi-elliptic integrals for all possible energy levels and angular momentum of the photons. In the string frame, the geodesics are presented for the circular orbits. As a physical application of the null geodesics, we have obtained the angle of deflection for the photons and the quasinormal modes of a massless scalar field in the eikonal limit. © 2012 American Physical Society.

Marczinski C.A.,Northern Kentucky University
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research | Year: 2014

Consumption of alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) has been associated with both short- and long-term risks beyond those observed with alcohol alone. AmED use has been associated with heavy episodic (binge) drinking, risky behaviors, and risk of alcohol dependence. Laboratory research has demonstrated that AmED beverages lead to greater motivation to drink versus the same amount of alcohol consumed alone. However, the reason consumers find AmED beverages particularly appealing has been unclear. A recent report by Droste and colleagues (Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2014; 38:2087-2095) is the first study to investigate motivations related to AmED consumption and to determine which motives predict AmED consumption patterns, experience of drinking-related harms, and risk of alcohol dependence. The findings of this study significantly enhance our understanding of why AmED consumption is related to the risk of alcohol dependence and change our understanding of why consumers choose AmED beverages. The authors report that hedonistic motives strongly predicted AmED use and the harms associated with use. While intoxication-reduction motives predicted self-reported accidents and injuries, these motives did not predict AmED consumption patterns and risk of dependence. The risk of alcohol dependence may arise from repeated experiences when drinking alcohol is more pleasurable when energy drinks are consumed with the alcohol. This commentary will focus on why energy drinks might increase the rewarding properties of alcohol in social drinkers. In addition, discussion is provided explaining why more research on the neurotransmitter, adenosine, may actually inform us about the mechanisms contributing to the development of alcohol dependence. © 2014 Research Society on Alcoholism.

This paper applies quantile regression method to measure the rebound effect and differentiate it with respect to demand for mobility using the 2009 National Household Transportation Survey (NHTS). The quantile regression results indicate that the rebound effect varies with the distribution of vehicle miles traveled (VMT), ranging between 0.11 and 0.19. Road network density and population density also play an important role in determining travel demand. Regression results indicate that travelers living in areas with higher road network density travel more miles although this positive impact consistently declines along the VMT distribution. Travelers living in areas with population density of at most 3000 persons per square miles travel more miles than those living in higher density areas. The quantile regression results also indicate that the impact of income is positive but declines consistently along the VMT distribution. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Webster J.H.,Northern Kentucky University
Policing | Year: 2013

Purpose: The current study takes stock of the research on perceived stress among police officers by quantitatively synthesizing the available empirical literature on the subject. Design/methodology/approach: In all, 103 studies from both published and unpublished sources are meta-analyzed, producing 338 individual effect size estimates. Findings: Analysis of predictor domains reveals that most make equally modest contributions to the complex process of stress and coping. Research limitations/implications: Inconsistency in selection and measurement across studies precludes meaningful comparison and analysis of individual correlates of perceived stress, emphasizing the need for more standardization in the research. Particular attention to theoretically driven selection of variables, reliability of measurement instruments, and a higher degree of rigor in methodological quality, generally, will allow for more confidence in the body of empirical work. Originality/value: This study is the first attempt to systematically synthesize over 40 years of empirical research in the area of perceived stress among police officers. The systematic documentation of gaps and inconsistencies in the literature provide direction for future research in this popular field of study. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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