Northeast Dianli University
Jilin, China

Northeast Dianli University is a university in Jilin, China. It was formed in 1949 in Changchun and was moved to Jilin in 1955. It focuses on engineering and has 14,235 full time students. Wikipedia.

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Jing L.,Northeast Dianli University
2016 IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications, ICKEA 2016 | Year: 2016

In view of the problem of inaccurately measuring the gross calorific value of coal, this paper analyzed the relationship between industry analysis data and calorific value of fire coal into the furnace, and five kinds of industrial analysis components were selected as the original independent variables, which were moisture, ash, volatile matter, sulphur content and fixed carbon in fire coal. In the process of modelling, the latent variable factors were extracted by the partial least square regression method, and the latent variables were selected as the input vectors and coal-fired calorific value as the output vector, then the power plant coal calorific value forecasting model was built based on support vector machine regression algorithm. The predicted results showed that, the accuracy of the coupled model was higher than that of the single model and the forecasting deviations met engineering requirements. Therefore, the model proposed here has practical engineering application value. At the same time, in the process of modelling, the five-point method was used to determine the optimal combination of penalty coefficient and kernel coefficient in the process of modelling. The method could quickly and accurately determine the optimal combination and avoid the blindness of the traditional method in the process of determining the optimal combination of penalty coefficient and kernel coefficient. © 2016 IEEE.

Li J.,Beijing Normal University | Deng G.,Northeast Dianli University | Li H.,Dalian University of Technology | Zeng W.,Beijing Normal University
Information Sciences | Year: 2012

In this paper, we introduce an axiomatic definition of the similarity measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFS) that differs from the definition of Li [15]. The relationship between the similarity measure and the entropy of IFS is investigated in detail. Six theorems on how the similarity measure could be transformed into the entropy for IFS and vice versa are proposed based on their axiomatic definitions. Some formulas have been proposed to calculate the similarity measure and the entropy of IFS. Finally, sufficient conditions to transform the similarity measures to the entropy for IFS and vice versa are given. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Feng Y.,Northeast Dianli University
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2016

The excellent photochemical properties of photopolymer material have made them become the hot spot of current for visualization news holographic storage. However, the shortcomings of common photopolymer materials such as exposure shrinkage and limited refractive index modulation affect the reading and writing properties of their holographic storage. In this thesis, the theoretical basis of the fact that organic/inorganic composite materials possess was built, and the advantages of anti-shrinkage and increasing the refractive index modulation of materials was carried out work on organic/inorganic photopolymer materials blended with SiO2-nanoparticles. © 2016 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chen J.,Northeast Dianli University | Li G.,Northeast Dianli University
Entropy | Year: 2014

As a novel data mining approach, a wavelet entropy algorithm is used to perform entropy statistics on wavelet coefficients (or reconstructed signals) at various wavelet scales on the basis of wavelet decomposition and entropy statistic theory. Shannon wavelet energy entropy, one kind of wavelet entropy algorithm, has been taken into consideration and utilized in many areas since it came into being. However, as there is wavelet aliasing after the wavelet decomposition, and the information set of different-scale wavelet decomposition coefficients (or reconstructed signals) is non-additive to a certain extent, Shannon entropy, which is more adaptable to extensive systems, couldn't do accurate uncertainty statistics on the wavelet decomposition results. Therefore, the transient signal features are extracted incorrectly by using Shannon wavelet energy entropy. From the two aspects, the theoretical limitations and negative effects of wavelet aliasing on extraction accuracy, the problems which exist in the feature extraction process of transient signals by Shannon wavelet energy entropy, are discussed in depth. Considering the defects of Shannon wavelet energy entropy, a novel wavelet entropy named Tsallis wavelet energy entropy is proposed by using Tsallis entropy instead of Shannon entropy, and it is applied to the feature extraction of transient signals in power systems. Theoretical derivation and experimental result prove that compared with Shannon wavelet energy entropy, Tsallis wavelet energy entropy could reduce the negative effects of wavelet aliasing on accuracy of feature extraction and extract transient signal feature of power system accurately. © 2014 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

Liu C.-G.,Northeast Dianli University | Guan X.-H.,Northeast Dianli University
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Year: 2012

Second-order nonlinear optical properties of a tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivative of spiropyran have been studied based on density functional theory (DFT) combined with the finite field (FF) calculations. Our DFT-FF calculations confirm a switching behavior of the static first hyperpolarizability caused by the redox and photochromic reaction. The photochromic reaction generates spiropyran-merocyanine conversion by reversible cleavage of the C-O bond, which is relative to the close- and open-ring forms 1-c and 1-o. The open-ring form 1-o displays the large static first hyperpolarizability relative to its close-ring form 1-c according to our DFT-FF calculations with three functionals. The electronic structure analysis and spin unrestricted calculations show that the redox processes significantly affect the geometrical structure of the TTF unit, and thus enhance the static first hyperpolarizabilities. The one-electron-oxidized species having good planar structure of the TTF unit are ∼30 and ∼200 times as large as that of the neutral compounds 1-c and 1-o, respectively. But the difference in the static first hyperpolarizability between one- and two-electron-oxidized states of spiropyran species is not substantial according to our DFT-FF calculations, and the spiropyran-merocyanine conversion of two-electron-oxidized species does not largely affect their static first hyperpolarizability. On the basis of the large change in the static first hyperpolarizability, our DFT-FF calculations support a five-state switching of the static first hyperpolarizability based on the redox and photoisomerization. © 2012 the Owner Societies.

Deng G.,Northeast Dianli University | Jiang Y.,Northeast Dianli University
Information Sciences | Year: 2014

This paper presents a new fuzzy reasoning method by optimizing the similarity of truth-tables (OS method for short). Its basic idea is to find a fuzzy set such that the truth-tables generated by the antecedent rule and the consequent rule are as similar as possible. Based on this idea, the principle of OS method and the fuzzy reasoning with OS method are given and discussed. And then the OS methods with certain similarity measure and several fuzzy implications are investigated. Finally, numerical examples are analyzed to compare the proposed method with compositional rule of inference (CRI) method. © 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Yin L.,Northeast Dianli University
International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology | Year: 2011

In this paper, we have proposed a novel method for image segmentation, which uses region-based active contour model. The advantage in using fixed window for local information combined with the global information is a fast computation time while obtaining accurate results due to the global term. Another interest of such model is the robustness to initial contour. The experimental results have shown that our method is efficient.

Jia S.,Northeast Dianli University
DRPT 2011 - 2011 4th International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies | Year: 2011

Wind power, among all renewable resources, is the most promising and booming technology. With the increasing wind power capacities, power system planners and operators are facing many new challenges because of its variability and average predictability. An accurate wind power forecasting tool is therefore essential for economical and reliable operation of a power system with high level of wind penetration. This paper proposes a novel short term wind forecasting model based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition and combination of support vector machines. © 2011 IEEE.

Peng H.K.,Northeast Dianli University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Ignoring the coordinated development and the natural environment carrying capacity plight caught the traditional development model, emphasizing the natural environment and the economy to adapt to the pursuit of harmony between man and nature, sustainable development become a wise choice, eco-design of the built environment is a human realization important tool for sustainable development. Sustainable eco-design of the built environment and the long-term goal of the current interests combine to maintain maximum coordination with the natural environment, not only become the reality of human needs, while also considering the needs of the human potential. Ecological construction and environmental protection around the significance of in-depth discussion of the needle eco-building for sustainable development thinking and practice of environmental design, environmental design proposed ecological architecture reflects the theme of sustainable development, while recycling is designed to achieve low carbon, environmentally friendly eco-building environment design approach. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhou Y.-L.,Northeast Dianli University | Wang F.,Northeast Dianli University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

This paper is based on the wavelet transform theory and the Hilber ttransform, it aims at researching on the pressure fluctuation characteristics in the bed, through analyzing and comparing the calculated envelope spectrum of pressure signal after transforms. On the basis of self-built cold fluidized bed, we choose to change the air flow and diameter of particle in fluidized bed as the two influencing factors. For researching the pressure fluctuation characteristics of fluidized bed, we collect pressure signal of thelarge particle fluidized bed which under normal operation conditions. The experimental results reveal that: as the increasing of the air flow, the energy of pressure increases; and with the increase of particle size in fluidized bed, the pressure fluctuation decreases in the bed. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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