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Vladikavkaz, Russia

Uchuskin M.G.,Kuban State University | Molodtsova N.V.,Kuban State University | Abaev V.T.,North Ossetian State University | Trushkov I.V.,Moscow State University | Butin A.V.,Perm State University
Tetrahedron | Year: 2012

A simple and efficient method for the synthesis of 2-(2-acylvinyl)-3-(5- alkyl-2-furyl)indoles by reductive recyclization of bis(5-alkyl-2-furyl)(2- nitroaryl)methanes is reported. This transformation was carried out by heating the substrates with SnCl 2·2H 2O in ethanol. The intermediate nitrosoarene moiety interacted with the furan ring via electrophilic nitrogen attack onto the C(2) position of the furan ring. It was shown that the related bis(5-alkyl-2-thienyl)(2-nitroaryl)methanes under the same reaction conditions failed to undergo the analogous recyclization and were transformed into bis(5-alkyl-2-thienyl)(2-aminoaryl)methanes. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Kubalova L.M.,North Ossetian State University | Fadeeva V.I.,Moscow State University
Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion | Year: 2012

This work presents the results of a study of Ni 872xMoxB 13 alloys (x = 7, 10 and 14 at.%), which were obtained by mechanical alloying (MA) of elemental powder mixtures in a MAPF-2M highenergy planetary ball mill. The x-ray diffraction analysis and differential scanning calorimetry measurements were used. The single-phase fcc solid solutions of Mo and B in Ni were formed by MA of Ni-Mo-B mixtures of various compositions for 6-8 h. The coherent domain sizes of solid solutions calculated from the x-ray peak widths were 12-14 nm. The exothermic effects on the DSC curves, which corresponded to the phase transformations of supersaturated Ni(Mo,B) solid solutions, were observed during heating of the synthesized alloys. After heating to 700 °C, the alloys contained a fcc Ni(Mo) phase and a metastable hexagonal MoB4 phase. Thermodynamically stable phase composition of Ni80Mo7B 13 and Ni 77Mo 10B 13 alloys, containing three phases: fcc Ni (Mo), Ni 21Mo 2B 6 with cubic lattice and Ni 3B with orthorhombic lattice, was reached after the isothermal annealing at 1000 °C. The ratio between the amounts of these phases in the alloys corresponds to their location in a three-phase area of the Ni-Mo-B equilibrium phase diagram. © ASM International.

Kazaryan M.L.,North Ossetian State University
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2013

The method of digital signal compression by means of spectral transforms, known as zone coding, is considered. The spectrum of the modified discrete Haar transforms in the class of Lipschitzian signals and the mean-root square error of recovery in the class are evaluated. © 2013 by Begell House, Inc.

Dzgoev S.G.,North Ossetian State University
Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine | Year: 2015

Effects of desmopressin (arginine vasopressin V2 receptor agonist) were studied for elucidation of the possible role of the kidneys in the regulation of blood hyaluronidase activity. Similar to vasopressin, intraperitoneal administration of desmopressin to Wistar rats increased blood hyaluronidase activity by 30%. Against the background of water load, nether desmopressin nor vasopressin increased blood hyaluronidase activity. The possibility of renal secretion of hyaluronidase into the blood as a mechanism of antidiuretic activity of vasopressin and its role in the regulation of water metabolism are discussed. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York.

Kazaryan M.L.,North Ossetian State University
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika) | Year: 2011

The application of the Tikhonov regularization method in the problem of modified Wiener filtering of signals by means of discrete orthogonal transformations is investigated. Regularization parameters for different discrete orthogonal transformations (DOTs) are found. Specific features of a Wiener filter depending on the spectral components are determined for different DOTs. Errors of recovery of the filtered signal with and without regularization are evaluated. These estimates demonstrate that a signal recovered by the Tikhonov regularization method is closer to the original signal than the signal recovered without the use of the regularization method. © 2011 by Begell House, Inc.

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