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Kisieva Z.A.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy | Brin V.B.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Medical News of North Caucasus | Year: 2016

The aim of the study was to investigate the prophylactic effect of Mildronat and Atsizol on morphological and functional renal parameters in animals undergone the native sheep plasma injection. In the experiment, the simultaneous injection of Acyzol and Mildronat since the early period of the native sheep plasma injection contributes to the reduction of the amyloid nephropathy manifestations. We detected less severely impaired renal filtration capacity, tubular water reabsorption, sodium and potassium and calcium excretion, reduction of proteinuria. Histological study of the kidneys, heart, liver and spleen tissue revealed a decreased amyloid accumulation in the stromal-vascular structures.

PubMed | Republican Clinical Hospital, North Ossetian State Medical Academy and North Caucasian Multidisciplinary Medical Center
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Terapevticheskii arkhiv | Year: 2017

To determine the nature of changes in fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23) and other bone mineral metabolism parameters detectable in the blood of patients with end-stage chronic renal failure (CRF) and to analyze their links to the development of cardiovascular events in uremic intoxication.A total of 75 patients (45 men and 30 women) aged 23 to 66 years (mean age, 532.1 years) with Stage VD CKF were examined. The levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium, phosphorus, the morphogenetic protein FGF-23, and the cardiospecific protein troponin I were investigated. Doppler echocardiography was performed on an Aloka 4000 machine. Left ventricular (LV) mass index (LVMI), LV systolic and diastolic function, and peak systolic blood flow velocity in the aortic arch (Vps) were estimated.As LVMI became higher, there were increases in the level of PTH and that of FGF-23 that plays a significant role in the processes of bone remodeling and vascular calcification. Analysis of correlations between a change in FGF-23 concentrations depending on the morphological and functional parameters of the cardiovascular system (CVS) revealed a strong direct correlation between FGF-23 levels and LVMI (r=0.746; p<0.01), a significant inverse correlation between FGF-23 and ejection fraction (r=-0.901; p<0.05), and a direct correlation of FGF-23 and troponin I (r=0.544; p<0.05).FGF-2 increasing from moderate to very high levels indicates that there is a high risk for remodeling processes in the CVS even in the absence of baseline echocardiographic signs of myocardial hypertrophy, normal aortic pulse wave velocity, and compensation of other risk factors, such as hypertension, uremia, hyperparathyroidism, even without increasing the markers of cardiovascular events, such as hyperphosphatemia. The elevated level of FGF-23 suggests that there is a need for cardioprotective therapy, the goal of which is to correct of the level of this factor.

Mittsiev A.K.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Eksperimental'naya i Klinicheskaya Farmakologiya | Year: 2015

It is established that melatonin administration under conditions of experimental heavy metal poisoning causes a significant reduction (on the average by 18%, p = 0.001) in the intensity of lipid peroxidation and decreases (on the average by 15%, p = 0.001) hemodynamic effects of xenobiotics in rats. © 2015, Izdatel'stvo Meditsina. All rights reserved.

Vasiliadi G.K.,North Caucasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy | Boutaev T.M.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy | Merkulova N.A.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2017

This work contains the analysis of the data on the reasons causing the Hashimoto's thyroiditis progression. The radiation effect on the thyroidgland, genetic, viral, medical, hormonal factors, one way or another, promote the progression of the thyroid gland pathology. There is a statement that the excess of iodine can cause autoimmune thyroiditis. The carried out research specified that low functional activity of the thyroid gland determines the iodine accumulation in blood. The iodine itself, connected with the protein, is the antigen, provoking the serogenesis, as the antibodies are being produced in response to the iodine ions connected with the protein. The protective function of the body is the serogenesis. In our example, the increase in the thyroid gland functional activity provided the hormones production and the recovery of the immunogenic processes. Acting on certain acupuncture points the correction of the thyroid gland function with the following suppression of autoimmune processes and reduction of the antibodies quantity from 113 to 52.40 became possible. Therefore, the progression of autoimmune thyroiditis is determined by low functional activity of the thyroid gland, which is the reason of the iodine accumulation in blood. Herewith, the process called phagocytosis is being progressed, and it determines the elimination of the antibodies from blood. The statement that the etiology of autoimmune thyroiditis is not clarified completely should be revised on the basis of the carried out research. The statement about absence of specific treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis also seems to be doubtful. © Global Science Publications.

Temirayev V.K.,Gorsky State University of Agriculture | Kairov V.R.,Gorsky State University of Agriculture | Kalagova R.V.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Indian Journal of Science and Technology | Year: 2016

Background/Objectives: The purpose of this research was to study the efficiency of using Epofen antioxidant and Toxisorb toxin binder in the rations of lactating cows to improve metabolic processes in their bodies. Methods/Statistical analysis: A scientific and economic experiment was conducted in lactating cows of black-motley breed according to the following scheme: control group cows received BR (basic ration), Epofen was added to the first experimental group BR in an amount of 3 g per head, Toxisorb was a supplement to the second group BR in an amount of 1,500 g/t of fodder, the third group ration contained both studied supplements at the indicated doses. Findings: The research has established that in the feeding conditions of the North Caucasus to enhance the physiological and biochemical status of the lactating cows their diets should include together Epofen and Toxisorb in the specified amount. Joint supplementation provided increase in total and albuminous nitrogen by 4.9 and 48.3%, respectively, and reduction of non-albuminous and ammonia nitrogen by 18.7 and 15.4%, respectively, in animals of the third experimental group relative to the control one. The total count of VFA (volatile fatty acids) made9.14; 8.82 and 9.84 mmole/100 ml, respectively, in the rumen fluid of animals of the experimental groups versus 7.96 mmole/100 ml the in the control group. Studies on the digestibility of nutrients found that cows of the third experimental group had reliably higher coefficients of digestibility of dry and organic matter by 3.2 and 3.3%, respectively, of crude protein - by 3.6%, of fiber - by 4.5% and NFES (nitrogen-free extractive substances) - by 4.2%; their rates of nitrogen utilization for milk production from the received and digested amount were higher by 3.12 and 3.71%, respectively. Applications/Improvements: The research results have been implemented on the entire population of lactating cows in the region and adopted for the implementation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. They are also used in the educational process at the departments of technology management and veterinary medicine of Gorsky State University of Agriculture.

AIM: To improve the outcomes in patients with colon cancer complicated by acute obstruction via development of combined and complex treatment strategies.MATERIAL AND METHODS: We observed 442 patients with colon cancer complicated with acute obstruction. Original classification and diagnostic algorithm were applied.RESULTS: Time of preoperative opening-up, volume and type of surgery were defined using obtained data. Also we are able to perform delayed radical surgery after correction of metabolic disorders and comorbidities, to create the conditions for combined and complex methods of treatment, to decrease the incidence of postoperative complications and mortality rate.CONCLUSION: Three-stage surgery with shortened time between interventions decreases the incidence of anastomosis failure, allows to refuse Hartmann's procedure and to avoid severe reconstructive surgical stage without prolongation of rehabilitation period.Цель — лечение больных раком толстой кишки, осложненной острой непроходимостью. Материалы и методы. Представлен опыт лечения 442 больных раком толстой кишки, осложненным острой непроходимостью, с использованием оригинальных классификации и лечебно-диагностического алгоритма. Результаты. Результаты их применения позволили четко определять длительность предоперационной подготовки, объем и вид оперативного вмешательства, выполнять радикальный этап хирургами-онкологами в отсроченном порядке, после коррекции метаболических нарушений и сопутствующих заболеваний, а также создать условия для использования комбинированных и комплексных методов лечения, снизить частоту послеоперационных осложнений и летальных исходов на всех этапах лечения. Вывод. Внедрение трехэтапных оперативных вмешательств с укороченным межоперационным периодом дало возможность, не увеличивая периода реабилитации, снизить частоту несостоятельности швов анастомоза и отказаться от операции по типу Гартмана, а также избежать тяжелого реконструктивно-восстановительного этапа лечения.

Aksenova I.Z.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy | Burduli N.M.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Terapevticheskiĭ arkhiv | Year: 2016

AIM: To study the impact of low-intensity laser therapy (LILT) on typical pathological processes of impairments in platelet aggregation and microcirculation (MC) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).MATERIALS AND METHODS: A photo optical aggregatometric method was used to investigate platelet aggregation function in patients with COPD and MC was estimated by laser Doppler flowmetry over time.RESULTS: There were muitidirectional changes in platelet aggregation function with a predominance of hyperaggregation, as well as a significant improvement in aggregation indicators during LILT; the latter was shown to have a correcting impact on MC disorders in patients with COPD in the presence of the spastic and stagnant-stasic types of MC, which were prevalent in the majority of patients.CONCLUSION: Laser therapy used in the combination treatment of patients with COPD promotes correction of the typical pathological processes.Abstract available from the publisher.

Burduli N.M.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy | Piliyeva N.G.,North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Terapevticheskii Arkhiv | Year: 2010

Aim. To study the time course of changes in the activity of the protein C system and other hemostatic parameters under intravascular laser irradiation of blood (ILIB) in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). Subjects and methods. One hundred and forty patients aged 17 to 62 years (mean 39.5 ± 8.4 years) with CAP were examined. A control group (n = 40) received conventional drug therapy; the study group (n = 100) had a course of ILIB in addition to conventional therapy. Results. Before treatment, the patients with CAP were observed to have a lower protein C system activity and the signs of hypercoagulation that were eliminated by ILIB. Conclusion. ILIB is an effective method in correcting hemocoagulative disorders in patients with CAP.

PubMed | Russian National Research Medical University, Chuvash State University and North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine | Year: 2016

We studied the effect of modified bioflavonoid and reference drug quercetin dihydrate on proliferation of mononuclears triggered by T- and B-cell mitogens. Lymphocytes were in vivo pretreated with the examined agents followed by their explantation and in vitro activation with T- and B-cell mitogens in cell culture. Intraperitoneal injection of modified bioflavonoid and quercetin dihydrate produced a dose-dependent inhibition of proliferation of the in vitroactivated splenocytes; modified bioflavonoid demonstrated higher antiproliferative activity.

PubMed | Volgograd State University, Ryazan State Medical University and North Ossetian State Medical Academy
Type: | Journal: Khirurgiia | Year: 2016

To study surgeons awareness about safety of patients in surgery and to determine necessary educational measures in this area.110 surgeons were interviewed. Mean length of work was 16.10.97 years. 88.2% of surgeons worked at hospitals. 47.3% of surgeons were engaged elective surgery.Previously 55.5% of respondents were involved into conflict with patients. A half of respondents are familiar with WHO program About patient safety and key issues of patient safety during prevention of postoperative thromboembolic and infectious complications. 76% of respondents have the possibility to use videoendoscopic technologies, but only 36% of them realize these techniques. Up to 33% of respondents consider to be studied at certification cycles only. Many surgeons use the Internet as the main source of information.Current tendencies of surgical development require to focus on perioperative safety and the need for intensive research of the technologies of surgical patients safety.

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