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Golik V.I.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Komashchenko V.I.,Belgorod State University
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2017

The article addresses the problem of supply of mines with raw material to prepare solidifying backfill at the stage of transition from open pit to underground mining in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. The authors inform on the laboratory test procedure on leaching of metals from ferruginous quartzite processing waste and on the effect of mineral activation on the strength of the prepared solidifying backfill mixtures. Proposed as a promising trend of mineral processing waste utilization, the technology of the mechanochemical activation of metal-bearing raw material in a disintegrator allows metal recovery from the waste and enables an increase in the strength of the leached material. Using the samples of waste from tailing ponds of Lebedinskoe Mining and Processing Works, it is proved to be feasible to additionally leach metals and to prepare solidifying mixtures using binders and solids made of the leached material. It is shown that transition to underground mining in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly will improve ecological situation in the region and prevent from decrease in the mine capacities.

Moskvicheva E.V.,Volgograd State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering | Sidyakin P.A.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Shitov D.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2016

Problems of sewer pipelines arising due to corrosion and biofouling are analyzed. Currently used methods of corrosion control of steel pressure pipes are designed to eliminate the consequences rather than the causes of surface oxidation. The task of preventing or achieving the lowest possible corrosion damage intensity is to ensure maximum efficiency of the pipeline protection which will increase as a result of economic indicators of the systems under consideration. Contemporary sewage pipelines represent a complicated complex of interrelated structures where various physical, chemical and biological processes take place. The implementation of such processes is not controlled and is accompanied by considerable costs connected in particular with pipeline replacement, repair of the sewage wells, reimbursement of harm done to water handling facilities. Recommendations about the prevention and the protection against the corrosion of existing and sewer pipelines that are being designed are provided. © 2016 The Authors.

Sadovoy V.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Shlykov S.N.,Stavropol State Agrarian University | Omarov R.S.,Stavropol State Agrarian University | Shchedrina T.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2014

The aim of this research is to develop the technology of food supplement with preventional properties, made out of red grapes berries peel. The authors studied chemical constitution and molecular properties of red grapes berries peel flavonoids. On the basis of obtained results and planning matrix implementation the authors developed the antioxidant food supplement technology, consisting in extracting tartaric acids and sugars with the help of a polar solvent with subsequent dissociating of the solution and drying of prepared berries peel. The authors researched chemical constitution, functional technological properties and safety profile of the food antioxidant supplement.

Sadovoy V.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Guzenko V.I.,Stavropol State Agrarian University | Shlykov S.N.,Stavropol State Agrarian University | Omarov R.S.,Stavropol State Agrarian University | Shchedrina T.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

By means of methods of computer chemistry possibility with chitozan in technology of meat products is investigated. Functional and properties of modeling systems with products of processing of chitin are studied. It is established, that chitin derivatives improve qualitative characteristics of modeling systems.

Zuev R.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Arthropoda Selecta | Year: 2014

The millipede fauna of the Stavropol Territory, northern Caucasus comprises at least 19 species; 12 of them are new to the regional list, including two new to the fauna of Russia: Brachydesmus assimilis Lohmander, 1936 and Cylindroiulus arborum Verhoeff, 1928. Faunistic records of all these species in the Territory are presented and mapped. © 2014 ARTHROPODA SELECTA.

Kunitsyna N.N.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Life Science Journal | Year: 2014

In modern conditions commercial banks expand the list of services to clients with various methods. One of new, unoccupied segments of the banking market, having the name of blue oceans, is the customer service proceeding from their gender differences. The priority should be given to women as they are more loyal in a choice of banking products, accept considerable part of finance solutions, pay a large number of accounts, manage family budgets. In article the directions of perspective banking servicing of women are characterized, world and Russian experience is considered.

Yerin C.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2014

Determination of particle size distribution of the magnetic colloids according to the static and dynamic light scattering and magnetic birefringence were produced. Shown that the magnetic colloids with a low concentration of the solid phase are characterized by steady bimodal distribution, including individual nanoparticles with a size of 10-20 nm and aggregates of particles with a size of 40-80 nm. © 2014 Sumy State University.

Mkrtchyan L.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Zakinyan A.,North-Caucasian Federal University | Dikansky Y.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Langmuir | Year: 2013

This Article presents an experimental study of the capillary electrostatic instability occurring under the effect of a constant electric field on a magnetic fluid individual peak. The peaks under study occur at disintegration of a magnetic fluid layer applied on a flat electrode surface under the effect of a perpendicular magnetic field. The electrocapillary instability shows itself as an emission of charged drops jets from the peak point in direction of the opposing electrode. The charged drops emission repeats periodically and results in the peak shape pulsations. It is shown that a magnetic field affects the electrocapillary instability occurrence regularities and can stimulate its development. The critical electric and magnetic field strengths at which the instability occurs have been measured; their dependence on the peak size is shown. The hysteresis in the system has been studied; it consists in that the charged drops emission stops at a lesser electric (or magnetic) field strength than that of the initial occurrence. The peak pulsations frequency depending on the magnetic and electric field strengths and on the peak size has been measured. © 2013 American Chemical Society.

Yerin C.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2015

The peculiarities of scattering and extinction of light by colloids with different concentrations of magnetite nanoparticles are investigated. The light absorption effect on spectral dependencies of optical density of magnetic colloid are observed. According to dynamic light scattering experiments, particle size distributions for samples with different concentration of nanoparticles are defined. © 2015 Sumy State University.

Yerin C.V.,North-Caucasian Federal University
Solid State Phenomena | Year: 2015

The optical properties of colloidal solutions of nanosized magnetite particles in kerosene were studied by optical methods (birefringence and light scattering). The data on the birefringence kinetics in nonstationary magnetic fields is used to determine the size distribution of magnetite particles and aggregates. It is shown that the particle size distribution essentially depends on the type of magnetic moments of the particles and aggregates. Static and dynamic light scattering experiments confirm the conclusion about the existence of a significant fraction of nanoparticles in the form of aggregates with sizes of several tens of nanometers. © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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