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Providence, RI, United States

Nortek is a subsidiary of Nortek Group Limited that produces peripheral devices for personal computers, such as speakers, mice, keyboards and webcams as well as mp3 players, DVD players and televisions. The company operates under the tagline of "Italian Design", based on their usage of shaping and colouring. Wikipedia.

Pulido J.,Nortek
Proceedings - Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium | Year: 2016

In today's global environment, accelerated life testing is becoming a competitive advantage when time spent from conceptual stage to the final product development needs to be minimized (project costs and development time) in order to be successful. Using accelerated life testing techniques for mechanical and structural applications have strong challenges when defining the loading but also the fatigue life to represent actual field performance. Such common problems as well as some helpful strategies using accelerated life testing are presented for faster planning of accelerated life testing (ALT). Examples from the refrigeration industry are used to demonstrate the utility of this strategy. In conclusion the test and analysis were effectively used to increase the degree of reliability improvements and to reduce the total number of test hours resulting in a shorter design cycle. © 2016 IEEE.

Nortek | Date: 2016-07-01

remote controlled gate and door opening systems and devices, namely, radio controlled transmitters, receivers, and controllers, keypads, card readers, proximity readers, garage door opening electronic motors, operator control stations, photo eyes and detectors for sensing obstructions and controlling doors, telephone entry devices for use in gaining access to a residence, access control and alarm monitoring systems equipment and accessories for residential use, wireless alarm central units, transmitters, receivers, radio remote controls to activate safety devices such as electric anti-theft devices. Signal transmitters and signal receivers for remote radio controlled personal emergency reporting systems; Video, audio, data, and telephone signal distribution systems equipment and accessories, namely, video modulators, audio modulators, data distribution modules, telephone distribution modules, video distribution modules, RF signal splitters, signal combiners, signal taps, electrical connectors, RF amplifiers, audio amplifiers, communication hubs, coaxial cable panels, infrared control targets, electrical controllers, infrared repeaters and emitters, video cameras, coaxial cable connectors, RF filters, computer screen filters, RF attenuators, capacitors, compensators, terminators, cable box combiner kits, structured wiring enclosures, wire spacers, wire management brackets, grid mounting brackets, snap locks, coupling tubes, cable sets, power supplies, telephone hubs, audio speakers, audio speaker enclosures, power distribution panels, data communication hubs, patch cords, video amplifier hubs, electrical outlet wall plate kits including wall plates and jacks, remote controls for the signal distribution systems, video multiplexers; central intercom systems and central stereo music systems for residential or commercial use, namely, audio speakers, audiovisual receivers, radio transmitters, wire and master electric control panels for distribution of sound, electrical controllers to manage volume, subwoofers, remote controls for compact disc players, intercom masters, intercom room stations, intercom wall plates and volume controls, intercom mounting frames, intercom cables and wires, antennas, cables, and chime modules, stereo receivers, radio transmitters and electric control panels for distributing recorded sound; centralized automated audio equipment, lighting, and residential appliance control system, namely, programmable logic controllers, broadband power line communication devices for transferring broadband data over electrical power lines.

Nortek and University of Saskatchewan | Date: 2015-12-03

An energy exchanger is provided. The exchanger includes a housing having a front and a back. A plurality of panels forming desiccant channels extend from the front to the back of the housing. Air channels are formed between adjacent panels. The air channels are configured to direct an air stream in a direction from the front of the housing to the back of the housing. A desiccant inlet is provided in flow communication with the desiccant channels. A desiccant outlet is provided in flow communication with the desiccant channels. The desiccant channels are configured to channel desiccant from the desiccant inlet to the desiccant outlet in at least one of a counter-flow or cross-flow direction with respect to the direction of the air stream.

Heat pumps for climates where demand for cooling and heating are unequal and methods of adapting and distributing heat pumps for such climates. Heat pumps include a compressor, compressor motor, variable-speed drive, and controller. In a number of embodiments, non-volatile memory stores sets of constant speeds for cooling and heating, and a person can select, via an input device, different sets of speeds for cooling and heating to provide the different cooling and heating capacities. The controller then operates the unit at the selected speeds, selecting from within the set based on demand for cooling or heating. In some embodiments, different sets of speeds may have the same minimum speed but different maximum speeds. Identical heat pumps can be configured to have different capacity ratings and different advertized efficiencies for different climates.

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a system and method for providing conditioned air to at least one enclosed structure. The system may include at least one conditioning module configured to provide conditioned air to the at least one enclosed structure. The conditioning module(s) may include a conditioning energy exchanger. The conditioning module(s) is configured to circulate desiccant through a desiccant circuit to condition air passing through the conditioning energy exchanger. The conditioning module(s) may be configured to receive at least one of concentrated desiccant or diluted desiccant in order to vary temperature or concentration of the desiccant circulating through the desiccant circuit.

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