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Benstaali W.,University of Mostaganem | Bentata S.,University of Mostaganem | Abbad A.,University of Mostaganem | Belaidi A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing | Year: 2013

The full potential linear augmented plane wave (FPLAPW) based on density-functional theory (DFT) is employed to study the electronic, magnetic and optical properties of some transition metals doped ZnSe. Calculations are carried out by varying the doped atoms. Five 3d transition elements were used as a dopant: Cr, Mn, Fe, Co and Cu in order to induce spin polarization. Our results show that, Mn and Cu-doped ZnSe could be used in spintronic devices only if additional dopants are introduced; on the contrary, transition elements showing delocalized quality such as Cr, Fe and Co doped ZnSe might be promising candidates for application in spintronics. In addition, the three materials (CrZnSe, FeZnSe and CoZnSe) are half-metallic and ferromagnetic with an important magnetic moment ranging from 3 μB to 4 μB. Furthermore, we have computed optical properties of pure ZnSe, CrZnSe, FeZnSe and CoZnSe, and found a pronounced peak occurring at low energies in all the optical curves due to TM impurity and a low difference between doped and undoped compounds for higher energies. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Amri A.,Polytechnic School of Algiers | Saidane A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | Pulko S.,University of Hull
Computers in Biology and Medicine | Year: 2011

Breast thermography is a non-invasive tool for early detection of breast cancer. It was subject for many years to some controversial issues regarding its efficiency. Advances in infrared camera technology and progress in image processing systems had brought thermal breast imaging back as a valid tool for mammography. Numerical modelling of heat transfer within a woman breast is being an attractive tool that may reveal the conditions under which tumours can be detected in a thermogram. The aim of this work is to use the transmission line matrix (TLM) to model a regular three-dimensional breast with embedded tumour and analyse sensitivity parameters. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Loumi-Fergane H.,Oran University of Science and Technology - Mohamed Boudiaf | Belaidi A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics | Year: 2013

The aim of this work is twofold: First, we extend the multisymplectic geometry already done for field theories to the relativistic mechanics by introducing an appropriate configuration bundle. In particular, we developed the model to obtain the Hamilton-De Donder-Weyl equations to the movement of a relativistic charged particle immerged in an electromagnetic field. Second, we have found a direct relationship between the multisymplectic geometry and the k-cosymplectic structure of a physical system. © 2013 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Otsmani Z.,Oran University of Science and Technology - Mohamed Boudiaf | Khiat M.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
International Review of Electrical Engineering | Year: 2011

This article describes a methodology to minimize the preventive maintenance (PM) cost of series-parallel system. This flexible methodology based on the genetic algorithm (GA) was used successfully to determine the solution vector of system component inspection periods (Tp) and the optimization of the function cost with a constraint of availability. Suggested methodology was applied to the electric feeding system of a natural gas liquefaction unit in Algeria, the results obtained allowed a considerable improvement of the plan of the preventive maintenance in this unit IREE. © 2011 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. All rights reserved.

Douiri M.R.,Sina | Cherkaoui M.,Sina | Essadki A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing | Year: 2012

In this paper the genetic algorithms is applied to automate and optimize the fuzzy controller design process. To do this, the normalization parameters, membership functions and decision table are converted into binary bit string. This optimization requires a predefined objective function. The task of such a design algorithm is the modification of the existing knowledge and at the same time, the investigation of new feasible structures. The proposed approach in this paper is employed for the speed control of an induction motor drive with indirect field oriented control.

Naima K.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | Liazid A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
International Review of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2013

This paper deals with the subject of natural gas-Hydrogen blends as alternative fuel for spark ignition engine. First, a brief overview on previous works in this field was presented. Then, a numerical investigation focusedon the effect of hydrogen addition on the performances and emissions was also presented. A CFD approach using CONVERGE CFD Code was applied on a direct injection spark ignition engine at low regime and lean mixtures. A detailed chemistry associated with AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinement) technique was adopted. To illustrate the effect of hydrogen addition to natural gas, three hydrogen fractions are considered 0%, 10% and 18%. The obtained results showthatthe promotion of the chemical reaction with hydrogen addition is mainly due to the increase of free radicals H, O, OH in the flame as a result of hydrogen addition. Hence, the heat release rate starting is advanced with the increase of hydrogen fraction while the combustion duration decreases. It is observed that the heat release rate and the maximum in cylinder temperature increase when hydrogen is added. Exhaust CO emissions decreases with the increase of hydrogen fraction, while NOx emissions increase. Hydrogen addition could give a great potential to reduce soot formation. © 2013 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Khiat M.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | Marano A.,Universidad Politécnica de Ingeniería
International Review of Electrical Engineering | Year: 2010

In this paper aims at the study of an Interior Point Method (IPM) based on the logarithmic-Barrier Primal-Dual Algorithm (LB-PDA), for Nonlinear Programming (NLP). The total active power loss minimization is formulated as an Optimal Reactive Power Flow (ORPF), including equality and inequality constraints which represent the power system security conditions. It is shown that this optimization method has very attractive features to solve the Var/voltage problems. Finally, some results obtained with various simulations for a real transmission power system are presented. © 2010 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Izidi L.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | Liazid A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
Mechanika | Year: 2011

Turbochargers are today widely used to improve performances of internal combustion engines. The compressor's characteristics are important because they govern the fresh air quantity introduced to engine cylinder and consequently determine the air/fuel ratio which governs the combustion quality. Generally, the best engine-turbocharger matching is achieved by using the variable geometry technique. This paper studies the effects of VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbine) and IGV (Inlet Guide Vanes) combination on compressor's characteristics. However, except the industrial compressor cases, the flow direction adjustment at the entry of automotive compressor is not yet applied in spite of the high rotational speed. An experimental investigation coupled with a numerical study is used to achieve this work. The IGV technique shows a real improvement of the compressor's characteristics over its whole operating range but without adjusting the look of the efficiency curve at large opening of turbine nozzle blades because power and diffuser loses remain important.

Drai A.,Lille Laboratory of Mechanics | Drai A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | Aour B.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran
Engineering Structures | Year: 2013

High pressure torsion (HPT) is an effective tool to modify microstructures via severe plastic deformation. In order to optimize the process conditions and then to control the change in microstructure, the estimation of the plastic strain achieved in the processed material is of utmost importance. Noting that the key parameters of HPT process are essentially the imposed pressure and the number of revolutions applied to the samples. The goal of this work is to numerically investigate the effects of these parameters on the plastic strain homogeneity during HPT of a typical semicrystalline polymer (high-density polyethylene: HDPE). To this end, compressive tests at different strain rates were used to estimate the material parameters of a phenomenological elastic-viscoplastic model. Then, the HPT process was analyzed by 3-dimensional finite element method to highlight the distribution of the plastic strain, the equivalent plastic strain rate and the mean normal stresses. It was found that the optimal strain homogeneity was obtained by a weak vertical displacement and a high torsion angle. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Essabir H.,Laboratory Mechanics | Hilali E.,Laboratory Mechanics | Elgharad A.,Normal Superior School of Technical Education Oran | El Minor H.,Laboratory Mechanics | And 3 more authors.
Materials and Design | Year: 2013

This study treats the combined effects of both particle sizes and particle loading on the mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene (PP) composites reinforced with Nut-shells of Argan (NA) particles. Three range sizes of particles were used in the presence of a polypropylene matrix grafted with 8. wt.% of a linear block copolymer based on styrene and butadiene coupling agent, to improve adhesion between the particles and the matrix. The composites were prepared through melt-blending using an internal mixer and the tensile specimens were prepared using a hot press molding machine. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) and tensile tests were employed to characterize the composites at 10, 15, 20 and 25. wt.% particle contents. Results show a clear improvement in Young's modulus from the use of particles when compared to the neat PP, a gain of 42.65%, 26.7% and 2.9% at 20. wt.% particle loading, for particle range 1, 2 and 3, respectively. In addition a notable increase in the Young's modulus was observed when decrease the particle size. The thermal stability of composites exhibits a slight decrease (256-230. °C) with particles loading from 10 to 25. wt.%, against neat PP (258. °C). © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

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