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Okazaki, Japan

Noritake Co., Limited , commonly known as "Noritake," is a tableware and technology company headquartered in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Wikipedia.

Noritake Co. | Date: 2012-06-22

A conductive paste composition for a solar cell contains a conductive powder, a glass frit, and a vehicle. The glass fit includes glass containing SO

Noritake Co. and TDK Corp | Date: 2011-05-09

This electronic component is provided with an inorganic substrate, a conductor film formed on a surface of the substrate, and bonding wires bonded to a part of said conductor film, and wire bonding sections are formed on at least a part of the electronic component. The part of the conductor film at least forming the aforementioned wire bonding sections contains an Ag-based metal formed of Ag or an alloy having Ag as the main constituent and a metal oxide which coats said Ag-based metal and which has, as a constituent element, any of the elements selected from the group consisting of Al, Zr, Ti, Y, Ca, Mg, and Zn. The coating quantity of the metal oxide is a quantity corresponding to 0.02 to 0.1 parts by mass relative to 100 parts by mass of the aforementioned Ag-based metal.

To provide a paste composition capable of forming a silver electrode having a high bond strength and a low contact resistance, and to provide a solar cell endowed with a high conversion efficiency and excellent reliability, the solar cell including an electrode formed using such a paste composition, a silver electrode-forming paste composition includes a silver powder, a glass component and an organic medium, and the glass component includes tellurium-loaded glass frit which is glass frit having a tellurium compound supported on surfaces thereof. This silver electrode-forming paste composition can be produced by a method which includes the steps of: preparing tellurium-loaded glass frit sintering the mixture in the temperature range of (Tm35) C. to (Tm+20) C.; and dispersing the glass component and the silver powder in an organic medium using the tellurium-loaded glass frit as at least part of the glass component.

Noritake Co. and Itron | Date: 2013-09-02

Provided is a substrate for mounting an LED element in which a stable light-emitting surface is obtained, as well as a light source and an LED display using this substrate, so that the axis at which light is emitted by a chip LED does not vary. The substrate for mounting an LED element (

Noritake Co. | Date: 2014-12-18

Provided is a heat curable conductive paste used to form a conductive coating. The heat curable conductive paste comprises a conductive powder, a heat curable epoxy resin and a curing agent. In the conductive powder, an aliphatic polyvalent carboxylic acid is adhered on a surface of a powdered metal core. The epoxy resin comprises a bifunctional or higher polyfunctional epoxy resin and a monofunctional epoxy resin, and the polyfunctional epoxy resin and the monofunctional epoxy resin have a mass ratio of 90:10 to 20:80.

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