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Puyang, China

Wang Z.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road
Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid | Year: 2014

A hyperbranched polymer P(AA-AM-AMPS) was synthesized through inverse emulsion polymerization, using acrylic acid, 2-acrylamide-2-methyl propane-sulfonic acid and acrylamide as raw materials, redox initiator, and RAFT reagent. The concentration of initiator, oil/water volume ratio, the HLB value and concentration of emulsifier are studied for their effect on the apparent viscosity of the water solutions of the synthesized copolymer, and on the rheology and filtration property of drilling fluids treated with the copolymer. Laboratory test shows that the synthesized copolymer has an apparent viscosity of 66-71 mPa · s in water under these synthesis condition: Ratio of initiators Ammonium persulfate : Sodium bisulfite =1:1, concentration of initiator 0.16%-0.2%, Volume ratio of oil to water 0.875-1.0, HLB value of complex emulsifier 6.9-7.1, complex emulsifier at concentration of 7.6%-8.5%. The synthesized copolymer can effectively viscosify and reduce the filtration rate of fresh water, saltwater and saturated saltwater base muds. The copolymer has high temperature stability and also render drilling fluid good lubricity. Friction coefficient of drilling fluid is reduced by 68.3% at a 1% of the copolymer treatment. Source

Li X.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Su X.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Zheng Z.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Guo P.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Sun J.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road
Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid | Year: 2015

A product, FPS, is synthesized with used foam styrene, butyl methacrylate and acrylamide using emulsion polymerization. FPS has particle sizes distributed between 0.1 μm and 10 μm, and is aimed at sealing and plugging micro-fractures in borehole walls during drilling. FPS is stable at temperature up to 180℃. Drilling fluid treated with FPS at concentration of 2% has good mud cakes, and reduces the filter loss of fresh water drilling fluid from 45 mL to 13.6 mL, and the filter loss of polymer sulfonate drilling fluid from 12 mL to 4 mL. FPS has particle sizes that are compatible with the sizes of micro-fractures and quickly forms a film in the nearwellbore zones. FPS has better performance as a sealing and plugging agent than sulfonated asphalt. ©, 2014, North China Petroleum Administration Drilling Technology Research Institute. All right reserved. Source

Liu M.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Zhang B.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Wang Y.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | Huang G.,No. 462 Zhongyuan Road | And 2 more authors.
Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid | Year: 2015

A powdered emulsifier used in oil base drilling fluid is synthesized using 2, 6-diaminopyridine, amine and organic acids. It has melting point of 120℃ and HLB value of 1.7. As a vitrescentmaterial this emulsifier is easy to pulverize. Characterization of this emulsifier shows that amidation has taken place in the synthesis process, proved by the presence of -CONH2 peak in the IR spectrum. At a treatment of 3% in oil base drilling fluids with different oil/water ratios, good emulsion stability is obtained. Oil water emulsion with oil/water ratio of 7:3 has emulsion stability (ES) voltage of 600 V and 100% emulsification. Oil base muds treated with this emulsifier have ES voltage of 625 V, temperature stability of 180℃ and YP/PV ratio of 0.30 Pa/mPa·s. Newly prepared oil base muds treated with this emulsifier has stable properties after aging at 150℃ for 48 hours, and the ES voltage is greater than 700 V, indicating that this emulsifier has good emulsifying capacity and high temperature stability. ©, 2015, North China Petroleum Administration Drilling Technology Research Institute. All right reserved. Source

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