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Yi Y.,Southwest Petroleum University | Kexi L.,Southwest Petroleum University | Guohong B.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Xiaogang Z.,Puguang Natural Gas Purification Plant of Zhongyuan Oilfield
Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals | Year: 2014

The qualitative and quantitative inorganic anion analysis method by ion chromatography (IC) for MDEA solution was established. The multiple-step gradient model was affirmed being the best one to separate the inorganic ions in MDEA solution through comparison of different eluent patterns (such as degree model, step gradient model, multi-step gradient model). The quantitative externalstandard curves for analysis of F-, Cl-, Br-, NO-3SO2-4anions in a mixed standard solution were established by multi-step gradient elution method, respectively. The linear correlation coefficients of above 5 inorganic anion concentration curves can reach more than 99% and the detection limit can be up to ≤10 g/L with high sensitivity. The results of repeatability and standard addition recovery tests show that the method has a high accuracy with the relative standard deviation less than 5% and the standard addition recovery rate between 95.9%-105.6%. By the multi-step gradient elution method established, the concentrations of Cl-, NO-3, SO2-4 inorganic anions in a MDEA solution used for a year or so are determined to be 1 191. 055, 3. 155, 41. 595 mg/L, respectively.

Gao Q.,Petrochina | Zhang X.,Petrochina | Zhang J.,Petrochina | Wang Q.,No. 4 Oil Production Plant | Meng X.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant
Well Testing | Year: 2011

KUR103 Well is the main injection well of the petroleum International Azerbaijan KK oilfield. Because protect casing measures is not taken while injecting, a large sections over cement of oil formation casing is perforated, technical casings also existed problems, wellhead is free to sway as wellhead annular plate looses soldering, and mud liquid leakages serious. During re-cementing recycling process of this complex bore hole, a reasonable construction technology is taken to solve the complex problems. Not only the wellhead casing damaged parts fixed to recreate a qualified bore hole, but also the amount of water increases on 100m3 maintaining the previous average injection pressure, and good result is achieved which has a reference value for similar repairing case and cementing well.

Fu M.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Gao T.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Zhang S.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Zhang Q.,No. 4 Oil Production Plant | Peng X.,Petrochina
Well Testing | Year: 2011

There are many factors influencing blasting effect of horizontal well such as different completion method, the blasting string structure, the blasting liquid of performance and the blasting construction of the choice of various parameters etc. Many problems encountered in the process of the blasting construction of horizontal wells in Jidong oilfield and put forward the corresponding improvement measures, from the blasting method, encapsulation of speed, prevent the blasting fluid loss three aspects to take measures to solve the basic blasting horizontal well.

Yang R.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Zhang L.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Wen Y.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Zhang J.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant | Bai G.,No. 1 Oil Production Plant
Well Testing | Year: 2013

With the continuous development of Ansai oilfield, and rising number of multiple layers of oil and water wells, the production situation of multiple oil layers of oil wells should be understood during the plane adjusting on space or implement various measures to increase production. The zonal pressure test is a more practical and economical method, but in the process of its test, packer problems easily lead to test failed. The method of pressure oil wells in Ansai oilfield during test is put forward, which effectively improves the layering pressure testing success rate, provides the reliable basis for the plane adjustment of injection-production.

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