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Sakura, Japan

Provided is a long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin preform including glass fibers excellent in strength and modulus of elasticity and easily produced and a long-fiber-reinforced resin compact excellent in strength and modulus of elasticity. The long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin preform is produced by cutting to a predetermined length glass fiber bundles impregnated with a thermoplastic resin and holding the thermoplastic resin around the glass fiber bundles, and includes the glass fiber bundles as long fiber bundles. The glass fiber bundles are formed by bundling glass fibers. The glass fibers have a composition wherein the content of SiO

Nitto Boseki Co. and National Institute Of Agrobiological Science | Date: 2014-09-16

Pentameric CRP is produced at a high efficiency by transferring DNA, which encodes monomeric CRP, into a silkworm to thereby construct a transgenic silkworm and then collecting and purifying pentameric CRP that is produced by the transgenic silkworm constructed above.

Nitto Boseki Co. | Date: 2014-08-22

There is provided a glass fiber comprising the SiO

Glass fibers having non-circular cross sections, excellent strength and excellent modulus of elasticity, and a fiber-reinforced resin compact using the same are provided. The glass fibers having non-circular cross sections are obtained by spinning the molten glass prepared by melting a glass composition as a raw material for the glass fibers. The glass fibers have a composition in which the content of SiO

An anti-corrosive agent for washing of a metal with an acid, which comprises an amphoteric polymeric compound (P) having at least one cationic constituent unit (A) having a specific structure, at least one anionic constituent unit (B) having a specific structure and a specific sulfur-containing constituent unit (C).

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