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Kure Hiroshima, Japan

Provided is an external packaging material for a laminated battery, which is one of two external packaging materials constituting a battery case accommodating a battery element, and each configured by a stainless steel sheet provided with a resin layer, the battery case being formed by fusing together the resin layers in a state in which tabs connected to the battery element are disposed between the two external packaging materials, wherein a stepped portion conforming to the cross-sectional shape of each of the tabs at a position where the tab is inserted between the two external packaging materials is formed in advance before the tab is inserted.

Nisshin Steel Co. | Date: 2015-06-24

A hot-dip Zn alloy plating layer is formed on a surface of a base steel sheet by immersing the base steel sheet in a hot-dip Zn alloy plating bath containing Al and Mg. An aqueous solution containing a polyatomic ion including Si

Nisshin Steel Co. | Date: 2014-03-28

A method of manufacturing a rectangular tube having a stepped portion includes: forming V-shaped grooves on a rectangular tube at surfaces of an end thereof in a direction parallel to a longitudinal direction thereof; and pressing each of the surfaces having the V-shaped grooves formed thereon with a rotating roll from outside to inside, whereby the end of the rectangular tube is radially reduced.

[Problem] To produce a hot-dip ZnAlMg alloy coated steel sheet that is excellent in coating adhesion, by using, as a base sheet for coating, a steel sheet that is imparted with resistance to liquid metal embrittlement cracking by adding B. [Solution] A hot-dip zinc alloy coated steel sheet excellent in coating adhesion containing at least one of a Si simple oxide, a Mn simple oxide, a Cr simple oxide, a SiMn composite oxide, a SiCr composite oxide, a MnCr composite oxide, and a SiMnCr composite oxide in a portion within 10 m from an interface between a steel sheet as a base sheet for coating, and a hot-dip galvanized layer formed on a surface thereof.

A clutch plate for a multiplate wet clutch having favorable fatigue strength is provided. A separator plate (

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