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Shiga, Japan

Nipro Corporation | Date: 2015-04-06

It is an object to provide an orally disintegrating tablet produced by dry granulation and compression, having a hardness of 40 N or more, a disintegration time of 30 seconds or shorter, a friability of 0.1% or less, and an excellent feeling upon ingestion, that is capable of disintegrating with a small amount of water, having a rapid disintegration time, and being maintained stably in a tablet form, which could not been achieved by conventional procedures. Disclosed is an orally disintegrating tablet produced by dry granulation which contains a medicinal ingredient with silica, and sugar alcohol or/and sugar.

Nipro Corporation | Date: 2014-02-06

A medical connector having a substantially cylindrical shape, a first upper end for receiving a male luer, and a second lower end, and including:

Kyoto University and Nipro Corporation | Date: 2015-02-20

A culture system has a culture bag for suspending and culturing pluripotent stem cells in a culture medium; a waste liquid container for storing used culture medium that is connected to the culture bag; a fresh medium container for storing a fresh culture medium that is connected to the culture bag; three-way stopcocks for switching flow channels from the culture bag to the waste liquid container or the fresh culture medium container, etc.; a trap portion for trapping the pluripotent stem cells in the culture medium in the flow toward the waste liquid container side; and a filter portion for subculturing that is formed in fourth and fifth flow channels in parallel to a first flow channel. The first flow channel connects the trap part to the culture bag, and has a mesh by which a cell mass of the pluripotent stem cells can be divided. A pump is used to pump the liquid in the individual flow channels.

Nipro Corporation | Date: 2015-05-27

The invention provides a method for sterilizing a blood purifier, as well as a blood purifier package. The method is effective to decrease the amounts of extracts from the blood purifier attributed to the deterioration of the selectively permeable separation membranes with time during and after exposure to a radioactive ray or an electron ray, and is highly reliable in safety when employed for hemocatharsis therapy. The method for sterilizing a blood purifier which comprises substantially dried selectively permeable separation membranes as a main component, by way of the exposure of the same blood purifier to a radioactive ray and/or an electron ray, is characterized in that the blood purifier is sealed in a packaging bag, together with an oxygen scavenger and a humectant or together with an oxygen scavenger capable of releasing a moisture, and is then sterilized in such a sealed state by the above exposure.

Nipro Corporation | Date: 2015-12-07

A method of determining an ESA dose, which allows a hemoglobin concentration in the blood to be stably maintained at a target value, and which can decrease a range of fluctuation of the hemoglobin concentration with respect to the target value. The method comprises the steps of: setting the target value of the hemoglobin concentration in the blood; calculating a target value of a hemoglobin production rate which allows the hemoglobin concentration to reach the target value; calculating a serum ESA concentration which allows the hemoglobin production rate to reach the target value, from a relationship between the hemoglobin production rate and the ESA concentration; and calculating an amount of administration of an ESA which gives the serum ESA concentration, from a relationship between the ESA concentration and the amount of administration of the ESA, to determine an ESA dose which allows the hemoglobin concentration to reach the target value.

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