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Provided is a black PTFE porous film which comprises a black colorant-containing PTFE nanofiber (D) containing a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) nanofiber (E) and a black colorant (B) and has a value (V), as represented by a Munsell symbol in accordance with JIS Z 8721, of not more than N2.5, wherein the black colorant-containing PTFE nanofiber (D) is obtained by subjecting a spinning solution containing at least PTFE or modified PTFE (A) to an electrospinning method.

Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd. | Date: 2013-09-25

The composite seal includes a metal member arranged on a first substrate side and an elastic member arranged on a second device side and capable of elastic deformation. The composite seal having a structure capable of suppressing degradation even with ultraviolet radiation is thus provided.

Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd. | Date: 2012-03-30

There is provided a sealing material for a thin plate member which eliminates the need to form seal grooves as in prior art when applied to a thin plate member such as a cell of a secondary battery such as a redox flow battery, a fuel cell and a lead storage battery, and which provides satisfactory sealing and can compactify and reduce in weight a device to be used and facilitate assembling with reduced cost as well as allowing more cells to be stacked resulting in improving fuel capacity. The annular sealing material for a thin plate member that provides sealing between thin plate members includes a lateral sealing body disposed on a lateral of the thin plate member, and a pair of sealing legs branching from the lateral sealing body in a fork shape and disposed on the front surface and the back surface of the thin plate member.

Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd. | Date: 2013-07-24

Provided is a hydrophilic fluororesin sheet having significantly improved properties such as filtering performance which includes primary fibers and secondary fibers having a smaller fiber diameter than a fiber diameter of the primary fibers, the secondary fibers crosslinking in each of the primary fibers and/or crosslinking between different primary fibers in such a manner that no knots are formed at crosslinking points, the primary fibers and the secondary fibers including fluororesin fibers including polytetrafluoroethylene [PTFE], wherein a surface of the sheet to which hydrophilization treatment has been applied.

Nippon Valqua Industries Ltd. | Date: 2012-11-01

A gate valve is provided with a main body, and a sealing member which comes into contact with the peripheral edge of a gate when the gate valve is closed. The sealing member includes a protruding first section and a protruding second section which are disposed to extend along the peripheral edge of the main body and protrude from the primary surface when the gate valve is open. A protrusion amount of the first section from the primary surface is greater than a protrusion amount of the second section from the primary surface. The first section is disposed inner to the inner periphery of the primary surface than the second section.

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