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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Nippon Thermostat Co. | Date: 2011-02-03

Provided is a fluid control valve assembly which reduces pressure loss as much as possible in a fluid passage line including a fluid control valve, thereby mini-minimizing the pressure for a fluid to pass therethrough and thus ensuring a required amount of flow without upsizing the overall assembly. The fluid control valve assembly is adapted such that an upstream pipe (

Nippon Thermostat Co. | Date: 2013-12-10

A thermoelectric conversion module has a substrate, a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of thermoelectric conversion elements

Nippon Thermostat Co. | Date: 2012-10-04

[Problem] In a fluid control valve, to make it possible to minimize the phenomenon of valve body fluttering and prevent resulting vibration and any consequent defects such as damage or wear to peripheral components, e.g., a rod, piston, or E-ring, housing-side wear or deformation, or breakage of a coil spring, and abnormal noise. [Solution] A fluid control valve (

Nippon Thermostat Co. and TOTO Ltd. | Date: 2012-10-22

A hot and cold water mixing valve including a temperature adjusting dial, and a cylindrical casing having formed therein a hot water inlet and a cold water inlet is provided with a control valve member in which one end thereof is subjected to a load from a biasing member and the other end is subjected to a load from an actuator. By balancing between the loads applied by the biasing member and the actuator, a mixture ratio between the hot water which flows in through the hot water inlet and the cold water which flows in through the cold water inlet is adjusted. A temperature adjuster adjusts a position of the control valve member through the biasing member and includes a tapered skirt portion, which spreads in a radial direction, at an end on the control valve member side thereof.

Nippon Thermostat Co. | Date: 2011-09-12

[Problem] To obtain a thermostat device with which it is possible to dull the thermosensitivity of a thermo-element thermosensitive component to coolant water and better control the opening and closing of a main valve at a selected timing by means of an electrical heater. [Solution] A thermostat device (

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