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Catalytic materials, particularly membranes, exhibiting high activity, high stability and low metal leaching in a variety of chemical reactions, particularly selective hydrogenations of unsaturated organic compounds, are described. These membranes are inorganic/polymeric hybrid materials in which metal complex molecular catalysts are immobilized or metal nano-particle catalysts are embedded. More specifically, the catalytic materials of the present invention exhibit higher activity and selectivity, and can be used in more extensive kinds of organic solvents than the conventional hybrid catalytic materials due to improvement in the affinity to organic solvents by containing the specific polymeric additives.

SEI Corporation and Nippon Kodoshi Corporation | Date: 2012-03-19

The present invention provides an electrolyte holder for a lithium secondary battery capable of holding an electrolytic solution inside electrodes or at an interface between the separator and each of the electrodes, preventing electrolyte shortage inside the electrodes, and restraining dendrite from precipitating and growing and also provide the lithium secondary battery, using the electrolyte holder, which is capable of achieving a cycle life to such an extent that the lithium secondary battery can be used for industrial application. An electrolyte holder (

Nippon Kodoshi Corporation | Date: 2013-01-16

Provided is a separator for an alkaline battery, capable of suppressing reduction in the characteristics of the alkaline battery after storage. The separator for an alkaline battery is interposed between the cathode and anode of the alkaline battery, is used to isolate the active material of both electrodes, and is configured by including 20-90 mass % cellulose fiber and having the remainder being an alkali-resistance synthetic fiber. The cellulose fiber includes a dissolving pulp.

Nippon Kodoshi Corporation | Date: 2013-02-01

An object of the present invention is to provide a separator for alkaline battery and an alkaline battery capable of reducing the internal resistance of the alkaline battery so as to improve the heavy load discharge performance. The separator for alkaline battery is a separator for separating a positive electrode active material and a negative electrode active material of the alkaline battery from each other, the separator containing 40% or more by weight of cellulose fibers, and 0.05% to 0.5% by weight of polyamine-epichlorohydrin resin in terms of resin solid content. The alkaline battery has its positive electrode active material and negative electrode active material separated from each other by the separator.

Nippon Kodoshi Corporation | Date: 2015-06-19

A separator is provided for an aluminum electrolytic capacitor includes a porous cellulose film having excellent impedance characteristics and short-circuit resistance characteristics, and an aluminum electrolytic capacitor is also provided using the separator. The porous cellulose film is formed of dissolved and regenerated cellulose without forming a cellulose derivative. The regenerated cellulose is obtained by forming in a film form a cellulose solvent obtained by dissolving cellulose in an amino oxide solvent, immersing the resulting cellulose solvent in water or a poor solvent of the amino oxide solvent so as to coagulate and regenerate the cellulose, removing the cellulose from the amino oxide solvent, and drying the resulting cellulose.

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