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Yokohama-shi, Japan

Nippon Avionics Co. and NEC Corp | Date: 2013-02-08

A camera generates a light source control signal for controlling a light source to turn the light source on and off, acquires a plurality of items of first image data and a plurality of items of second image data obtained by picking up the measured wave, and transfers the plurality of items of acquired first image data and the plurality of items of acquired second image data to an external storage and processing device as digital data with an identifying number for identifying a frame in which the image data is acquired attached every frame. The external storage and processing device determines whether each frame of the digital data is an item of the first image data or an item of the second image data on the basis of the identifying number, and subtracts the plurality of items of determined second image data from the plurality of items of determined first image data to produce difference image data.

Oda N.,NEC Corp | Sudou T.,NEC Corp | Morimoto T.,NEC Corp | Ishi T.,NEC Corp | And 5 more authors.
IRMMW-THz 2015 - 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves | Year: 2015

Both 640×480 and 320×240 terahertz (THz) imagers were developed whose sensitivity were improved in sub-THz region by a factor of 10. The imagers include functions such as external-trigger imaging, lock-in imaging, beam profiling and so forth. The function of the external-trigger imaging was verified, using the pulsed THz free electron laser developed by Osaka University. © 2015 IEEE.

Kikuchi R.,Gunma University | Shohji I.,Gunma University | Saitoh Y.,Gunma University | Nemoto N.,Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency | And 3 more authors.
ASME 2011 Pacific Rim Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Systems, InterPACK 2011 | Year: 2011

In the joint with eutectic Sn-Pb solder and a lead-free Ni/Pd/Au electrode, degradation of mechanical properties of the solder due to dissolution of Au and Pd into the solder would be anxious. In this study, the effect of aging was investigated on tensile properties and microstructures of the eutectic Sn-Pb solder with small amounts of Au and Pd added. In as-cast solders with both Au and Pd added, the tensile strength increases with increasing contents of Au and Pd. A similar tendency was observed after aging at 100°C for 1000 h. The effect of aging on elongation was relatively small and elongation degraded when brittle (Pd,Au) Sn4 phases formed in the solder. In solders with Au ranging from 1 to 5 mass%, regardless of aging conditions investigated, the tensile strength is stable at approximately 50 MPa and 45 MPa before and after aging, respectively. The effect of aging on improvement of elongation was negligible and elongation degraded when rod shaped AuSn4 formed in the solder. On the basis of the result of microstructural observation, it was clarified that the strengthening by dispersion of (Pd,Au) Sn4 phases is superior to softening by microstructure coarsening upon aging when the contents of Au and Pd are 2 mass% and 1 mass% or above, respectively. © 2011 by ASME.

Suganuma K.,Osaka University | Baated A.,Osaka University | Kim K.-S.,Osaka University | Hamasaki K.,Osaka University | And 3 more authors.
Acta Materialia | Year: 2011

Pure Sn plating on ceramic chip capacitors was tested by thermal cycling both in air and in vacuum for up to 3000 cycles and the whisker growth mechanism was clarified. A thin crystalline SnO layer is formed on the surface of Sn plating and whiskers, which exhibits a high level of cracking. Thermal cycling whiskers exhibit two distinct features: fine striation rings on the whisker side face vertical to the whisker growth axis; and deep grooves at the root of the whiskers. One ring of the fine striations corresponds to each thermal cycle. The formation of the grooves can be attributed to thermal cycle cracking along grain boundaries of Sn followed by oxidation and growth of whiskers from the root grains. The characteristic winding feature observed for thermal cycling whiskers can be attributed to the formation of root grooves with severe oxidation. Whisker growth in vacuum is faster than in air. Whiskers grown in vacuum are thinner and longer than whiskers grown in air, while the whisker density is not influenced by atmosphere. The interval of striation rings is wider for vacuum-grown whiskers as compared with air-grown whiskers. © 2011 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Oda N.,NEC Corp | Okubo S.,Nippon Avionics Co. | Sudou T.,NEC Corp | Isoyama G.,Osaka University | And 3 more authors.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2014

Image reconstruction method for non-synchronous THz signals was developed for a combination of THz Free Electron Laser (THz-FEL) developed by Osaka University with THz imager. The method employs a slight time-difference between repetition period of THz macro-pulse from THz-FEL and a plurality of frames for THz imager, so that image can be reconstructed out of a predetermined number of time-sequential frames. This method was applied to THz-FEL and other pulsed THz source, and found very effective. Thermal time constants of pixels in 320x240 microbolometer array were also evaluated with this method, using quantum cascade laser as a THz source. © 2014 SPIE.

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