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Yinchuan, China

Feng N.-C.,Central South University | Feng N.-C.,Ningxia Medical College | Guo X.-Y.,Central South University | Liang S.,Central South University
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (English Edition) | Year: 2010

Copper adsorption by orange peel, which was chemically modified with sodium hydroxide, was investigated. The adsorbent was characterized using surface area analyzer, infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Total negative charge and zeta potentials on the adsorbent surface were determined. Equilibrium isotherms and kinetics were obtained and the effects of solution pH value, adsorbent concentration and temperature were studied in batch experiments. Column experiments were performed to study practical applicability, and breakthrough curves were obtained. Equilibrium is well described by Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms, and kinetics is found to fit pseudo-second order type adsorption kinetics. According to Langmuir equation, the maximum adsorption capacity for Cu(II) is 50.25 mg/g at pH value of 5.3. The results show additional chemical modification of the adsorbent by NaOH and the increased adsorption capacity.

Liang S.,Central South University | Guo X.-Y.,Central South University | Feng N.-C.,Ningxia Medical College | Tian Q.-H.,Central South University
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (English Edition) | Year: 2010

Preparation of orange peel xanthate and its adsorption behaviors of five heavy metals (Cu2+, Cd2+, Pb2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+) were studied. FTIR spectra, Zeta potentials and TG analysis were used to characterize prepared orange peel xanthate. Effects of various parameters including equilibrium pH, initial metal ion concentration and adsorption time on the adsorption processes for the five metal ions were investigated. It was found that for all five metal ions, the adsorption isotherms agreed Langmuir model very well and the maximum adsorption capacities of Cu2+, Cd2+, Pb2+, Zn2+ and Ni2+ were obtained as 77.60, 76.57, 218.34, 49.85 and 15.45 mg/g, respectively. All adsorption processes can attain equilibrium within 20 min and kinetics was well fitted by psesudo-second order equation. It is proposed that the adsorption mechanism was complexation.

Lekes N.,McGill University | Gingras I.,McGill University | Philippe F.L.,McGill University | Koestner R.,McGill University | Fang J.,Ningxia Medical College
Journal of Youth and Adolescence | Year: 2010

Self-determination theory proposes that prioritizing intrinsic life goals, such as community involvement, is related to well-being, whereas focusing on extrinsic life goals, such as financial success, is associated with lower well-being and that parenting influences the type of life goals that youth adopt. In a sample of 515 Chinese (56% female, mean age = 15.50) and 567 North American (52% male, mean age = 14.17) adolescents, a model of the relationships between parenting, life goals, and well-being was investigated and confirmed for intrinsic life goals. Across societies, autonomy-supportive parenting was associated with the endorsement of intrinsic life goals, which in turn was associated with well-being. Intrinsic life goals partially mediated the relationship between parental autonomy-support and well-being. These findings suggest that, cross-culturally, prioritizing intrinsic life goals is related to increased well-being among adolescents and that parents could encourage intrinsic life goals by being supportive of their children's autonomy. © 2009 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Piao X.,Juntendo University | Komazawa-Sakon S.,Juntendo University | Nishina T.,Juntendo University | Koike M.,Juntendo University | And 13 more authors.
Science Signaling | Year: 2012

As a catalytically inactive homolog of caspase-8, a proapoptotic initiator caspase, c-FLIP blocks apoptosis by binding to and inhibiting caspase-8. The transcription factor nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) plays a pivotal role in maintaining the homeostasis of the intestine and the liver by preventing death receptor-induced apoptosis, and c-FLIP plays a role in the NF-κB-dependent protection of cells from death receptor signaling. Because c-Flip-deficient mice die in utero, we generated conditional c-Flip-deficient mice to investigate the contribution of c-FLIP to homeostasis of the intestine and the liver at developmental and postnatal stages. Intestinal epithelial cell (IEC)- or hepatocyte-specific deletion of c-Flip resulted in perinatal lethality as a result of the enhanced apoptosis and programmed necrosis of the IECs and the hepatocytes. Deficiency in the gene encoding tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) receptor 1 (Tnfr1) partially rescued perinatal lethality and the development of colitis in IEC-specific c-Flip-deficient mice but did not rescue perinatal lethality in hepatocyte-specific c-Flip-deficient mice. Moreover, adult mice with interferon (IFN)-inducible deficiency in c-Flip died from hepatitis soon after depletion of c-FLIP. Pretreatment of IFN-inducible c-Flip-deficient mice with a mixture of neutralizing antibodies against TNF-α, Fas ligand (FasL), and TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) prevented hepatitis. Together, these results suggest that c-FLIP controls the homeostasis of IECs and hepatocytes by preventing cell death induced by TNF-α, FasL, and TRAIL.

Cai Q.-C.,Shanghai University | Yu E.-D.,Shanghai University | Xiao Y.,Shanghai University | Bai W.-Y.,Hebei Medical University | And 19 more authors.
American Journal of Epidemiology | Year: 2012

No prediction rule is currently available for advanced colorectal neoplasms, defined as invasive cancer, an adenoma of 10 mm or more, a villous adenoma, or an adenoma with high-grade dysplasia, in average-risk Chinese. In this study between 2006 and 2008, a total of 7,541 average-risk Chinese persons aged 40 years or older who had complete colonoscopy were included. The derivation and validation cohorts consisted of 5,229 and 2,312 persons, respectively. A prediction rule was developed from a logistic regression model and then internally and externally validated. The prediction rule comprised 8 variables (age, sex, smoking, diabetes mellitus, green vegetables, pickled food, fried food, and white meat), with scores ranging from 0 to 14. Among the participants with low-risk (≤3) or high-risk (>3) scores in the validation cohort, the risks of advanced neoplasms were 2.6% and 10.0% (P < 0.001), respectively. If colonoscopy was used only for persons with high risk, 80.3% of persons with advanced neoplasms would be detected while the number of colonoscopies would be reduced by 49.2%. The prediction rule had good discrimination (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve = 0.74, 95% confidence interval: 0.70, 0.78) and calibration (P = 0.77) and, thus, provides accurate risk stratification for advanced neoplasms in average-risk Chinese. © 2012 The Author.

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