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Teng Q.-L.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

As Chinese economy is developing rapidly, a large number of rural labor forces flock to the city, leaving left-behind families which mainly consist of women, children and the elderly in countryside. According to the research, the left-behind families are not as happy as they have been expected. This study analyzes the sense of happiness of leftbehind families from the perspective of left-behind women, children and the elderly. At last, this study applies cluster analysis of SPSS software to analyze the questionnaire about parents and children in left-behind families, coming to the conclusion that left-behind families do not have strong sense of happiness, physical and psychological health of left-behind children do not catch enough attention of their parents and grades of most left-behind children are middle level.

Xu M.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

The research on the construction of bulk commodity electronic trading platform is of great significance. In this paper, the topic of the construction of bulk commodity electronic trading platform was analyzed. Then the main contents of block chain technology and asymmetric encryption technology were introduced. Meanwhile, the main contents and research methods of the bulk commodity electronic transactions were elaborated. Ultimately, the results were analyzed and discussed. The results revealed that there is still a risk of vulnerability of China's bulk commodity electronic trading platform. It needs to be further improved to provide favorable research direction for continuous improvement of China's bulk commodity electronic trading platform in the future.

Tang X.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

With the continuous development and expansion of our country, the state continues to encourage entrepreneurial talents and enterprise to develop. However, the development of small and medium enterprises is unstable, and the personnel mobility is great. So how to make small and medium sized entrepreneurial enterprises stably develop has become a priority. Based on this, the construction of entrepreneurial enterprise human resource sharing model was studied in this paper. The related basic concepts and basic knowledge were firstly introduced. Then, the necessity of human resource network sharing was analyzed, and the human resource sharing model was constructed. Through the analysis and research, it is found that the implementation of human resources sharing model can find suitable talents for entrepreneurial enterprises.

Jing X.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech | Year: 2017

We consider targeting customers in a relational database as a classification and prediction problem in data mining. That is, we predict whether or not a constructor will develop a domain ontology based on a relational database or the probability of constructing based on its own characteristics. A relational database model based on supervised clustering and domain ontology is proposed because of the variety and class imbalance of customers. The empirical study indicates that the proposed approach can improve the performance of a relational database.

Li Y.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Vibroengineering Procedia | Year: 2017

In this paper, the method of spatial information extraction of tree branch was studied. The region matching method was used to get the disparity map of stereo image, extracted feature points combining with branch skeleton image by multi-segment approximation method, and calculated the spatial coordinates and the radius of branch feature points by using binocular stereo vision. Real-time model reconstruction for fruit tree has been researched on. Test proposed that each branch module was constructed by 12-prism in the coordinate origin, and then rotated twice and translated once to get correct posture, finally combined with other modules for the fruit tree model. Test has optimized extraction algorithm and matching algorithm of the branch region, improved matching rate, reduced matching errors, avoided matching confusion, accurately extracted branch spatial information and improved the success rate of robot path planning for obstacle avoidance. © JVE INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Ming W.,Ningbo Dahongying University
ICCSE 2016 - 11th International Conference on Computer Science and Education | Year: 2016

In this paper a node localization algorithm for estimating unknown node positions in wireless sensor networks is presented. The proposed algorithm is based on the distributed clustering of anchor-free nodes. In the absence of anchor nodes, clusters of these sensors are formed and relevant angular and distance measurements are taken. This is followed by two phases of nodes synchronization, in which gradual adjustments of orientation and coordinates are performed utilizing a technique similar to the time synchronization. As the final synchronization process converges, clusters coordinates are merged into a unified global coordinate system, thus completing the node localization task. Experiments show that, in the case of randomly distributed nodes, the proposed algorithm achieves good performance in the areas of improved network coverage, minimized positioning error rate, and reduced communication overhead. Data show an improvement of 51.3% in network coverage in comparison to other industry-leading clustering algorithms. In addition, when the network node density is greater than 0.9, positioning error rate is reduced by an average of 22.3%. © 2016 IEEE.

Kong S.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

Image processing system to calculate the volume, real-time high and the requirements of small size, using the DSP-based processor, FPGA approach, supplemented by the processor design of a high-performance real-time image processing system, and the system In the process of image acquisition and transmission of noise, using the PCB's anti-jamming design. Practice shows that two chips using FPGA + DSP, the algorithm is divided into two parts by the FPGA and DSP processing; effectively improve the efficiency of the algorithm. System real-time high, adaptability, real-time image acquisition system can meet the design requirements. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhang W.,Ningbo Dahongying University
International Journal of Mining Science and Technology | Year: 2013

In order to preferably identify infrared image of refuge chamber, reduce image noises of refuge chamber and retain more image details, we propose the method of combining two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform and bilateral denoising. First, the wavelet transform is adopted to decompose the image of refuge chamber, of which low frequency component remains unchanged. Then, three high-frequency components are treated by bilateral filtering, and the image is reconstructed. The result shows that the combination of bilateral filtering and wavelet transform for image denoising can better retain the details which are included in the image, while providing better visual effect. This is superior to using either bilateral filtering or wavelet transform alone. It is useful for perfecting emergency refuge system of coal mines. © 2013 Published by Elsevier B.V. on behalf of China University of Mining & Technology.

Jin S.,Ningbo Dahongying University
ICCSE 2012 - Proceedings of 2012 7th International Conference on Computer Science and Education | Year: 2012

For the lack of an effective online learning management platform to help IT teachers to complete the task of teaching in High School Information Technology Course, it can not diversify student learning outcomes assessment of the status quo, this essay's major research objective is to establish high school Moodle platform of information technology, take the advantage of the structure of moodle platform, make integrated use of Moodle site management, user management, course management, task modules, chat room module, selecting module, forum module, logging module, test module for the effective completion of High School Information Technology teaching tasks. In the curriculum implementation process, by means of Moodle forum module, grouping module and test module and so on, to realize a comprehensive assessment of student learning outcomes. Moodle is verified through the practical application of information technology platform. It is an effective interactive learning platform among the high school curriculum, therefore students high-quality learning can be achieved. © 2012 IEEE.

Suran K.,Ningbo Dahongying University
Journal of Multimedia | Year: 2013

Since the angular deviation produced when shooting a QR code image by a camera would cause geometric distortion of the QR code image, the traditional algorithm of QR code image correction would produce distortion. Therefore this paper puts forward the algorithm which combines corner detection with convex hull algorithm. Firstly, binaryzation of the collected QR code image with uneven light is obtained by the methods of local threshold and mathematical morphology. Next, the outline of the QR code and the dots on it are found and the distorted image is recovered by perspective collineation, according to the algorithm raised by this paper. Finally, experimental verification is made that the algorithm raised by this paper can correctly find the four apexes of QR code and achieves good effects of geometric correction. It will also significantly increase the recognition rate of seriously distorted QR code images. © 2013 Academy Publisher.

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