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Kniel K.,PTB | Osawa S.,NMIJ | Chanthawong N.,NIMT | Frazer R.,NGML | And 2 more authors.

The EURAMET TC-Length decided to run an intercomparison of involute gear standards as a regional comparison with non-European involvement. From the beginning 4 NMIs and 2 competent measurement institutes with worldwide reputation for gear metrology participated at this international comparison. One of the measurement institutes (NGLM) was registered as DI during the comparison. The circulation of the standards was scheduled for 11 months starting on August 2008 with the participation of 6 NMIs. The comparison of the presented results shows that discrepancies of the values of the compared measurands of some participating NMIs in some cases were too big and below the expectations, which leaves room for further improvement. The mishandling of the standards demonstrated the needs to improve the metrological skill in some cases or to take better precautions to avoid the improper handling of the transfer standards. Source

Jovanova-Nesic K.,Institute of Virology | Shoenfeld Y.,Laura Schwarz Kipp Chair for Research of Autoimmune Diseases | Spector N.H.,NIM
Current Aging Science

In the central nervous system (CNS) microglia are crucial for the defense of the brain against invading microorganisms, formation of tumors, and damage following trauma [1]. However, uncontrolled activation of these cells may have deleterious outcomes [2] through activation of Fcγ and the complement 3 receptors and the induction of an adaptive immune reaction [3]. Proteins contributing to this reaction are the intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) [3] and CD3 molecules, among others. Both can be expressed on the glia cells before cytokine release and may facilitate an autoimmune inflammatory reaction in the brain. Round microglial cells among the pyramidal cells of the hippocampus with increased expression of CD32+ (FcγIIa) and near the site of injection of aluminum were detected immunohistochemically and indicate microglial activation at the site of aluminum injury. ICAM-1+ immunoreactivity significantly increased in the hippocampus and in the choroids plexus, indicating increased inflammation in the brain as well as increased CD3ε+ expression in the hippocampus and non-MHC-restricted T cytotoxicity after aluminum injection. The pattern of expression of CD32+ (FcγIIa receptor) near the site of aluminum injection indicates that microglia may play a phagocytic role at the site of aluminum-induced excitotoxicity in the brain. Significant expression of ICAM-1+ and CD3ε + immunoreactive cells with the clusters of ICAM-1+ in the choroid plexus suggests a consequently neurotoxic autoimmune reaction induced by microglial hyperactivation in the injured brain. © 2012 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Yu K.M.,Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science | Kim W.S.,Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science | Han K.S.,Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science | Hsu J.C.-M.,CMS | And 11 more authors.
CPEM Digest (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements)

A key comparison for the 10 Mo and 1 Go resistance, APMP.EM-K2, has been carried out by the Asia-Pacific Metrology Program(APMP) Regional Metrology Organization(RMO). The purpose is to establish the degree of equivalence of resistance among the national metrology institutes(NMIs) within APMP, in support of CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement(MRA). The key comparison artifacts are three 10 Mo and three 1 Go resistance standards which was loaned from NIST and the 13 NMIs were participated in the comparison. The results will be presented at the conference. © 2014 IEEE. Source


Nim | Date: 2003-09-09

games and playthings, namely board games.

Dong W.,NIM | Lowe D.H.,National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom | Lu X.,NIM | Machin G.,National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom | And 4 more authors.
AIP Conference Proceedings

The WC-C peritectic fixed point, nominal melting and freezing temperature 2747 °C, shows extremely good metrological potential. Elsewhere, we published a prototype scale comparison of the ITS-90 between NPL, NIM and CEM, using high temperature eutectic fixed points (HTFPs) of Co-C (1324 °C), Pt-C (1738 °C), and Re-C (2474 °C). In this paper we present the further results of the bilateral comparison of the ITS-90 at an even higher temperature, 2747 °C, between NIM and NPL using WC-C peritectic fixed points. A NIM single zone high temperature furnace, model Chino IR-80, was modified to extend its temperature to 2800 °C. Then, an NPL researcher, on secondment to NIM, filled two WC-C cells in the modified furnace in a vertical position. The two WC-C cells were then realized in the same furnace, in an horizontal position. Their melting temperatures, defined by the inflection point of the melting curves, were measured by a linear pyrometer, model NIM-PSP. NIM's ITS-90 scale was assigned to the two cells, which were then transported to NPL. The realization of NPL's ITS-90 was then assigned to the two cells by using a model HT9500 Thermogauge furnace to realize the fixed points and a linear pyrometer, model LP3, to determine their temperature. The difference from the mean value of the NIM and NPL ITS-90 values for the WC-C points was derived. This allowed us to compare ITS-90 as realized by the two institutes and to determine the uncertainty in the scale comparison. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC. Source

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