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Tokyo, Japan

Nihon University is a private research university in Japan, which is considered the country's largest institution of higher learning. Yamada Akiyoshi, the Minster of Justice, founded Nihon Law School in October 1889.Most of the university's campuses are in the Kantō region, the vast majority in Tokyo or surrounding areas, though two campuses are as far away from Tokyo as Shizuoka Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. Unlike the separate campus systems of many American universities , these campuses do not represent separate universities, but normally accommodate a single college or school .The university comprises a federation of colleges and institutes known for having produced numerous CEOs of Japanese companies. The College of Art , located right next to Ekota train station in Tokyo's Nerima ward, is well known as it produces many artists who represent Japan in photography, theater, and cinema. In addition, the university has over 20 affiliated high schools bearing its name across Japan, from which a significant number of students go on to study at the institution as undergraduates. Wikipedia.

TS Technology CO., Josho Gakuen Educational Foundation and Nihon University | Date: 2013-04-18

A respiration signal of a seated person is detected with high accuracy by using a vehicle seat that includes a seat cushion; and a sensor detecting a pressure signal from a load applied from a seated person. The sensor is provided to be along an edge of a contact portion between the seat cushion and buttocks of the seated person. The sensor transmits the detected pressure signal to an arithmetic operation device of the seated person. In a respiration measuring device, the arithmetic operation device computes the detected pressure signal detected by the sensor to obtain a respiration signal of the seated person.

System Instruments Co. and Nihon University | Date: 2013-04-30

To provide an electrophoresis method and an electrophoresis device which can reduce difficulty in operation while implementing sufficient staining. An electrophoresis device includes a temperature gradient tank, a dispenser, a holder storage cabinet, a photographing unit, a PCR device, a chip rack, a chip disposal box, a DC power unit, a control unit, an arm, and a liquid feeder. A holder and a cassette removably attached to the holder are put on the temperature gradient tank. The control unit controls a carrying device, the arm, the liquid feeder, the temperature gradient tank, an excitation light source and a camera in the photographing unit, and the DC power unit. The control unit prestores a program for executing the control operation in its internal memory.

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. and Nihon University | Date: 2013-04-26

Provided is a novel IgA secretion promoter useful as a mucosal immunity stimulation agent and a method of promoting IgA secretion in a body of animal to stimulate mucosal immunity. A significant action of promoting IgA secretion was observed in oral administration of indigestible dextrin.

J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation and Nihon University | Date: 2013-04-26

An image processing device acquiring pseudo projection data by calculation when a virtual metallic body having a predetermined X-ray absorption coefficient is set in a photographic region of X-ray CT photography in a pseudo manner based on projection data, and the image processing device reconstructing the pseudo projection data to acquire pseudo CT image data. The image processing device acquires luminance (virtual metallic body luminance) of a virtual metallic body in the pseudo CT image data, and specifies a position of a metal equivalent region having luminance corresponding to the virtual metallic body luminance in normal CT image data. The image processing device acquires correction projection data by performing correction processing to the luminance of the metal equivalent region in the normal projection data, and the image processing device reconstructs the correction projection data to acquire correction CT image data.

Nihon University | Date: 2014-06-02

It is a problem of the present invention to provide a convenient and safe periodontal tissue regeneration material and provide a method of regenerating a periodontal tissue. The present invention provides a periodontal tissue regeneration material comprising dedifferentiated fat cells (DFAT) as the convenient and safe periodontal tissue regeneration material. The present invention provides a method of regenerating a periodontal tissue with the periodontal tissue regeneration material.

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