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A method and a system for providing a web page using dynamic page partitioning is provided. The method includes requesting the web page from a server, receiving the web page including content configured by a plurality of blocks from the server, partitioning the web page into the plurality of pages by split inserting the plurality of blocks into a plurality of pages based on a screen size of a display screen and a display size of the content in the plurality of blocks being displayed on the display screen. A page from among a plurality of pages is thus displayed on the display screen.

Provided is a method and system for installing a shortcut on a desktop, for example, through a mobile application. The method of installing the shortcut on the desktop may include importing a connecting application and activating an installation function on a browser providing a web service, importing a uniform resource locator (URL) scheme specified by the connecting application, and installing a shortcut to the web service on the desktop.

Disclosed herein is a group messaging system for providing file sharing through bidirectional interlock with a cloud server, including: a messenger server receiving information requesting creation of a group chatting room including group members and instructing user terminals of the respective group members to create the group chatting room; and a cloud server interlocking with the messenger server, receiving information about the creation of the group chatting room from the messenger server, and creating a sharing group mapped to the group chatting room in a one-to-one scheme.

Provided is a method and server for providing a button configuration of a toolbar specific to an individual domain address in an electronic device in which the toolbar is installed. The toolbar button management method for automatically configuring a domain-specific button may include obtaining a domain address through a web browser, determining whether the domain address is preset, changing a button configuration of the toolbar automatically based on button configuration information when the domain address is determined to be preset, and displaying the changed button configuration of the toolbar.

A method and cloud server for capturing and encoding a video from a website through a toolbar are disclosed. The method of capturing the video through the toolbar may include retrieving and selecting video from the website and capturing the selected video. The method of uploading the object on the webpage through the toolbar may include analyzing object information about the object on the webpage through the toolbar, selecting and transferring the object to an upload area through the toolbar using an account.

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