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NGP VAN is a privately owned American company specializing in helping progressive campaigns and organizations leverage technology to meet their goals. In 2009, the company was the largest partisan provider of campaign compliance software, used by most Democratic members of Congress. The company's services are utilized by notable clients such as the Obama 2012 presidential campaign. Wikipedia.

Lydia M.,Karunya University | Kumar S.S.,NGP | Selvakumar A.I.,Karunya University | Prem Kumar G.E.,Karunya University
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | Year: 2014

The wind turbine power curve shows the relationship between the wind turbine power and hub height wind speed. It essentially captures the wind turbine performance. Hence it plays an important role in condition monitoring and control of wind turbines. Power curves made available by the manufacturers help in estimating the wind energy potential in a candidate site. Accurate models of power curve serve as an important tool in wind power forecasting and aid in wind farm expansion. This paper presents an exhaustive overview on the need for modeling of wind turbine power curves and the different methodologies employed for the same. It also reviews in detail the parametric and non-parametric modeling techniques and critically evaluates them. The areas of further research have also been presented. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Arunkumar T.,NGP | Denkenberger D.,Denkenberger Inventing and Consulting | Ahsan A.,University Putra Malaysia
Desalination | Year: 2013

In order to augment the efficiency and distillate yield in the concentrator-coupled hemispherical basin solar still, a phase change material (PCM) was added. Two modes of operation have been studied experimentally, (1) single-slope solar still without the PCM effect, and (2) single-slope solar still with the PCM effect. The temperature of water (Tw), temperature of PCM (TPCM), air temperature (Tair), inner cover temperature (Tic) and outer cover temperature (Toc) were measured. Experimental results indicate that the effect of thermal storage in the concentrator-coupled hemispherical basin solar still increases the productivity by 26%. It was concluded that the productivity greatly increased due to the still integrated with PCM. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Lydia M.,Karunya University | Selvakumar A.I.,Karunya University | Kumar S.S.,NGP | Kumar G.E.P.,Karunya University
IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy | Year: 2013

A wind turbine power curve essentially captures the performance of the wind turbine. The power curve depicts the relationship between the wind speed and output power of the turbine. Modeling of wind turbine power curve aids in performance monitoring of the turbine and also in forecasting of power. This paper presents the development of parametric and nonparametric models of wind turbine power curves. Parametric models of the wind turbine power curve have been developed using four and five parameter logistic expressions. The parameters of these expressions have been solved using advanced algorithms like genetic algorithm (GA), evolutionary programming (EP), particle swarm optimization (PSO), and differential evolution (DE). Nonparametric models have been evolved using algorithms like neural networks, fuzzy c-means clustering, and data mining. The modeling of wind turbine power curve is done using five sets of data; one is a statistically generated set and the others are real-time data sets. The results obtained have been compared using suitable performance metrics and the best method for modeling of the power curve has been obtained. © 2010-2012 IEEE.

The present invention relates to a method, apparatus and system for measuring the content of either one or more gas analytes that may be part of a gas. The present invention applies a spectroscopic method that utilizes an extremely narrow linewidth laser beam that is absorbed when its wavelength is swept across the interval containing the absorption line of the analyte. The method, apparatus and system of the present invention is applicable to any analyte in gas phase that is part of a gas mixture, or to any analyte in a plasma phase, as well as analytes in other environments.

News Article | April 9, 2015
Site: www.techinasia.com

Dianping, China’s top Yelp-like site, this week led a series C funding round into food delivery startup Meican. The investment is worth RMB 140 million (US$22.6 million), with KPCB and Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) also participating. It was reported by Tencent’s QQ Tech site. The move comes as China’s online food delivery sector finally heats up after a lukewarm start. The involvement of Dianping – in which tech titan Tencent owns a 20 percent stake – shows that both Dianping and Tencent are looking to dominate this sector by taking strategic stakes in the leading takeaway services. In May 2014, Dianping put US$80 million into Ele.me – perhaps China’s top food delivery site – and then at the start of this year Tencent and Dianping joined in with a few other investors to put a further US$350 million into Ele.me. Tencent has also backed the fast-growing Line0 app. Dianping, which started out doing just restaurant listings, graduated to offering its own food takeaway options at the start of 2014 in partnership with restaurants in several Chinese cities. Between Meican, Ele.me, Line0, and Dianping itself, Tencent has this growing sector on lockdown. Meican is still quite small, covering six cities in China. It started up in 2011. It makes money by taking a cut of the bill – usually around 10 percent – from the restaurants that people order from. Meican’s latest funding comes 13 months after its series B round, which was worth US$10 million. Both KPCB and NGP are return investors.

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