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The next-generation network is body of key architectural changes in telecommunication core and access networks. The general idea behind the NGN is that one network transports all information and services by encapsulating these into packets, similar to those used on the Internet. NGNs are commonly built around the Internet Protocol, and therefore the term all IP is also sometimes used to describe the transformation of formerly telephone-centric networks toward NGN.The concept of future Internet refers instead to how the Internet itself might evolve. Wikipedia.

Agency: Department of Defense | Branch: Air Force | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 374.89K | Year: 2016

Increasing system capabilities in terms of weapon systems, ISR payloads, GNC, etc., enabled by smaller and more capable electronics systems have led to a trend for overall size reduction in military aircraft. This has resulted in a reduction in the avail...

Provided is a biocomposite including cells, a genetic construction, and a scaffold and a method for repairing tissue and organs in mammalians with the biocomposite. The interaction of the components of the biocomposite provides a complex effect on reparative regeneration processes. Also provided is a method for administration of gene-cellular therapeutic constructions to a recipient which can be used in medicine and veterinary to provide reparative processes. After administering the biocomposite to a recipient, the scaffold structure releases the nucleic acids which enter into the cells of a recipient bed and cells of the transplanted product. The nucleic acids are expressed, which results in the increased concentration of a target product responsible for reparative processes.

Apparatus and methods for measuring consumer experience through an optimal user panel within predetermined error rate, or any other categorization for wireless domain. The data is collected at the panel members wireless device. Categorization of data is based on but not limited to, product groupings and market segments. To minimize the cost of the method while having the estimate of consumer experience within aforesaid error rates, the panel members are chosen such that they can provide the most informative data of usage for the parameters that effect consumer experience, such as wireless network usage, usage of applications, sequence thereof among others. The focal point of data collection will be to trace the failure rate in the wireless network, devices, application among others. Thus we can apply suitable statistical models of prediction, such as but not limited to Poisson distribution and Empirical Bayes technique. Thus an optimal and more accurate quantitative measure of the estimate is made. By providing for performance statistics of consumer experience, it can readily be determined if a performance problem is related to the device, to the network and can also compare various factors such as but not limited to service providers, software platforms on wireless devices, different market segments using the wireless devices.

A system and method for recording a video conference between a home location and at least one remote location. The method includes: receiving a first audio signal from a computer at the home location, the first audio signal including the audio feed of the video conference participant from the at least one remote location; feeding the first audio signal to (a) a sound producing device, and (b) a mixing device; receiving a second audio signal from a microphone at the home location, the second audio signal including an audio feed from the microphone; feeding the second audio signal to (a) an audio input of the computer at the home location and (b) the mixing device; combining, at the mixing device, the first and second audio signals into a third signal, wherein the third signal includes the audio feed from the microphone and the at least one remote location; outputting the third audio signal; and recording the outputted third audio signal on a recording device.

A system and method for monitoring a plurality of video conferences are provided. The method employs at least first and second monitors, a speaker, a microphone, and a plurality of computers. The method includes: (a) joining each of the plurality of video conferences on a different one of the plurality of computers; (b) providing a monitoring environment of all of the plurality of video conferences, including (1) first displaying, simultaneously in a mosaic using at least the first monitor, video feed from the plurality of computers and (2) outputting a combined audio feed of the plurality of computers; (c) interacting with one of the plurality of video conferences, including (1) selecting one of the plurality of computers for connection to at least the microphone and the second monitor, (2) sending an audio feed from the microphone to the selected one of the plurality of computers; and (3) second displaying, on the second monitor, a video feed of the video conference as provided by the selected one of the plurality computers; wherein the method is configured to perform the monitoring and the interacting at the same time, such that all video conferences can be monitored while one of the video conferences is interacted with.

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