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Nexpower Technology Corporation | Date: 2010-11-26

A thin-film solar cell and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The method of manufacturing the thin-film solar cell includes the steps of providing a substrate; forming a diffusion barrier layer on the substrate; forming a back electrode layer on the diffusion barrier layer; forming a precursor layer on the back electrode layer, and the precursor layer including at least Cu, In and Ga; providing an alkali layer on an upper surface of the precursor layer, and the alkali layer being formed of Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, or an alkali metal compound; providing a selenization process for the precursor layer and the alkali layer to form an absorber layer, such that an atomic percentage concentration of the alkali metal in the absorber layer is ranged between 0.01%10%; forming at least a buffer layer on the absorber layer; and forming at least a front electrode layer on the buffer layer.

Nexpower Technology Corporation | Date: 2011-12-20

A manufacturing method of thin film solar cells and thin film solar cells thereof. The thin film solar cells comprise a substrate, an amorphous silicon layer, a first conductive layer, a stacked I-layer, a second conductive layer and a back contact layer. The amorphous silicon layer is on the substrate. The first conductive layer is on the amorphous silicon layer. The stacked I-layer is on the first conductive layer; the stacked I-layer from bottom to top is sequentially stacked by three different deposition rate I-layers: a first I-layer, a second I-layer and a third I-layer. Compared with the first and the third I-layer, the second I-layer has deposition rate higher than those of the other two I-layers. The second conductive layer is on the stacked I-layer. The back contact layer is on the second conductive layer for getting electric energy.

Nexpower Technology Corporation | Date: 2011-07-21

A thin film silicon solar cell and a manufacturing method thereof. The thin film silicon solar cell comprises a glass substrate, a first electrode layer, a light absorbing layer, a second electrode layer, and a metal electrode layer sequentially stacked on top of one another. The second electrode layer has a texture surface and concavities formed on the texture surface, and each of the concavities has a width falling within a range of 100 nm-1600 nm and a depth less than 800 nm.

Nexpower Technology Corporation | Date: 2013-06-06

A colored solar cell device includes: a solar cell module; a transparent adhesive layer; and a color filter attached to the solar cell module through the transparent adhesive layer and including a transparent filter substrate and a wavelength-selective reflecting film that is formed on the transparent filter substrate, that contacts the transparent adhesive layer and that includes at least one first dielectric layer made from a material selected from the group consisting of TiO

NEXPOWER TECHNOLOGY Corporation | Date: 2011-01-21

A thin film solar cell structure comprises a substrate, a front electrode layer, an absorber layer, and a back electrode layer stacked on one another sequentially. A first isolation groove goes through the back electrode layer and the absorber layer, and a second isolation groove is disposed concavely in the front electrode layer and filled with an insulative material. A conductive groove is disposed concavely in the absorber layer and filled with a conductive material. Therefore, the front electrode layer is electrically conducted to the back electrode layer via the conductive material. By means of a method of patterning the first isolation groove, second isolation groove and conductive groove, a succinct design of the thin film solar cell structure can be achieved.

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