New York City, NY, United States
New York City, NY, United States

New York University is a private, nonsectarian American research university based in New York City. NYU's main campus is located at Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan. Founded in 1831, NYU is one of the largest private nonprofit institutions of American higher education.NYU was elected to the Association of American Universities in 1950. NYU counts 35 Nobel Prize winners, three Abel Prize winners, 10 National Medal of Science recipients, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, over 30 Academy Award winners, four Putnam Competition winners, Russ Prize, Gordon Prize, and Draper Prize winners, Turing Award winners, and Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award winners among its faculty and alumni. NYU also has MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellowship holders as well as National Academy of science and National Academy of Engineering members among its past and present graduates and faculty.NYU is organized into more than 20 schools, colleges, and institutes, located in six centers throughout Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, as well as more than a dozen other sites across the world, with plans for further expansion. According to the Institute of International Education, NYU sends more students to study abroad than any other US college or university, and the College Board reports more online searches by international students for "NYU" than for any other university. Wikipedia.

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Disclosed herein are isolated and purified Staphylococcus aureus bi-component leukocidin, referred to herein as LukAB, and its components LukA and LukB, antibodies specific to LukA, antibodies specific to LukB, therapeutic compositions containing LukA and/or LukB, or anti-LukA and/or anti-LukB antibodies, uses of the compositions to treat acute inflammatory conditions or S. aureus infection, methods for identifying inhibitors of LukAB-mediated cytotoxicity of human phagocytes, and methods for using LukAB as a marker to predict severity of S. aureus infection.

New York University | Date: 2017-03-01

The present invention relates to methods for preventing or treating Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection, inflammatory conditions, and graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD) in a subject. Therapeutic compositions of the present invention comprise Leukocidin E (LukE) and/or D proteins or polypeptides. The invention further relates to methods of treating Staphylococcus aureus infection by administering a composition comprising a CCR5 antagonist or any molecule that blocks LukE/D interaction with CCR5^(+) cells in an amount effective to treat the S. aurreus infection in the subject.

New York University | Date: 2017-04-05

This disclosure relates to methods for promoting bone formation or reducing bone destruction. This disclosure also relates to methods for promoting the recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to a local site of injury or surgical intervention in bone to promote healing. In addition, this disclosure relates to methods for reducing or preventing mineral formation or bone growth, or reducing bone mass. The methods disclosed herein are useful for treating conditions such as osteoradionecrosis.

The present invention relates to oxopiperazines that mimic helix B of the C-terminal transactivation domain of HIF1. Also disclosed are pharmaceutical compositions containing these oxopiperazines and methods of using these oxopiperazines (e.g., to reduce gene transcription, treat or prevent disorders mediated by interaction of HIFla with CREB-binding protein and/or p300, reduce or prevent angiogenesis in a tissue, induce apoptosis, and decrease cell survival and/or proliferation).

Toshiba Corporation and New York University | Date: 2017-02-22

An X ray diagnostic apparatus includes an X ray tube generating X rays, a first detector detecting the X rays, at least one second detector arranged in front of a first detection surface of the first detector and including a second detection surface narrower than the first detection surface and indicator points provided on a rear surface of the second detection surface, a projection data generation unit generating first projection data based on an output from the first detector, and a positional shift detection unit detecting a positional shift of the second detector relative to the first detector in accordance with an imaging direction by using the first projection data and a predetermined positional relationship between the points and detection elements in the second detector.

New York University | Date: 2017-02-21

The invention relates to the field of polymers and olefin polymerization, and more specifically olefin metathesis polymerization. The invention provides regioregular alternating polymers and methods of synthesizing such polymers. To demonstrate, polymers were synthesized and modified with a FRET pair (Trp/Dansyl) post-polymerization.

New York University | Date: 2017-03-03

The present disclosure is directed to adeno-associated viral vector monoclonal antibody constructs and compositions thereof, methods of improving locomotor function after spinal cord injury, methods of treating neurodegenerative diseases.

The present invention relates to characterizing changes in mammalian intestinal microbiota associated with associated with high-fat and low-fat diets and with diets containing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) and related methods for diagnosing, preventing and treating obesity and related conditions such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus. Therapeutic methods of the invention involve the use of probiotics, and/or prebiotics, and/or narrow spectrum antibiotics/anti-bacterial agents that are capable of restoring healthy mammalian bacterial intestinal microbiota.

Seeman N.C.,New York University
Annual Review of Biochemistry | Year: 2010

The combination of synthetic stable branched DNA and sticky-ended cohesion has led to the development of structural DNA nanotechnology over the past 30 years. The basis of this enterprise is that it is possible to construct novel DNA-based materials by combining these features in a self-assembly protocol. Thus, simple branched molecules lead directly to the construction of polyhedrons, whose edges consist of double helical DNA and whose vertices correspond to the branch points. Stiffer branched motifs can be used to produce self-assembled two-dimensional and three-dimensional periodic lattices of DNA (crystals). DNA has also been used to make a variety of nanomechanical devices, including molecules that change their shapes and molecules that can walk along a DNA sidewalk. Devices have been incorporated into two-dimensional DNA arrangements; sequence-dependent devices are driven by increases in nucleotide pairing at each step in their machine cycles. © 2010 by Annual Reviews. All rights reserved.

Nudler E.,New York University
Cell | Year: 2012

RNA polymerase is a ratchet machine that oscillates between productive and backtracked states at numerous DNA positions. Since its first description 15 years ago, backtracking - the reversible sliding of RNA polymerase along DNA and RNA - has been implicated in many critical processes in bacteria and eukaryotes, including the control of transcription elongation, pausing, termination, fidelity, and genome instability. © 2012 Elsevier Inc.

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