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Lawrence, United States

New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. | Date: 2010-03-23

A shoe sole and shoe are provided for offsetting a wearers side-to-side balance to encourage a wearers conditioning and toning. The shoe sole includes a midsole width that underlies and supports a wearers foot, and an upper midsole portion undercut at its peripheral sidewall around the heel to define a horizontal indentation. A lower midsole portion has a corresponding undercut in its upper surface that angles downward and outward from the indentation. The depth of the indentation forms a balancing portion between the medially and laterally placed indentations that is narrower than the midsole width, thereby forcing the wearer to adjust ones walking gait to maintain balance over the balancing portion. A structure with a base portion can be disposed along the indentation with upward and or downward extending extensions disposed along the peripheral sidewall. The structure can include leaf springs extending transversely over a central midsole portion.

New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. | Date: 2013-02-21

The invention relates to apparel and methods for supporting a movement of an athlete during an asymmetrical athletic motion. An example asymmetric garment for at least a portion of a body of a wearer includes a first material portion and a second material portion, with the first material portion and second material portion being arranged asymmetrically with respect to a central vertical plain of the garment, and with the second material being adapted to provide a lesser resistance to at least one of stretching or twisting than the first material to reduce resistance to a movement of the wearer during an asymmetrical athletic motion.

New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. | Date: 2014-03-14

The invention relates to shoes including sole elements having a cambered profile. An example sole element includes a midsole having a heel portion, a midfoot portion, and a forefoot portion, the midfoot portion including a longitudinal arch including a medial longitudinal arch portion and a lateral longitudinal arch portion, wherein the longitudinal arch is at least partially elevated above a ground surface in an unloaded condition and deforms towards a ground surface and elongates longitudinally in a loaded condition.

New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. | Date: 2015-06-16

The invention relates to articles of footwear having traction elements, and systems and methods for manufacturing same. An example shoe includes an upper and a sole plate, the sole plate including a lower surface adapted for ground contact having a first sole portion including first traction elements, the first traction elements having a distal end and a side wall with extensions extending from a central core, and a second sole portion including second traction elements, the second traction elements having at least one geometrical feature differing in one or more aspects from a corresponding geometrical feature of the first traction elements.

New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. | Date: 2012-02-07

The invention relates to devices and methods for monitoring one or more athletic performance characteristic of a user. An example apparatus includes a sensing unit adapted to be attachable to a shoe of a user, the sensing unit including a first sensor adapted to monitor an movement of a foot of the user while the user is in motion, the first sensor comprising a gyroscopic sensor, processing means for determining a first performance characteristic of the user based upon an output from the first sensor, the first performance characteristic comprising a foot strike location of a foot of the user upon striking a ground surface, and transmitting means for transmitting a data package representative of the performance characteristic to a remote receiver.

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