Netanya, Israel
Netanya, Israel

Netanya Academic College is a private college based in Netanya, Israel. Established in 1994 by a team from Bar-Ilan University, it has an enrolment of around 4,000 undergraduate students. It is headed by its founder, Zvi Arad.The college offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in several subjects, focusing on law, business administration, finance and computer science. Wikipedia.

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Shechory Bitton M.,Ariel University | Laufer A.,Netanya Academic College
Stress and Health | Year: 2017

The aim of the this study was to test the association between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), posttraumatic growth (PTG), and coping strategies among Israeli mothers with prolonged exposure to rocket missiles. One hundred fifty-two mothers, from the Western Negev region of Israel, took part in the study. Respondents were affected by prolonged exposure to missile attacks even when they themselves had not been hit or injured. A positive correlation was found between PTSD and PTG. Problem-focused coping was found to mediate the relationship between PTSD and PTG; the higher the PTSD, the greater the use of problem-focused coping and the greater the posttraumatic growth. The results help understand the association between PTSD and PTG. The finding whereby problem-focused coping mediates the PTSD-PTG relationship is important for comprehending the association between the variables and the significance of growth in human life and for constructing intervention programs that promote growth following trauma. In addition, the study contributes to raising awareness both of how mothers cope and that they are a separate risk group with distinct growth possibilities. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Sharon O.,Netanya Academic College | Alpert Y.,Intel Corporation
Ad Hoc Networks | Year: 2017

In this paper we investigate two models for traffic transmission of two Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections with one connection in Uplink direction and the other in Downlink direction, between an Access Point and a station over an IEEE 802.11ac channel. In one model the traffic of the two connections is mapped to a single Traffic Stream, and in the second model the traffic of the two TCP connections is split into two different Traffic Streams. We assume Error-Free and Error-Prone channels, the Two-Level aggregation method and the Reverse Direction capability of IEEE 802.11ac. The Goodput of the two models is about the same, however, in the first model shorter dedicated transmission periods, denoted Transmission Opportunities (TXOP), are sufficient to achieve the optimal Goodput because TCP Acks are interleaved. Also, using Reverse Direction prevents collisions and improves the Goodput by 10−15% over contension based access. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Erel H.,The Interdisciplinary Center | Erel H.,Netanya Academic College | Levy D.A.,The Interdisciplinary Center
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews | Year: 2016

Changes in attention are among the most important cognitive shifts associated with aging, with implications for maintenance of vocational competencies, participation in social interactions, and successful execution of activities of daily living. An important facet of attention is orienting, the ability to selectively attend a location or modality and thereby engender perceptual augmentation. Orienting also involves shifting of the focus of attention in response to unanticipated salient events. Aging may impact orienting through a variety of neurocognitive mechanisms and the interactions between them. We review findings regarding factors that mediate the impact of aging on orienting, including overt vs. covert attending, exogenous vs. endogenous processes, orienting benefits vs. reorienting costs, cue-target onset asynchrony (SOA), post-orienting task factors, and stage of aging. We also consider aging-related changes in the brain substrates of orienting, including cortical and white matter integrity, laterality, connectivity, neuromodulatory functions, and compensatory activity. Taken together, these findings suggest that healthy aging impacts performance on orienting tasks less through direct effects than via interactions with additional cognitive processes. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd

Rubinstein G.,Netanya Academic College
Journal of Individual Differences | Year: 2016

The objective of this study is to compare the Big Five of personality and the narcissism levels between candidates who auditioned for the show and control individuals, who had no intention to participate in a reality TV show. Ninety-two candidates who auditioned for the show and 94 control individuals who had no intention to do so filled in a demographic questionnaire, Costa and McCrae's (1992) NEO-FFI-R, and Raskin and Hall's (1981) Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI). The candidates were significantly less agreeable and neurotic, but more extroverted, conscientious, and narcissistic, than noncandidates. Gender personality differences between candidates and noncandidates are also presented. Reality TV shows are one of the modalities of the narcissistic culture, through which narcissistic individuals may channel their need for admiration. © 2016 Hogrefe Publishing.

Jbara A.,Netanya Academic College | Feitelson D.G.,Hebrew University of Jerusalem
22nd International Conference on Program Comprehension, ICPC 2014 - Proceedings | Year: 2014

It is naturally easier to comprehend simple code relative to complicated code. Regrettably, there is little agreement on how to effectively measure code complexity. As a result simple generalpurpose metrics are often used, such as lines of code (LOC), Mc- Cabe's cyclomatic complexity (MCC), and Halstead's metrics. But such metrics just count syntactic features, and ignore details of the code's global structure, which may also have an effect on understandability. In particular, we suggest that code regularity-where the same structures are repeated time after time-may significantly reduce complexity, because once one figures out the basic repeated element it is easier to understand additional instances. We demonstrate this by controlled experiments where subjects perform cognitive tasks on different versions of the same basic function. The results indicate that versions with significant regularity lead to better comprehension, while taking similar time, despite being longer and having higherMCC. These results indicate that regularity is another attribute of code that should be taken into account in the context of studying the code's complexity and comprehension. Moreover, the fact that regularity may compensate for LOC and MCC demonstrates that complexity cannot be decomposed into independently addable contributions by individual attributes. Copyright © 2014 ACM.

Natek S.,International School for Social and Business Studies | Zwilling M.,Netanya Academic College
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2014

Higher education institutions (HEIs) are often curious whether students will be successful or not during their study. Before or during their courses the academic institutions try to estimate the percentage of successful students. But is it possible to predict the success rate of students enrolled in their courses? Are there any specific student characteristics, which can be associated with the student success rate? Is there any relevant student data available to HEIs on the basis of which they could predict the student success rate? The answers to the above research questions can generally be obtained using data mining tools. Unfortunately, data mining algorithms work best with large data sets, while student data, available to HEIs, related to courses are limited and falls into the category of small data sets. Thus, the study focuses on data mining for small student data sets and aims to answer the above research questions by comparing two different data mining tools. The conclusions of this study are very promising and will encourage HEIs to incorporate data mining tools as an important part of their higher education knowledge management systems. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sharon O.,Netanya Academic College | Alpert Y.,Lantiq
Physical Communication | Year: 2014

We compare between the Throughput performance of IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11ac under the same PHY conditions and in the three aggregation schemes that are possible in the MAC layer of the two protocols. We find that for an error-free channel 802.11ac outperforms 802.11n due to its larger frame sizes, except for the case where there is a limit on the number of aggregated packets. In an error-prone channel the bit error rate sometimes determines the optimal frame sizes. Together with the limit on the number of aggregated packets, these two factors limit the advantage of 802.11ac. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.

van Dam E.R.,University of Tilburg | Muzychuk M.,Netanya Academic College
Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A | Year: 2010

We give an overview of results on amorphic association schemes. We give the known constructions of such association schemes, and enumerate most such association schemes on up to 49 vertices. Special attention is paid to cyclotomic association schemes. We give several results on when a strongly regular decomposition of the complete graph is an amorphic association scheme. This includes a new proof of the result that a decomposition of the complete graph into three strongly regular graphs is an amorphic association scheme, and the new result that a strongly regular decomposition of the complete graph for which the union of any two relations is again strongly regular must be an amorphic association scheme. © 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Aluf O.,Netanya Academic College
2015 IEEE International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems, COMCAS 2015 | Year: 2015

In this article, we discuss the crucial subject of RFID tags with double rectangular spiral antennas, system stability optimization under delayed electromagnetic interference and parasitic effects. Two antennas are connected in series by microstrip line with parasitic effects. We define V1(t) as the voltage on the first antenna inductance and V2(t) as the voltage on the second antenna inductance. Due to electromagnetic interference there are differences in time delays, with respect to the first and second rectangular spiral antennas voltages and voltage derivatives. The delayed voltages are V1(t - τ1) and V2(t - τ2) respectively (τ1 ≠ τ2) and the delayed voltage derivatives are dV1(t - Δ1)/dt, dV2(t - Δ2)/dt respectively Δμ. Additionally, there is a delay in time for the microstrip parasitic effects Δμ. The double rectangular spiral antenna system equivalent circuit can be described in terms of delayed differential equations, depending on variable parameters and delays. The stability of a given steady state is determined by the graphs of some function of τ1, τ2, Δ1, Δ2 and Δμ. © 2015 IEEE.

Rubinstein G.,Netanya Academic College
Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy | Year: 2010

According to orthodox psychoanalytical theory, narcissism and homosexuality are strongly associated. This association played a major role in pathologizing homosexuality. The present study compared self-esteem and two measures of narcissism among 90 homosexual and 109 heterosexual male students, who filled in a demographic questionnaire, Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale, the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, and the Pathological Narcissism Inventory, which addresses both grandiose and vulnerable subtypes of narcissism. The hypothesis, which is based on the Freudian connection between narcissism and homosexuality, is supported by the results, indicating that the homosexual students score higher in both measures of narcissism and lower on the self-esteem measure, compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Intra-psychic, as well as environmental, interpretations of the results are suggested in the discussion. Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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