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Netafim is a company in the field of irrigation for agriculture and landscaping. The company focuses on crops in the area of drip irrigation, greenhouse turnkey projects, and biofuel energy crops. Founded in 1965, Netafim introduced a new concept of low-volume irrigation, launching the drip irrigation revolution. Wikipedia.

Netafim | Date: 2013-02-04

For indoor mushroom cultivation, a method of irrigating the mushrooms includes drip irrigation pipes in the bed. The drip irrigation pipes can be disposed in a casing layer that overlies a substrate layer, and irrigation can be according to measurements taken in the environment outside of the bed.

Netafim | Date: 2012-08-22

A pulsating irrigation device is provided that transforms a fluid flow entering the device to an intermittent pulsating fluid flow that is ejected from the device. The device has a chamber and at least one compressible member in pressure contact with the chamber. The compressible member compresses to assist the formation of the pulses ejected from the device and the fluid within the chamber is substantially sealed from contact with the interior of the compressible member.

Netafim | Date: 2012-12-20

An aeration system for a bed of ore that is laid upon a basal layer has a gas source located upstream for supplying gas and aeration pipes that distribute the gas downstream to the bed. Each aeration pipe has spaced-apart gas emitters that distribute gas to the bed and the aeration pipes extend through the bed towards the basal layer.

Netafim | Date: 2012-06-14

A pulsating device has a chamber for receiving liquid entering the device and gas that occupies an initial volume in the chamber. The liquid entering the chamber compresses the gas and decreases the volume occupied by the gas, thereby increasing the pressure in the chamber. A valve is provided to open above a first threshold pressure to begin a pulse of liquid. The valve closes below a second threshold pressure to end the pulse. The pulsating device has an outlet gate that permits liquid in the chamber to exit the chamber when the pressure in the chamber is greater than the pressure outside the chamber.

A fitting assembly that can attach to an open end of a flexible pipe has a nipple and a clamp. For attachment, the pipe is fitted with its open end over the nipple and the clamp fits over the pipe where the pipe fits over the nipple. The nipple has a seal and a barb arrangement that is located rear to the seal. The seal and barb arrangement contact an inner face of the pipe. The clamp has an axial extension that is sized to overlie the barb arrangement and the seal in order to press the pipe against the barb arrangement and the seal.

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