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Golfman Y.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC
JEC Composites Magazine | Year: 2015

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an innovative aircraft that consists of more than 50% carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) due to these materials' low weight and exceptional strength. Using COMSOL modelling tools, engineers at Boeing research found that a metal foil inserted in a CFRP laminate can provide lightning protection for the aircraft structure. The purpose of this article is to explain how this laminate can be improved to create multifunctional materials that can protect the fuselage from lightning strikes while providing vibration damping and sound absorption effects. © 2015 Ashland AD-13070.

Neo Advent Technologies LLC | Date: 2005-08-10

After sun creams; After-shave creams; Age spot reducing creams; Anti-aging cream; Anti-freckle creams; Anti-wrinkle creams; Aromatherapy creams; Astringents for cosmetic purposes; Bath oils for cosmetic purposes; Beauty creams; Beauty creams for body care; Bleaching preparations for cosmetic purposes; Body and beauty care cosmetics; Body and beauty care preparations; Body cream soap; Body creams; Body deodorant in pill form; Body emulsions; Body lotions; Body mask cream; Body mask lotion; Body mask powder; Body masks; Body milks; Body oils; Body powder; Body scrub; Body spray used as a personal deodorant and as fragrance; Body sprays; Body sprays, namely water in atomized containers used to produce a cooling effect; Boot cream; Chalk for cosmetic use; Cleaner for cosmetic brushes; Cleansing creams; Cocoa butter for cosmetic purposes; Cold cream; Concealers; Cosmetic balls; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic creams for skin care; Cosmetic facial blotting papers; Cosmetic milks; Cosmetic oils; Cosmetic oils for the epidermis; Cosmetic pads; Cosmetic pencils; Cosmetic preparations against sunburn; Cosmetic preparations for body care; Cosmetic preparations for eye lashes; Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal; Cosmetic preparations for the care of mouth and teeth; Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skin care; Cosmetic rouges; Cosmetic soaps; Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations; Cosmetic sun-tanning preparations; Cosmetic suntan lotions; Cosmetics; Cosmetics namely, compacts; Cotton balls for cosmetic purposes; Cotton buds for cosmetic purposes; Cotton for cosmetic purposes; Cotton puffs for cosmetic purposes; Cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; Cotton swabs for cosmetic purposes; Cream soaps; Creams for cellulite reduction; Cuticle cream; Decorative transfers and skin jewels for cosmetic purposes; Deodorants for body care; Depilatory creams; Exfoliant creams; Eye compresses for cosmetic purposes; Eye cream; Face and body beauty creams; Face and body creams; Face and body lotions; Face and body milk; Face creams for cosmetic use; Facial creams; Fair complexion cream; Foams containing cosmetics and sunscreens; Foundation; Gauze for cosmetic purposes; Hair care creams; Hair creams; Hair removing cream; Hand creams; Henna for cosmetic purposes; Lip cream; Liquid soaps for hands, face and body; Lotions for face and body care; Make-up products for the face and body; Make-up removing milk, gel, lotions and creams; Nail cream; Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes; Night cream; Non-medicated body soaks; Non-medicated foot cream; Non-medicated scalp treatment cream; Non-medicated skin creams; Pencils for cosmetic purposes; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Perfumed creams; Petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; Pre-moistened cosmetic tissues; Pre-moistened cosmetic towelettes; Pre-moistened cosmetic wipes; Pre-shave creams; Rose oil for cosmetic purposes; Scented body spray; Shampoos; Shaving cream; Shoe and boot cream; Shower creams; Skin cleansing cream; Skin creams; Skin creams in liquid and in solid form; Skin lightening creams; Skin whitening creams; Soaps; Soaps for body care; Sun creams; Sunscreen creams; Suntan creams self-tanning creams; Tanning creams; Toners; Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands; Topical herbal cream for firming and enhancing breasts; Topical skin sprays for cosmetic purposes; Vanishing cream; Wax strips for removing body hair; Wrinkle resistant cream.

Golfman Y.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC
Journal of Advanced Materials | Year: 2010

Sophisticated 3-D air surveillance radar for military and commercial SATCOM and civilian air traffic control applications include weather radar, phased array radar and secondary surveillance radar. Standard wind speed design is 150 mph (240 km/hr) and optional designs withstanding up to 250 mph (400 km/hr) are available and easy to install Hydrophobic coatings for enhanced high-frequency performance in rain also customized shapes for reduced tower loads or radar cross section. The ground-based radomes heavily rely on the use of thermoset plastics. Thermoset plastics have many inherent problems that make them less than ideal materials for use in the manufacture of radomes. One of the main problems encountered with the use of thermoset plastic (in radomes) is that the resulting structure is extremely susceptible to impact damage and weather related deterioration (radome delaminating). These compromised radomes will not stop water intrusion thus causing transmission loss. This shortcoming makes it imperative that preservation techniques (e.g. the use of primers, topcoats, and abrasive cleaners) be implemented in order to extend the service life. These preservation techniques rely heavily on highly toxic primers that require significant resources and labor for repeated applications and disposal. The purpose of this article is to replace thermoset plastics on the thermoplastics and develop a new, simple and economically feasible method to research and design thermoplastic materials and processes to manufacture large, ground-based radomes, eliminating delaminating, painting, hazardous waste, increase life cycles, reduce maintenance costs, while maintaining all structural requirements.

Hao T.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC | Tukianen J.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC | Nivorozhkin A.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC | Landrau N.,Neo Advent Technologies LLC
Powder Technology | Year: 2013

The tribo-electrification of the powder particles is ubiquitous in pharmaceutical powder blending processes. It usually carries a negative connotation as particles may jam and stick inside equipments. Though it is practically important, the tribo-electrification is rarely characterized quantitatively in pharmaceutical areas. The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between the electrostatic properties of pharmaceutical powders and blend homogeneity. We hypothesized that once the powder mixtures reached the homogeneity, the bulk electrostatic charges of the randomly collected samples at different spatial locations of the powder mixture would converge. Otherwise, the charges would scatter over a wide range due to non-uniformity of the powder mixture. Three prototypic pharmaceutical mixtures with (or without) caffeine as a model active pharmaceutical ingredient, microcrystalline cellulose as a filler/binder (Avicels), Cab-o-sil as a glidant, and Magnesium Stearate as a lubricant, were formulated and mixed in a V-blender. The resulted electrostatic charges were measured with a Faraday Cup connected to an electrometer and a strong correlation between electrostatic charges and blend homogeneity was found. The electrostatic charge monitoring method could be potentially used for assessing the blend uniformity. We also discovered the cyclical blending/deblending phenomena occurred with certain periodicity patterns upon continuous powder blending process, which may help design proper pharmaceutical blending procedures. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

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