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Matsuyama-shi, Japan

Provided is a flight obstacle extraction device, a flight obstacle extraction method, and a recording medium which attain the detailed extraction of flight obstacles with fewer man-hours. An altitude information acquisition unit (

A microcode RAM obtains, from a host computer, a microcode including an instruction sequence and a composite instruction sequence coupling a plurality of instruction sequences together to sort the micro instructions and to process the plurality of instruction sequences in a parallel manner and stores the obtained microcode. An address table obtains the header address of the microcode from the host computer, and stores the obtained header address. An FIFO buffer stores information on a vertex subjected to an arithmetic processing and an instruction sequence index for identifying the content of the arithmetic processing for the information on the vertex. An instruction determination unit selects the microcode based on the successive instruction sequence indexes obtained from the FIFO buffer. An arithmetic processing execution unit executes the arithmetic processing on the information on the vertex based on the microcode selected by the instruction determination unit.

Nec System Technologies Ltd. | Date: 2010-07-28

An optical unit is provided with a filter member (

Nec System Technologies Ltd. and NEC Corp | Date: 2011-11-29

In order to solve a problem to provide means for facilitating creation and management of a component table, there is provided a component management apparatus which arranges and manages components of a plurality of products, arranges and manages common components that are common in all of the plurality of products and optional components which are different for each product, associates and manages the optional components with specific requirements that are set for each product to determine whether to use the optional components, and manages specific requirements that are associated with each product and set for each product.

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