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Cupertino, CA, United States

NEC Laboratories America Inc. | Date: 2015-04-07

A method for power management includes applying a decentralized control to manage a large-scale community-level energy system; obtaining a global optimal solution satisfying constraints between the agents representing the energy systems devices as a state-based potential game with a multi-agent framework; independently optimizing each agents output power while considering operational constraints and assuring a pure Nash equilibrium (NE), wherein a state space helps coordinating the agents behavior in energy system to deal with system-wide constraints including supply demand balance, battery charging power constraint and satisfy system-wide and device-level (local) operational constraints; and controlling distributed generations (DGs) and storage devices using the agents output.

The present invention proposes a hybrid optical/electrical network architecture for the direct-connect datacenters and HPC systems. It utilizes small scale optical switches in parallel with the electrical switching modules (e.g. the multi-port NIC) in the direct-connect electrical network (e.g 3D Torus) in order to provide optical bypassing capabilities. The optical network keeps the same topology as the electrical packet switching network, while the number of optical nodes can be equal or less than the electrical switching modules.

NEC Laboratories America Inc. | Date: 2015-04-09

A method of optical label swapping implemented by a switch used in a software defined network system that in one embodiment includes providing a 400-Gbit/s payload having a Nyquist shaped carrier in a 75-Ghz bandwidth spacing using a payload generator module controlling at least one first optical laser, and inserting a first optical label adjacent to the payload flow in a remainder of a 100-Ghz bandwidth with a label generator controlling at least one second optical laser. The label generator and the payload generator are controlled by a software defined network (SDN). A package of the payload and the first optical label is transmitted to a receiving node. The optical label can be swapped at the receiving node with a flex grid wavelength selective switch (WSS) controlled by the software defined network.

NEC Laboratories America Inc. | Date: 2015-08-28

A system and method for resource management in a heterogeneous wireless network that is performed via distributed implementation wherein the resources of the mobile communications system are managed on a coarse time-scale and a fine time-scale. The coarse time-scale management comprises a first stage of determining the user association for each of the TPs followed by a second stage of determining activation fractions for all TPs. The determining of the user association is performed by utilizing a GLS procedure having a Greedy Stage and a Local Search Stage. In the Greedy Stage, new user, TP pairs are analyzed and the pair with the greatest improvement in system utility is selected. In the Local Search Stage, potential swaps are analyzed and a pair offering the greatest improvement that exceeds a threshold is selected. The determining of activation fractions for all TPs is performed by utilizing an auxiliary function method.

NEC Laboratories America Inc. | Date: 2015-04-10

The invention uses a point-to-multi-point (P2MP) discovery process conducted in a passive optical network PON system to identify each sensor that returns a probe pulse identified with a respective sensor without adding any equipment at the remote sensors. The sensors provide with the returned signal information indicative of measured gas leakage in the air in the sensor.

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