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Hino, Japan

NBC Meshtec Inc. and NBC Inc. | Date: 2009-12-08

Cartridges for air filtering machines used with engines, not for land vehicles; filtering machines and filters for cleaning cooling air for engines; air and oil filters as parts of machines; printing machines for textile use; printing plates; vacuum cleaner bags. [ Nets for protection against animals; nets for protection against birds; nets for fish ponds; plastic textile fibers ]. Fabric, namely, synthetic resin material for the manufacture of printing screens; filtering materials of textile, namely, mesh-woven fabrics, and filtering materials for filtering sewage water in the nature of mesh-woven fabrics; mosquito nets; insect protection nets.

To provide a device and a method for oxidation decomposition treatment of a hazardous gas of a volatile organic compound (VOC) or the like at normal temperature. A gas treatment device characterized in being provided with a plasma-generating unit and a catalyst medium. The plasma-generating unit is provided with at least a flow channel through which a gas to be treated flows; and a power-supply unit for supplying electrical power, a first electrode, a second electrode and a dielectric material arranged inside the flow channel. A voltage is impressed between the first electrode and the second electrode by the power-supply unit and electrical discharging is caused to occur, whereby plasma is generated. The catalyst medium is adapted for accelerating a reaction with the gas to be treated and is provided in a position where the plasma generated by the plasma-generating unit inside the flow channel is present, wherein the catalyst medium has metallic catalytic particles present on an inorganic substance.

NBC Meshtec Inc. | Date: 2012-07-06

To provide an antiviral resin member which can efficiently inactivate viruses and has excellent sustainability. An antiviral resin member comprising a resin, an antiviral agent, and a surface potential-controlling agent, characterized in that the surface potential-controlling agent causes the surface potential of the antiviral resin member to shift to a value on the positive side of the potential of the resin alone.

NBC Meshtec Inc. | Date: 2012-03-27

ambulance stretchers; bandages, elastic; draw-sheets for sick beds; gloves for medical purposes; incontinence sheets; knee bandages, orthopedic; medical and surgical laparoscopes and catheters; medical apparatus and instruments for treating cardiovascular disease; medical apparatus and instruments for monitoring oxymetory, gas analysis, vital signs, blood properties and respiratory events; medical apparatus and instruments for use in surgery; medical apparatus for diagnosing or treating respiratory conditions; medical apparatus, namely, system for use in artificial organ support; medical apparatus, namely, respiratory equipment and monitors therefor; Sprayers for medical purposes, namely, nasal sprayers, sprayers for the treatment of wounds, body sprayers comprising water in atomized containers used to produce a cooling effect, antibacterial sprayers, antiviral sprayers, and anti-inflammatory sprayers; supportive bandages; containers especially made for medical waste; masks for use by medical personnel. air conditioning apparatus; air filtering installations; air purifying apparatus and machines; air sterilizers; central air-conditioning installations; filters for air conditioning; filters for drinking water; filters as parts of household or industrial installations, namely, filters for swimming pools, filters for treating sewage water; toilet bowls; toilet seats; air conditioners for vehicles; air conditioning installations for vehicles; water closets; water purification installations; water purifying apparatus and machines. woven fabric; woven fabrics for textile use; woven fabric for boots and shoes; filtering materials of textile, namely, mesh-woven fabrics, and filtering materials for treating sewage water in the nature of mesh-woven fabrics; mosquito nets and insect protection nets; curtains of textile or plastic; unfitted loose covers of textile for chairs; non-woven textile fabrics; pillowcases; textile sheets; shrouds; wall hangings of textile. clothing, namely, aprons, coats, combinations, gloves, jackets, pants, suits, trousers; formal dresses, shirts, overalls, uniforms, headwear, namely, caps, hoods; footwear; liveries; paper clothing, namely, paper hats, trousers; foot covers, namely, shoe covers for use when wearing shoes.

Ikegami M.,NBC Meshtec Inc. | Ikegami M.,Tokyo Metroplitan University | Ikegami M.,Japan Science and Technology Agency | Matsumoto T.,NBC Meshtec Inc. | And 14 more authors.
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental | Year: 2013

A new filter-type Au/ZrO2 catalyst was fabricated by using poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) nonwoven fabric as a support. Owing to its flexibility, thinness, lightness, and easy handling, this form of a catalyst is advantageous in practical use for air purification over the existing catalyst forms such as pellets and honeycombs. Zirconium oxide fine particles were first deposited on PET nonwoven fabric in the presence of 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane to form thin layer like a fish scale and then gold nanoparticles (NPs) were deposited on ZrO2 fine particles by deposition-precipitation method. The catalyst was active enough at room temperature and oxidized 1000ppm CO and removed 140ppm HCHO in air. The catalytic activity of Au/ZrO2 supported on PET nonwoven fabric was also measured under similar conditions to those for practical air purification in offices and houses for the oxidation of 0.5ppm HCHO and high HCHO conversion (close to 100%) was maintained up to 136h. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.. Source

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