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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pizarro G.,National University of San Juan | Arecco M.A.,University of Buenos Aires | Arecco M.A.,Naval University Institute | Ruiz F.,National University of San Juan | Ghidella M.,Instituto Antartico Argentino
Geoacta (Argentina) | Year: 2016

This paper reflects the first results of a crustal study in the South Atlantic Ocean, in the region of the shelf, slope and Argentine continental rise. In the region from 50° to 66° west longitude and 36° to 50° south latitude. A gravity model of upper continental and oceanic crust, where the geometry and boundaries of the Argentina basin is emphasized, is presentedIn order to obtain the gravitational effect of the basins offshore, a sequence of filters applied to the gravimetric anomalies. To do this: A) Bouguer anomalies with topographic correction (ABCT) were calculated. B) The upper crust was normalized by deduct the gravitational effect of the basins to the ABCT, from global models isobaths, obtaining Bouguer anomalies with geological correction (ABCG). C) A regional was obtained by upward extension to the height of 20 km (RegUp20), optimal height separation effects according to the power spectrum of ABCG. D) The gravitational effect of the crust (ResCS) was obtained by the difference between ABCT and RegUp20, this has the effect of residual basins and intrusive bodies in middle and upper crust (SDRs), these bodies are outlined as conspicuous anomalies of 50-100 km wavelength. E) In order to obtain the gravitational effect of the sediments that fill the basin the positive effects of SDRs (seaward-dipping reflectors) were removed, applying an isostatic decompensated correction (DA) under the concept of local compensation. Thus the residual anomaly of continental margin basins (ResCC) or residual anomaly of corrected crust, which allows evaluating in its entirety the boundaries and depth of the basin was obtained. A 3D model, three-layer, calculated by inverting the residual gravimetric ResCC prepared. In this variable density values for sediment and constant for the upper crust, lower and upper mantle are considered. These results allowed us to obtain the boundaries of the Argentina Basin. Revealing gravimetric aspects related to the morphology and constitution of the upper crust in the continental margin. © 2015 Asociación Argentina de Geofísicos y Geodestas.

Pousa J.L.,CONICET | Pousa J.L.,National University of La Plata | D'Onofrio E.E.,Naval University Institute | D'Onofrio E.E.,University of Buenos Aires | And 4 more authors.
Environmental Earth Sciences | Year: 2013

The Argentine shore of the Rio de la Plata estuary and its southwards adjacent maritime front are normally affected by extratropical positive and negative storm surges that affect human activities seriously. Positive surges can raise the water level in the estuary by more than 3 m over the predicted tide; thus, flooding the coastal plain where over 13 million people live and causing extensive property damage. Sometimes, there has been loss of life too. Although less populated than the coastal plain, the maritime front has many important tourist resorts and also undergoes severe beach erosion processes and loss of property owing to positive surges. Negative surges are particularly troublesome in the Rio de la Plata because they critically affect navigation safety and drinking water supply by lowering the predicted water level in an amount that sometimes reached more than 4 m. A remarkable point is that the same storm event can simultaneously give rise to a positive surge on the maritime front and a negative one in the Rio de la Plata. The environmental impacts of positive storm surges are strongly aggravated by human intervention. At the same time, sea level rise due to global climatic change has also its influence. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Cardiopulmonary failure due to drowning with accidental hypothermia (AH) remains a major task for emergency care physicians. In this case series we describe our experience in 9 patients with cardiopulmonary failure after drowning with AH <35°C, who were provided on an emergency basis with extracorporeal life support system (ECLS) or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). Conservative rewarming methods are not considered for this study. Preclinical conditions and protocols were gathered. Surgical reports and clinical data sets were collected. Median age was 24 years (range: 6 to 75 years). Six patients were male. Climatic conditions mostly showed cold to frosty weather. All cases had different preclinical rescue procedures. They reached the emergency department under cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Indications for ECLS were cardiac arrest, in one case pulmonary failure. Mean CPR duration was 60 min (range: 15 to 120 min). Prior to implantation, the median pH value was 6.9. Two patients could be successfully weaned from the systems. Cause of death was severe neurologic damage in 6 patients and cardiac failure in one patient. The use of ECLS/ECMO is a therapy option for a small range of patients with cardiopulmonary failure due to drowning with AH. Nevertheless, the interval of preclinical rescue remains extensively long. Copyright © 2015 by the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs

Bridger R.S.,Naval University Institute | Pisula P.,Naval University Institute
2012 Southeast Asian Network of Ergonomics Societies Conference: Ergonomics Innovations Leveraging User Experience and Sustainability, SEANES 2012 | Year: 2012

Naval personnel at sea completed daily diaries in which they recorded sleep quality, eating patterns and problems with mental and physical task performance. The ships were fitted with motion sensors to enable root mean square accelerations of the deck to be recorded in three axes. Six-hour RMS accelerations were computed for different parts of the ship using rigid body assumptions. The questionnaire data were factor analyzed enabling summative scales for physical and cognitive performance to be derived. Logistic regression analysis revealed significant effects of vertical acceleration on physical and cognitive performance, with the strongest effects on physical performance. Preliminary RMS thresholds are proposed to sustain human performance at sea. No effects of motion on food consumption were found. © 2012 IEEE.

Zhu X.-Q.,Naval University Institute | Liu D.-M.,Naval University Institute
Proceedings 2011 International Conference on Transportation, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, TMEE 2011 | Year: 2011

The uniform magnetic fields are correlated with the region relative to coil systems, the arrangement of coils, the dimensions of coil systems and the number of ampere-turns. It has been the very considerable difficulty encountered in the past in attempting the numerical solution of the equations involved, especially a region under coil systems. The paper considers the uniform degree of magnetic field of the region given as the objective function and uses differential evolution algorithm to search the position for arranging coil systems, the dimensions of coil systems and the number of ampere-turns to make the objective function reach the optimum. The result shows that the problem of uniform magnetic fields produced by rectangle coil systems can be solved effectively with differential evolution algorithm. © 2011 IEEE.

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