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Isny im Allgau, Germany

The Natural Science and Technical Academy Isny is a privately run, state-approved German university focusing in applied science, located in Isny im Allgäu.Since its founding in 1945, it has had a steadily expanding scope, including food chemistry , physical electronics , pharmaceutical chemistry , and computer science .The university claims that the physical electronics and pharmaceutical chemistry programs are unique in Germany. Wikipedia.

Gashi B.,University of Prishtina | Gashi B.,University of Tirana | Babani F.,University of Tirana | Kongjika E.,Natural Science and Technical Academy
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants | Year: 2013

The desiccation-tolerant plants of the R. serbica and R. nathaliae are resurrection plants which are able to fully recover their physiological function after anabiosis. A comparison of chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and photosynthetic pigment contents responses of R. serbica and, for the first time, R. nathaliae to dehydration and rehydration were investigated. For this purpose, plants after collection from their natural habitats were kept fully watered for 14 days at natural condition. The experiment was conducted with mature leaves of both species. R. serbica and R. nathaliae plants were dehydrated to 5.88 % and 7.87 % relative water content (RWC) by withholding water for 15 days, afterwards the plants were rehydrated for 72 hours to 94.67 % and 97.02 % RWC. During desiccation, R. serbica plants preserved the chlorophyll content about 84 %, while R. nathaliae about 90 %. During dehydration when RWC were more than 40 %, photochemical efficiency of PSII for photochemistry, the Fv/Fm ratio, decreased about 40 % in R. nathaliae plants, but a strong reduction with 60 % was recorded for R. serbica. Following rehydration, the Fv/Fm ratio recovered more rapidly in R. nathaliae. The higher photosynthetic rates could also be detected via imaging the chlorophyll fluorescence decrease ratio Rfd, which possessed higher values after rehydration leaves of R. nathaliae as compared to R. serbica. The results showed that the photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll contents after rehydration are recovered more rapidly in R. nathaliae in comparison to R. serbica. © 2013 Prof. H.S. Srivastava Foundation for Science and Society. Source

Bogdanoski M.,Natural Science and Technical Academy | Risteski A.,Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje | Latkoski P.,Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje | Shuminoski T.,Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Proceedings - 6th International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems and Networks, CICSyN 2014 | Year: 2014

Wireless networks are built upon a shared medium which makes it easy for an adversary to launch a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Jamming, as a part of DoS attacks at physical layer, is one of the main security considerations within the wireless networks. It holds the potential to totally cripple the network and cause a loss of service and revenue. Jamming attacks can severely interfere with the normal operation of wireless networks and, consequently, mechanisms are needed that can cope with jamming attacks. Jamming techniques vary from simple ones based on the continual transmission of interference signals, to more sophisticated attacks that aim at exploiting vulnerabilities of the particular used protocol. Considering the fact that the jamming is one of most common attacks against military communications, this paper is examining the wireless military network behavior in the presence of such attacks. For this purpose we simulate the effects of the various jamming attacks using OPNET Modeler. Several effective counter-measures against low power jamming are proposed. These measures are based on both transmit power and packet reception power threshold optimization, supported by spread spectrum techniques. The results are considerably improved when all of these mechanisms are combined. © 2014 IEEE. Source

Gashi B.,University of Prishtina | Gashi B.,University of Tirana | Abdullai K.,University of Prishtina | Sota V.,University of Tirana | Kongjika E.,Natural Science and Technical Academy
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants | Year: 2014

Ramonda serbica and Ramonda nathaliae are rare and endemo relict plant species from Balkan Peninsula. An efficient micro propagation and in vitro conservation method via direct and indirect organogenesis from seed and leaf explants, respectively, was established in this study. The seed of both Ramonda species were collected from different populations in Kosovo, and were germinated in nutrient media JG-B without any phytohormone. The highest number of shoots and multiplication rate was observed on JG-B medium supplemented with BAP and IAA (0.5 mg l−1 each), whereas the highest number of leaves per plantlets was found on WPM and RA medium supplemented with BAP and IAA (0.1 mg l−1 each). During this stage of micro propagation some significant differences were observed in plantlets from different populations. The indirect organogenesis from parts of leaves of natural plants was not successful due to unavailability of established protocol for disinfections of the plant material. On other hand, parts of leaves from micro propagated plantlets, cultured on MS medium supplemented with different ratio of BAP and NAA, resulted in the highest efficiency for shoot regeneration. In vitro conservation of micro propagated plants at the lower temperature (4 °C) had a significantly positive effect for storage of more than 12 months. © 2014, Prof. H.S. Srivastava Foundation for Science and Society. Source

Natural Science and Technical Academy | Entity website

Werde Assistent fr Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (AIK)! Windows, Linux, Unix Betriebssysteme auswhlen, Arbeitspltze und Rechnernetzwerke installieren und administrieren, Programmiersprachen lernen, Rechnerarchitekturen und Logikschaltungen kennen und einsetzen oder Mikrocontrollerapplikationen realisieren deine Welt besteht aus Hard- und Software, Internettechnologien, sozialen Netzwerken und noch viel mehr?Dann bist du in der Ausbildung zum/r Assistent/in fr Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (AIK) genau richtig! Systemadministrator, Programmierer, Anwender oder Berater als AIK bist du vielfltig einsetzbar und profitierst von einer fundierten, praxisnahen Ausbildung. An der nta Isny wirst du zur qualifzierten Fachkraft in der Inbetriebnahme und Wartung von Computersystemen ausgebildet , aber auch in der Programmierung technischer Systeme und Prozesse ...

Natural Science and Technical Academy | Entity website

Berufsfindung leicht gemacht! Die nta Isny hilft dir dabei, den richtigen Weg fr deine berufliche Zukunft einzuschlagen! Denn am Campus der nta bieten wir dir die einzigartige Mglichkeit, deine Strken zu entdecken und dich fr den zu dir passenden Beruf im Bereich der Naturwissenschaften und der Informatik zu entscheiden entweder ber ein Schnupperpraktikum oder ber das Vorbereitungssemester. Hier kannst du im Schnupperpraktikum oder im Vorbereitungssemester deine Kenntnisse in den Naturwissenschaften Mathematik, Chemie, Physik und Informatik vertiefen und erweitern und dabei ganz einfach herausfinden, wo deine Strken liegen ...

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