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Douliu, Taiwan

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology is one of the top research-intensive technical university in Taiwan. YunTech is with approximately 9,500 students per year, 63 percent of whom are undergraduates and 37 percent postgraduates. The students are spread across four colleges, i.e. Engineering, Management, Design, and Humanities and Applied science. These four colleges account for 20 undergraduate, 29 master’s and 12 doctoral programs. Among the 344 distinguished faculty of the university, over 85 percent hold doctoral degrees and 94 percent have reached an associate professor’s position or above. More than 80 percent of the faculty has extensive experience in industrial sectors. Graduate School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University announced the ranking of the most excellent universities in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau in 2011. YunTech was ranked as the 51st most excellent university among the top universities across the Taiwan Strait. The YunTech also been Ranked among the top 10 most competitive universities nationwide, public and private, according to the “2011 University Evaluation” released by the Global Views and 104 Job Bank Wikipedia.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-05-21

A network multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless signal transmission and power control system includes a plurality of adjacently arranged cells. Each cell is a regular polygon and includes a plurality of adjoining sides, a base station located at a center of the cell, a plurality of directional antennas equipped at the base station, and a power adjustment unit electrically connected to the directional antennas. The directional antennas point towards connection points of the adjoining sides, and sectorize the cell into a plurality of kite-shaped sections by regarding the directional antennas as centers. The power adjustment unit controls power output of the directional antennas. By changing pointing directions of the directional antennas, the cell can be sectorized into the kite-shaped sections to significantly increase system capacity and communication quality.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology | Date: 2015-02-19

A solar cell with an anti-reflection structure comprises a solar cell substrate, a meshed electric-conduction layer formed on one surface of the solar cell substrate, a plurality of microspheres disposed on the meshed electric-conduction layer, and a dielectric layer. The microspheres have a diameter of 0.1-50 m. The dielectric layer is formed between the meshed electric-conduction layer and the microspheres, and has a thickness smaller than the diameter of the microspheres to make the microspheres protrude from the dielectric layer. The meshed electric-conduction layer is formed via a screen-printing method. The present invention uses the microspheres and the meshed electric-conduction layer to achieve an excellent anti-reflection effect. Further, the present invention has the advantages of a simple fabrication process and a low fabrication cost.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology | Date: 2014-05-01

A ring-shaped magnetoresistive memory device includes a ring-shaped magnetoresistive memory cell, a first conductor, and a second conductor. The first conductor is positioned on a first surface of the ring-shaped magnetoresistive memory cell for generating a first magnetic field pulse. The second conductor is positioned on a second surface of the ring-shaped magnetoresistive memory cell for generating a second magnetic field pulse. The first surface is opposite to the second surface. An extension direction of the first conductor is perpendicular to an extension direction of the second conductor. A time delay is between the first magnetic field pulse and the second magnetic field pulse.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-03-12

An energy converting device having an eccentric rotor includes a fixed portion and an eccentric rotor. This fixed portion has a central axis, an outer frame, and several fixed coil portions. The eccentric rotor has a bearing, a rotatory shaft, an eccentric arm, an eccentric shaft portion, a supporting plate, an inner annular magnetic portion, and an outer annular magnetic portion. The inner magnetic portion and the outer magnetic portion are concentric and aligned with the eccentric shaft portion. The eccentric shaft portion is offset from the rotary shaft. When the rotary shaft of the eccentric rotor rotates, these fixed coil portions cut through the inner magnetic portion and the outer magnetic portion repeatedly, so magnetic flux passing through the coils alternates accordingly to generate electromotive force. Conversely, it can be used as an electric motor. In addition, it can be integrated with a cycloidal speed reducer to form a motor with speed reduction and torque augmentation capability. The integrated cycloidal motor is compact, does not need a shaft coupler to transmit power from a motor to the reducer, and therefore may operate more smoothly.

Karma Medical Products Co., National Yunlin University of Science and Technology | Date: 2014-08-21

A headrest assembly for a chair includes a headrest unit, two spaced-apart grip frame members respectively connected to two opposite ends of the headrest unit, and two spaced-apart connection frame members respectively connected to the grip frame members. The grip frame members gradually extend away from each other from the headrest unit to the connection frame members, respectively. Each of the grip frame members extends obliquely, rearwardly and downwardly from the headrest unit in a manner of being oblique to a first vertical plane that has opposite front and rear surfaces respectively facing front and rear sides of the chair.

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