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Taipei, Taiwan

The National Taiwan University Hospital started operations under Japanese rule in Daitōtei on June 18, 1895, and moved to its present location in 1898. The Hospital was later annexed to the Medical School of Taihoku Imperial University and renamed Taihoku Imperial University Medical School Affiliated Hospital in 1937. The present name was adopted after the Republic of China took over the hospital upon Taiwan's retrocession in 1945.On October 19, 1991, the completion of a large new building complex on the so-called East Site marked another milestone in the history of the NTUH. Today, the East and West Sites together have more than 4,000 employees, serving 2,000 inpatients and 8,000 outpatients daily. The hospital remains the best-known and most highly renowned medical center in Taiwan.The hospital is a world-renowned medical center for liver diseases. Advanced surgical, angiographical, and endoscopic procedures are routinely performed. Wikipedia.

Alterations of galectin-3 expression are often seen in cancers and may contribute to tumorigenesis, cancer progression, and metastasis. The studies concerning clinical implications of galectin-3 expression in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) are scarce. We investigated the expression of LGALS3, the gene encoding galectin-3, in the bone marrow (BM) mononuclear cells from an original cohort comprising 280 adults with primary non-acute promyelocytic leukemia. Higher LGALS3 expression was closely associated with older age, French-American-British M4/M5 subtypes, CD14 expression on leukemic cells, and PTPN11 mutation, but negatively correlated with CEBPA mutation and FLT3-ITD. Compared with patients with lower LGALS3 expression, those with higher expression had lower complete remission rates, higher primary refractory rates, and shorter overall survival. This result was validated in an independent validation cohort. A scoring system incorporating higher LGALS3 expression and 8 other risk factors, including age, white blood cell count, cytogenetics, and gene mutations, into survival analysis proved to be very useful to stratify patients with AML into different prognostic groups (P < .001). In conclusion, BM LGALS3 expression may serve as a new biomarker to predict clinical outcome in patients with AML, and galectin-3 may serve as a potential therapeutic target in those patients with higher expression of this protein. Source

National Taiwan University Hospital | Date: 2013-10-07

A wound opener is provided. An operative field can be created through head/neck soft tissues for introducing the endoscopes and robotic surgical tools. An incision size can be properly adjusted. Thus, endoscopes, robotic arms or other devices can be smoothly introduced into the operative field to evaluate and treat lesions of head and neck soft tissues. Hence, the present invention facilitates surgical procedure, reduces wound size and effectively conceals wound to make it become invisible.

Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan and National Taiwan University Hospital | Date: 2014-07-14

A foamed biocompatible material for use in tissue repair and a kit for producing same. The kit includes a container having a valve and an inlet, and a tissue-repair composition containing a biocompatible material and a liquid carrier, in which the composition is placed in the inlet of the container and the inside of container has a pressure lower than that of the outside so that, upon opening the valve, the composition is forced into the container by the pressure difference to form a foam inside the container. Also disclosed is a method of preparing a foamed biocompatible material for tissue repair.

National Taiwan University Hospital | Date: 2013-05-28

A method for analyzing apoptosis inducing factor-2 (AIF-2) is disclosed, which has not been found in urine samples of human patients with chronic kidney disease, to establish AIF-2 as a non-invasive biomarker for chronic kidney disease. The method includes: collecting a plurality of urine samples; conducting western blot for each urine sample for detecting the AIF-2 protein content in each urine sample; and conducting statistical analysis of the AIF-2 protein content in each urine sample to establish AIF-2 as a biological marker for chronic kidney disease.

National Taiwan University Hospital and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan | Date: 2014-11-26

A bionic apparatus is provided. The bionic apparatus includes a flexible portion having a plurality of pores, a rigid portion connected with the flexible portion, and a supporting element disposed in the flexible portion. The pore size of each pore is between 50 m to 500 m. The flexible portion, the rigid portion and the supporting element are one-piece formed by a additive manufacturing process.

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