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Agency: European Commission | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ENV.2013.6.4-3 | Award Amount: 6.53M | Year: 2014

Coastal floods are one of the most dangerous and harmful natural hazards affecting urban areas adjacent to shorelines. Rapid urbanisation combined with climate change and poor governance means a significant increase in the risk of local surface flooding coinciding with high water levels in rivers and high tide or storm surges from the sea, posing a greater risk of devastation to coastal communities. The threats posed need to be addressed not just in terms of flood prediction and control, but taking into account governance and socio-economic issues. PEARL brings together world leading expertise in both the domain of hydro-engineering and risk reduction and management services to pool knowledge and practical experience in order to develop more sustainable risk management solutions for coastal communities focusing on present and projected extreme hydro-meteorological events. The project will examine 7 case studies from across the EU to develop a holistic risk reduction framework that can identify multi-stressor risk assessment, risk cascading processes and strengthen risk governance by enabling an active role for key actors. The research programme links risk and root cause assessment through enhanced FORIN methodology, event prediction, forecast and warning, development of adaptive structural and non-structural strategies and active stakeholder participation. The project aims to develop novel technologies and methods that can improve the early warning process and its components; it builds a pan-European knowledge base gathering real case studies and demonstrations of best practice across the EU to support capacity development for the delivery of cost-effective risk-reduction plans. Additionally, the project provides an interface to relevant ongoing tsunami work: it plugs into global databases, early warning systems and processes at WMO, and contributes to community building, development of guidelines and communication avenues at the global level through IWA.

Lee D.H.,National Taiwan Ocean University
Bioresource Technology | Year: 2011

This investigation examines the possible results of policy support in developed and developing economies for developing algal biodiesel through to 2040. This investigation adopts the Taiwan General Equilibrium Model-Energy for Bio-fuels (TAIGEM-EB) to predict competition among the development of algal biodiesel, bioethanol and conventional crop-based biodiesel. Analytical results show that algal biodiesel will not be the major energy source in 2040 without strong support in developed economies. In contrast, bioethanol enjoys a development advantage relative to both forms of biodiesel. Finally, algal biodiesel will almost completely replace conventional biodiesel. CO 2 reduction benefits the development of the bio-fuels industry. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Lin H.-F.,National Taiwan Ocean University
International Journal of Information Management | Year: 2011

Rapid advances in mobile technologies and devices have made mobile banking increasingly important in mobile commerce and financial services. Using innovation diffusion theory and knowledge-based trust literature, this study develops a research model to examine the effect of innovation attributes (perceived relative advantage, ease of use and compatibility) and knowledge-based trust (perceived competence, benevolence and integrity) on attitude and behavioral intention about adopting (or continuing to use) mobile banking across potential and repeat customers. Based on a survey of 368 participants (177 for potential customers and 191 for repeat customers), this study uses a structural equation modeling approach to investigate the research model. The results indicate that perceived relative advantage, ease of use, compatibility, competence and integrity significantly influence attitude, which in turn lead to behavioral intention to adopt (or continue-to-use) mobile banking. Additionally, by using multi-group analysis with t-statistics, the results found that the antecedents of attitude toward mobile banking differ between potential and repeat customers. The implications for research and practice and future research directions are discussed. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2015-03-11

A vale unit includes a valve frame and two valve plates. The valve frame defines a valve opening. The valve plates are formed with protrusions. Each of the valve plates has a connecting end that is formed with a notch. The connecting ends are connected to each other. The protrusions protrude from peripheries of the notches. Each of the protrusions has a contact end. The contact ends cooperatively define a gap therebetween. The valve plates are co-rotatable about an axis between a closed position, in which the valve plates substantially close the valve opening, and an opening position, in which the valve plates open the valve opening. The gap has a width varying in response to co-rotation of the valve plates between the opening position and the closed position.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2014-05-16

A ligament laxity measuring system for measuring ligament laxity between a first limb and a second limb connected to each other includes a force module, an angle sensing module and a data processing module. The force module disposed on the first limb is adapted to provide an external force to make the first limb pivot or twist with respect to the second limb, thereby generating a pivoting (varus/valgus) value and a twisting (rotational) value. The force module generates a force signal based on the external force. Opposite two segments of the angle sensing module are disposed on the first limb and the second limb respectively. The angle sensing module is used for sensing the pivoting value and the twisting value of the first limb and generating an angle signal. The data processing module is connected to the force sensor of the force module and the angle sensing module.

Academia Sinica, China and National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2016-04-14

The preset invention relates to a new method or composition for treating a gastric ulcer, preventing or treating an infection of H. pylori, particularly multidrug resistant H. pylori, using an antimicrobial peptide, a functional derivate, fragment or variant thereof, wherein the antimicrobial peptide is selected from the group consisting of Epi-1, TPs and combination thereof.

The present invention provides a method for eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and/or arachidonic acid (ARA) production by using Halophytophthora and Halophytophthora isolates that are suitable for EPA and/or ARA production. The disclosure of the present invention provides another choice for the industry to produce EPA and ARA that are good for humans health and promotes the industrial value of Halophytophthora.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2015-05-27

An ocean current power generating apparatus using a dual-duct is provided. The ocean current power generating apparatus with dual-duct includes at least one power generating unit. The power generating unit includes a turbine (110, 710), an inner duct (120, 420, 720) and an outer duct (130, 430). The turbine has a shaft box (112, 412, 712). The turbine is located inside the inner duct. An outer diameter (D3) of an inflow side of the inner duct is less than an outer diameter (D4) of an outflow side of the inner duct. The outflow side of the inner duct is located inside the outer duct. An outer diameter (D1) of an inflow side of the outer duct is less than an outer diameter (D2) of an outflow side of the outer duct.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2014-10-08

The present invention discloses a method of preparing chitin nanofibers. By increasing the saturated moisture content of chitin and instantaneously releasing the pressure under a high temperature and high pressure environment, water within the chitin micro-particles is quickly evaporated and thus generated a high vapor pressure. Consequently, the interaction in chitin fiber is broken, and therefore the chitin nanofibers are obtained.

A non-destructive and optical measurement automation system for web thickness of microdrills and method thereof can obtain the measuring data corresponding to a certain section to be measured of a microdrill by means of automated optical measurement. Specifically speaking, the said system and method measure the section to be measured via an optical measuring plane formed by a measuring light beam, and the included angle between the optical measuring plane and the central axis of the microdrill is practically consistent with the helix angle of the microdrill. The said system and method then analyze the measuring data via a computer device to obtain the outer diameter and the depths of helical flutes corresponding to the section to be measured. Finally, the said system and method calculate the web thickness of the said section to be measured according to the outer diameter and the depths of helical flutes.

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