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Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan University is a national co-educational research university located in Taipei, Taiwan. Its 1,086,167 m2 main campus is located in Taipei's Da'an District. In addition, the university has 6 other campuses in Taipei and elsewhere, with a total area of 345,830,000 m2. The University consists of 11 colleges, 54 departments, 103 graduate institutes and 4 research centers. In 2010, the student body consisted of 17,514 undergraduate students and 15,824 graduate students.The university was founded in 1928 by the Japanese administration during the Japanese colonial era and was then known as the Taihoku Imperial University. After World War II, the government of the Republic of China resumed the administration of Taihoku University and reorganized and renamed it National Taiwan University on November 15, 1945.NTU is often considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Taiwan. It also has strong ties with the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Wikipedia.

National Taiwan University | Date: 2015-04-17

A framework of cloud service for biological growth is disclosed. The framework of cloud service for biological growth includes a client end, a service provider, an expert end, and an equipment end. The client end has a biological cultivate area, a first processing unit, a first control module, and a first transceiver module. The service provider has a first database, a second processing unit, a data integration module, a web server, a data integration module, and a second transceiver module. The expert end has a second database, a third processing unit, a second monitoring module, a biological growth simulation module, and a third transceiver module. The equipment end has a third database, a fourth processing unit, and a fourth transceiver module. The present invention acquires and simulates the first environmental parameter of the client end and obtains the preferable third environmental parameter, or matches the data of the expert end and the equipment end and provides customized installation information or operation information.

National Taiwan University | Date: 2015-06-04

The present invention provides a method of shortening pesticidal time of the baculovirus to pest, comprising: (1) preparing a pesticide composition; (2) diluting the pesticide composition 100-3000 times; and (3) spraying the diluted pesticide composition on third or older instars in fields; wherein the pesticide composition comprises: (a) a ryanodine receptor insecticide or a diamides insecticide and (b) baculovirus, wherein the concentration of the ryanodine receptor insecticide or the diamides insecticide is 0.01-75% and the concentration of the nucleopolyhedrovirus is 10

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and National Taiwan University | Date: 2016-01-07

A semiconductor device and a method of manufacture are provided. A substrate has a dielectric layer formed thereon. A three-dimensional feature, such as a trench or a fin, is formed in the dielectric layer. A two-dimensional layer, such as a layer (or multilayer) of graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), or boron nitride (BN), is formed over sidewalls of the feature. The two-dimensional layer may also extend along horizontal surfaces, such as along a bottom of the trench or along horizontal surfaces of the dielectric layer extending away from the three-dimensional feature. A gate dielectric layer is formed over the two-dimensional layer and a gate electrode is formed over the gate dielectric layer. Source/drain contacts are electrically coupled to the two-dimensional layer on opposing sides of the gate electrode.

National Taiwan University | Date: 2015-01-15

The present invention provides an image processing system and method, the image processing system uses at least two cameras, and the location of the cameras can be changed due to the easiness of installation onto a vehicle and number of the cameras around the vehicle. The present invention uses the image analysis method to evaluate the depth of objects around the vehicle, and then generate a 3D model with depth information to reduce the distortion of the image. After that, the image will be displayed on the wide-area electronic rearview mirror to provide the driver a rearview image more correctly.

National Yang Ming University and National Taiwan University | Date: 2015-02-25

A series of mono- and di-substituted quinazoline and pyrimidine derivatives based on the skeleton of erlotinib (an EGFR inhibitor) were synthesized and their bioactivities against hepatocellular carcinoma and human lung adenocarcinoma were evaluated.

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