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Keelung, Taiwan

National Taiwan Ocean University is a national university in Zhongzheng District, Keelung, Taiwan. Wikipedia.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2014-10-08

The present invention discloses a method of preparing chitin nanofibers. By increasing the saturated moisture content of chitin and instantaneously releasing the pressure under a high temperature and high pressure environment, water within the chitin micro-particles is quickly evaporated and thus generated a high vapor pressure. Consequently, the interaction in chitin fiber is broken, and therefore the chitin nanofibers are obtained.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2014-01-10

A diffuser-type endplate propeller for driving a hull is provided. The diffuser-type endplate propeller includes a propeller hub and a plurality of blades. The propeller hub is connected to a transmission shaft of the hull. Each of blades respectively has a blade-body and an endplate connected to each other, wherein each of the blade-bodies is connected to the propeller hub and extends outward from the propeller hub to the corresponding endplate, each the endplate bends from the corresponding blade-body to extend towards a stern of the hull, each of the endplates has a leading edge and a trailing edge, each the leading edge keeps a first distance from an axis of the propeller hub, each the trailing edge keeps a second distance from the axis of the propeller hub, and the first distance is less than the second distance.

An improved destructive and visual measurement automation system and a method for measuring a web thickness of a microdrill are provided. When a dual-axis motion platform module moves the microdrill to a first position, a reflection module reflects a first image in a first direction toward a second direction. A vision module receives the reflected first image in the second direction and outputs the received first image to a computer. According to the first image, the computer performs a positioning procedure and a grinding procedure to drive a drill grinding module to grind the microdrill to a sectional position to be measured of the microdrill. When the microdrill is moved to a second position, the vision module outputs a second image to the computer. According to the second image, the computer performs an image computing procedure to obtain the web thickness at the sectional position to be measured.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2015-03-11

A vale unit includes a valve frame and two valve plates. The valve frame defines a valve opening. The valve plates are formed with protrusions. Each of the valve plates has a connecting end that is formed with a notch. The connecting ends are connected to each other. The protrusions protrude from peripheries of the notches. Each of the protrusions has a contact end. The contact ends cooperatively define a gap therebetween. The valve plates are co-rotatable about an axis between a closed position, in which the valve plates substantially close the valve opening, and an opening position, in which the valve plates open the valve opening. The gap has a width varying in response to co-rotation of the valve plates between the opening position and the closed position.

National Taiwan Ocean University | Date: 2014-05-16

A ligament laxity measuring system for measuring ligament laxity between a first limb and a second limb connected to each other includes a force module, an angle sensing module and a data processing module. The force module disposed on the first limb is adapted to provide an external force to make the first limb pivot or twist with respect to the second limb, thereby generating a pivoting (varus/valgus) value and a twisting (rotational) value. The force module generates a force signal based on the external force. Opposite two segments of the angle sensing module are disposed on the first limb and the second limb respectively. The angle sensing module is used for sensing the pivoting value and the twisting value of the first limb and generating an angle signal. The data processing module is connected to the force sensor of the force module and the angle sensing module.

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